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Bob recalled a story when Huggy peeked into his office one day proclaiming that he had a horse that was a sure winner. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. He also represented a number of films at the Cannes Film Festival. Not too shabby for someone who was new to the group. Learning the Ropes Spencer Kobrens "The Bald Truth".

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The guy lived his life — every bit of it. I was very proud to have walked amongst him. Huggy had a huge fan base among the East L. His choice of music reflected that connection. Many of the car owners were second and third generation Huggy Boy fans.

One told of stories that his father previously related from weekend nights hanging out at El Monte Legion Stadium. One night they were on stage at the Shrine Auditorium for a show and Art promised on the air that he was going to do something to Huggy during the concert. He used to love to laugh at himself. Many of those who shared stories about Huggy Boy talked about his high, falsetto, infectious laugh.

Luckily, no one tried to imitate it. The police were chagrined at Huggy for bringing kids from white neighborhoods to this black neighborhood and upsetting the equilibrium. To Huggy it was no big deal. Propes credited Huggy Boy for making Gee by the Crows a hit. The song had been released in and never became a hit. Huggy Boy liked the song and was playing it in Propes recalled a night when Huggy Boy and his girlfriend had a tiff, causing her to leave. Huggy then played Gee over and over and over until she returned to the record store broadcast.

Rick Ward worked with Huggy Boy for years. He flew out from Little Rock to pay his last respects. He brought along a concert poster. Art Laboe and I shared some memories. I haven't seen so many old people in one place in my life! He touched so many. He gave me a break in the business when I needed a break. Rudy Alvarez was a patrolman and he would stop by the studios to visit with Huggy Boy.

Huggy Boy was born on June 9, and died on August 30, For six decades no one ever attempted to copy his style. He was truly one of a kind. But none can duplicate the sound found here. The Huggy Boy Show must be the best. Born in Fresno, grew up in the Bay Area. At ten years of age, a young Andrew Morris already knew what he wanted to be when he grew up — a radio broadcaster. He was there at the same time Sly Stone was at the station.

Johnny then did something astonishing. Having not attended a preparatory school, Johnny passed the test at age Johnny modestly recalled it was a very good experience. I have been able to build studios, do transmitter maintenance, computer maintenance, and installing telephones. He took on multiple positions as on-air jock, program director, and assistant chief engineer. Taking on more than one position keeps you working when there are no-on-air shifts available.

Johnny also somehow found the time to finish his studies at San Francisco State. When the stations parted ways in , Johnny remained with KGFJ, again taking on multiple duties as an on-air personality, program director, and chief engineer. He later entertained his late night listeners on KACE with his extensive musical knowledge and playlist of classic soul and gospel music. Johnny was also heard on KJLH.

They came because they knew Johnny Morris as a radio engineer. Others came because they knew Johnny Morris as a radio dj. The main reason they all came was to salute a man who has worked in the radio business for 45 years, first as the first black Chief Engineer in Southern California and then as a jock.

Before the testimonials and music began, Johnny and I huddled in a quiet room to talk about his legendary career. When you can have control like that, it is really good. Engineer, programmer, news person, whatever you needed, Johnny was there to take care of it. Whatever success we had, Johnny Morris was an integral part of that success. I have been blessed to have worked with him and I am blessed that we have become very good friends.

Most recently the two of them created Morris Media Studios, an Internet radio and podcast studio located in the Crenshaw area.

Services for Johnny Morris are pending. Archives 3rd Quarter Anniversary of AT 40; Passing Parade: Alex Cohen moving to new Specrum;. Archives 2nd Quarter About the Publisher of LARadio.

Barrett is a historian of contemporary Los Angeles radio history and author of Los Angeles Radio People , published in He published a second volume of the book a year later, along with the launch of a daily website column. In , he started as the radio columnist for the Orange County Register. He also earned a master's in psychology. Barrett was part of the marketing team that released E. He also represented a number of films at the Cannes Film Festival.

This car was won by a now senior citizen woman, who has had it mostly in her garage for the past 43 years or so since she won it from KRTH [we figure ]. We did that to reach more people who might not be up at 3 a. Our ABC News on the hour runs between 6 a. It is not delayed. Douglas, who used to work for me, has a great sense of humor alleging there are only three HD receivers in the Market, and one of those units is tuned into KSURF.

Louis days [early 60's] when I was a college student at St. Louis Institute of Music and Washington University. He helped direct me to get a third-class license. I have thanked so many folks for the parts they played in my early development, but until a recent visit to St Louis failed to play good wishes forward to Bill. Wondering if you have recent information and any way to contact, other than KABC, requesting they forward? Like old home week recently.

On the rare occasion during a game in which the field lines are not visible such as those dealing with snow or rain , a small bug pops up on the bottom left side of the screen with the logo of the team that is currently in possession as well as text indicating where the ball is e. Beginning on November 15, Week 11 of the season , scores from other ongoing NFL games that appear on the right side of the banner would have an arrow indicating which team was in possession of the ball; a red arrow indicated that the team is at the red zone.

Fox's NFL telecasts were the only major telecasts of the league's games to not feature timeout indicators until the season , save for the number of timeouts that each team has on the right side of the banner. There was one exception to this package for the season, as Fox had to revert to the then-current scoring banner and graphics package used by Fox Sports Net and formerly the main one used by Fox Sports for its final regular season game of the year, the San Francisco 49ers vs.

This graphic was also used in Week 5 of the season in a game between the Arizona Cardinals and St. A new graphics package for Fox's NFL telecasts debuted during an August 19, pre-season game, as the network began to broadcast its sports programming with graphics optimized for This was promoted during that first game by the Fox broadcast team as giving a "widescreen viewing experience" to standard definition viewers, using the usual examples of more video information on the screen to demonstrate the new presentation such as two cheerleaders off to the side displayed in a widescreen shot, but cut out of a 4: The graphics package is an upgraded version of the design with a "much more colorful 3D look", implemented using a new infrastructure using products developed by Vizrt , which was also rolled out to other Fox Sports networks in subsequent months.

Initially, the play clock also appeared within the center area with 10 seconds remaining, sliding the time remaining in the quarter upward. However, the play clock indicator was soon moved to the bar sliding out of the bottom to show downage. Due to issues with some cable providers and Fox affiliates particularly those carried by digital subchannels or low-power analog television stations in implementing the AFD 10 widescreen mode, or for other broadcasters that still broadcast with content framed for 4: Small tweaks were made for the season , including the timeout indicators counting upward instead of downward, and the possession indicator now appearing alongside the team that currently is in possession of the ball.

Additionally, the scoreboard next to the Fox Sports bug for other ongoing NFL games was replaced by a traditional ticker; the bug was made slightly smaller and rounder as well. Special holiday animations also appeared with the banner package; digitally animated leaves fell on top of the FoxBox on Thanksgiving , while falling snow piles on top during the last two weeks of December in observance of the Christmas and holiday season , with the timeout indicators being changed in the latter instance to resemble strings of Christmas lights.

After two years of using the unconventional layout, for , a more traditional FoxBox was introduced; team abbreviations in the team's primary color are stacked on the left side of the box, with timeout lights positioned underneath each team abbreviation, and a possession indicator to the left of it. Also for the season, Fox began providing play-by-play commentary of all games in Spanish on its second audio program channel.

In , in observance of the holiday season , Christmas lights returned to the FoxBox along the sides of the graphic, but they no longer correspond to timeouts. When a team scores, calls a timeout or gets called on a penalty, the lights change from red, green and blue to the corresponding team's color for the duration of the graphic, before returning to the normal colors. The graphics package itself is similar to the previous look, however with a more boxy appearance, and the fonts used are rounder and have less of an athletic appearance than previous packages used by Fox.

The layout of the score box is essentially a mirror image of the already-introduced MLB graphic, except that the NFL version is on the top-left of the screen, while the baseball version was originally on the bottom-left it was moved to the bottom-right beginning in Like the MLB graphic, the box has two components: The main box contains the team abbreviations, stacked on top of the team scores.

The possession indicator is a line above the team holding the ball; timeout indicators, which are counting downward, are stacked next to the scores. This unconventional layout of displaying the scores also used in and is only used for NFL coverage; college football and MLB coverage use the traditional layout with the team abbreviations to the left of the scores. The dynamic strip normally shows the next down that will occur, such as "3rd Down". It changes to show down and distance and the play clock, and turns yellow if a flag is thrown.

For a penalty, the main box shows the logo of the offending team, while the dynamic strip turns yellow and displays the type of penalty. When a timeout is called, the dynamic strip turns to the color of the team taking the timeout and displays "Timeout", while the main box displays the team's logo over a neutral gray background.

After a few seconds, the main box returns to the scores and a small gray box with the team logo appears next to the word "Timeout" in the dynamic strip. For a review or a challenge, the dynamic strip moves from the bottom to the right side of the main box and turns red, displaying whether it is a challenge, an official review, or a scoring review.

When the decision is announced, the strip expands to show the result of the review on a yellow background. After a few seconds, the strip shifts back to the bottom of the main box and if a timeout is charged on a lost challenge, the strip shows the team charged with the timeout. For regular season games only, beginning with Week 3 of , the record for each team was added to the box, making the team abbreviations of each team smaller.

Fox gradually worked elements of a new square-edged graphics package with thinner fonts into secondary situations during the season.

This package in white instead of black was used for Fox's Super Bowl LI pregame, halftime, and post game shows, but the game broadcast itself continued to use the package. However, the translucent shading around the scoreboard was removed for the Super Bowl. Starting on August 27, , after three years of using the unconventional layout from the previous graphics package, a new, traditional score bar was introduced.

The score bug was moved from the top left to across the bottom of the screen and is now horizontal. Additionally, team names are displayed instead of their abbreviations and the clock is located towards the right of the bug and the down and distance is displayed on the far right. Also, timeout indicators are shown below the team names and the possession indicator, which was originally shown below the team's score through Week 4 of the NFL season , is now shown above the team's score.

When showing stats or player info, the score bug briefly moves to the bottom left of the screen then returns to its previous position. Fox NFL Sunday had been the ratings leader among network pregame coverage from its debut in as it was the only network pregame show at the time to air for one hour prior to kickoff. The swing in ratings dominance was said to be correlated with the move of original Fox NFL Sunday host James Brown back to CBS, where he had been serving as a play-by-play broadcaster before his jump to Fox in The network's NFL game telecasts have generally posted strong viewership.

For the season, in particular, the network's NFL games scored an average rating of With an average U. The game drew an estimated It drew a Three days after the broadcast, the network apologized for the incident.

The Saints fan, Heather Rothstein, was contacted by Maxim and was given a photo shoot that appeared in the men's magazine. During the NFC Championship between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field , in a shot taken from the overhead camera angle of the crowd, three Bears fans were seen giving an obscene gesture towards the field.

On October 14, , Mike Goldberg who mainly served as an announcer for the network's Ultimate Fighting Championship coverage at that time voluntarily pulled himself from commentating duties for the October 19 Minnesota Vikings — Buffalo Bills game telecast, after engaging in a series of arguments, some laced with profanities, with various Twitter users.

The impetus of Goldberg's response was the heavy criticism that he received on social media for committing verbal gaffes and other issues — including misidentifying and mispronouncing names of players and coaches from both teams — after commentating the October 12 game between the Vikings and Detroit Lions , which was the first time that Goldberg had called an NFL game for Fox.

A spokesperson for Fox Sports said that Goldberg "was quick to apologize for this unfortunate and regrettable situation and understands he made a mistake" and would not call any NFL games for the network for the remainder of the season, as he was originally scheduled to conduct only those two games Tim Brando crossed over from Fox College Football to fill in for Goldberg on the Vikings-Bills broadcast.

Goldberg tweeted that the decision was mutually agreed upon between him and Fox Sports management, stating that he did not want to be "a distraction on the upcoming broadcast". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from NFL on Fox. Retrieved August 13, Retrieved April 12, The New York Times. Click for Barbara Eden Fakes. Angelina Jolie, Elisha Cuthbert Codes: Kash The Priest Disclaimer: Click for Selena Gomez Fucking Fakes.

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