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'Care for Our Common Home': Taking Up the Moral Challenge of Pope Francis
Any Plans to allow option for original pixel size of image to be retained? But what he is really calling us to become is saints! Pope Francis builds upon the solid foundation laid by his predecessors, bringing together disparate strands that have long been present in Catholic Social Teaching and weaving them into a persuasive and compelling argument in support of his concept of an "integral ecology" - one that reflects the fact that our current environmental, economic, social and even spiritual crises are linked and spring from our broken relationships with God, with each other, and with the natural world. Thank you very much for making Poladroid and for making my pic the pic of the day!!! He is currently writing a book for Yale on the St. The basis for right relationships between creatures, including human beings, is not so much political as it is Trinitarian , grounded in the pattern of mutual love of the three persons.

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