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How to Get Results with Forever’s Clean 9
I used apples, celery and spinach. I am believing for a miracle today and thank you for helping me see its OK. I had plenty of energy on the cleanse and had no cravings and was never hungry. Which are the most important elements to continue with? Do Not assume children's medicine is safe. Thats why i asked how many calories are supposed to he taken per day during c9. I have to say when I wrote this article I never dreamed it would connect with so many other pet lovers.

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Can i drink milk on nutrisystem

Christmas greens such as balsam, juniper, ceder, pine and fir - all parts have a low level of toxicity; hibiscus may cause vomiting or bloodly diarrhea if ingested. Poinsettias, leaves and stems low in toxicity. It is wise to keep plants out of reach of children and pets. You need time, peace and quiet to spend with your new life-time commitment. Some symptoms can also take as much as 8 hours to show up. Be aware of household product. Keep all candies out of reach.

Clear signs are limping but watch for stiffeness or arched backs. Dogs in pain often lay only flat on their sides rather than curled up in their bed. Unexpected accidents in the house may mean it is very painful to get up from lying down or painful to walk towards the door or their dish.

Spaying or neutering, feeding quality dog food, regular Vet checks, avoid cigeratte smoke, dangerous houshold cleaners and fumes are ways to help prevent Cancer in dogs. Also known as BSD black skin disease. It is a condition which affects a number of Nordic breeds resulting in hair loss. This condition to date has not be found to be under control but research is being done to help prevent this problem.

BSD is not painful to the dog. You do not have to have the dog put down. They are still happy, playful, loving, active. They do not die from this condition. Understanding people have given them loving homes and their dogs sport many a fine outfit to wear when out with their owners.

We are doing our best to produce correct coats in our Pomeranians. Chia seeds are gluten free and nourishes skin from the inside out, because of its high levels of Omega-3 help combat chronice skin inflammation.

Mix-leave for 10 minutes and serve. You can store in the Frig. Eggs contain the most bioavailable protein. Gives hair strength and luster. Eggs contain lutein which helps keep skin hydrated and helps in tissue repair.

The zinc in eggs supports skin health and shiny hair. Egg yolks are a valuable source of biotin, a B vitaminsometimes referred to as vitamin H or B7 which helps promote healthy skin and coats: Eggs contain vitamin A which helps repair cell damage and keeps skin healthy and coats glowing.

Organic Unsweetened COCONUT or coconut chips sprinkled on their food contains medium-chain saturated fats which are transformed into energy and contain special properties that act as anti-inflammatory agents to decrease bacterial growth, irritation and inflammation in the body.

Eating raw coconut can reduce the severity of bacterial and inflammatory skin conditions. Nutrients include calcium, phosphorus,magnesium, posassioum, iron, zinc, copper vitamins A B6, B12, C, D, and E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and biotin.

Contains antioxidant proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid. Anthocyanins have an anti-inflammatory action, and can help lessen allergic reactions in dogs..

Contains vitamin A and beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes also contain calcium, iron, folate, potassium, copper and thiamine. The vitamin C in sweet potoes helps accelerate healing and support collagen production.

Requires no preparation, lasts a long time and needs no special storage requirements. Does not contain caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate so it is perfectly safe for dogs. Its vitamin E supports skin health and it has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Carob contains no oxalic acid, so it does not interfere with calcium absorption. OATS are a strength giving cereal, low in starch and high in mineral content, especially potassium and phosphorus.

Oats contain calcium, magnesium, B vitamins and iron. They support healthy skin and hair by supporting your dog's gastrointestinal system and helping remove toxins from the body. Walk in early morning and eve. If your dog slows down, let them rest in a shaded area. Cool a dog by pouring water on their neck, pads of feet and belly before continuing the walk.

Cool wet cloths on paws and around the head can help cool down a dog. Excessive panting, darker or bright red tongue and gums, sticky or dry tongue and gums. Staggering, seizures, bloodly diarrhea or vomiting and rapid heart beat. I am not a Veterinarian and this is not intended as a substitute for veterinary care. Dogs die regularly from poorly handled heat problems. So cooling the back of the head is a critical area.

Your five point cooling chart is back of the head, underbelly, inside of the front legs, especially the armpit; inside of the hind legs, especially the groin-and if more severe, spine and rectum. Spraying or wiping down the belly and inside of the legs is important. Dilute if you use around the rectum. Avoid extremes of temperature if you have to cool an overheated dog these can cause shock and catapult a dog into crises.

Soaking down a heavy coated dog can put them into heat crises. If that coat mats down-especially in HUMID areas, you have just created a thick matted blanket trapping heat in. If you don't have a doggy forced air dryer, put your hair dryer on cold and blow out especially the area all along the spine and back of the head. Keep your dog groomed and get the old undercoat out for the dogs ability to cool.

Hot spots can occur in less than 12 hours if hair matts down and traps heat close to the skin. Check those collars-make sure air can flow. Buy a Thermometer and learn how to use it. Pups have a higher temp. Seniors may have problems with heat dispersal for a variety of aging reasons. Available Puppies and Adults. It is incredibly important to know what faults, weakness and strengths each dog produces. Before you take your puppy or adult home it is very important to do the following: If so, can you park 10 minutes away so that you walk to work?

Okay to do in the summer I guess? Checked my bmi am Hi Joy — yes, you can start with Fit 1 and skip Clean 9. This is a more gentle route and your initial results will be lower but more sustained.

If you are already very active or doing a good amount of daily physical exercise, I would recommend this route. Or if you want to start slowly because of a medical history etc…. However, if not, then I think the Clean 9 is the best way to prepare yourself for longer term weight loss and energy gain so that you feel comfortable with more exercise — and can enjoy it.

Hi Lou — you can keep taking the folic acid — no problem. Remember, Clean 9 is a nutritional programme it is not medicine. I am in Nigeria. Waiting for a reply. Yes, it is a good idea to register now so you can get the maximum discounts for the C9 and Fit 1. Is there any negative effect on not leaving a 20minute gap betwene taking the garcinia, therm and aloe gel.

I always take them together. Will this affect the results. Hey, I started my Clean 9 this morning, I read the breakfast step wrong and took everything i was supposed to but also had the forever lite ultra shake. Should I leave this out at lunch time to balance it out!? Must have got carried away!

Hello Mr Lewis first of i never knew about the clean 9 program until i found it on an advert in a website i visited and i contacted the agent in my country and he said the clean 9 kit will help me lose weight in both my tummy, thighs, face nd arms but i am afraid of having excess skin or a fallen stomach please coach me on this clean nine stuff i really need it.

Hi Neil, I wish to start on d clean9 weight loss program and aslo trying to get pregnant. I want to know if clean9 is safe to use while trying to conceive. Is there any reason not to do the c9 cleanse twice in short succession? Yes Kate — there is a very good reason. The long term weight loss takes place on Fit 1 — so, Clean 9 is the best way to prepare for this — but ultimately, getting onto Fit 1 is going to make the long term difference. Are all the portion sizes from the recipies huge!!??

Hi Lorraine — yes, you are right — there are less than calories in a three egg mushroom omlette https: I was told that my system would be flushed out…. Right now there is no change in measurements but lost 1 kilo.

Any advice would be great. Hi Mich — firstly, are you measuring your waist? That is the best way to assess success not weight — read this article for why http: Secondly, are you drinking enough water and doing enough exercise?

You can always increase these if that helps? Thirdly, keep going — this is a natural product that puts nutrition back into your body.

Okay, now, how many days are you willing to give your body to adjust? Will you give yourself 69 days to do the Fit programme? Hi Fagbemi — so long as you are not on prescription medication then Clean 9 and Fit 1 and 2 will be fine.

I was about to start my clean9 7months post delivery. I have been on the aloe gel for the past 4months. But I just found out I was given the old clean9 bee pollen. I decided to take the bee pollen just a little to see how it goes and sadly I am allergic to bee pollen. Plz what can I do about this? Its really saddening to know am allergic. Can you guide me on how to commence.. Hi Judith — we find it is best to go straight onto Fit 1 after the c9 or Clean 9 — in many ways Clean 9 prepares you for the rest of the fit programme, so it is best to go on straight away.

Your Comment Here…am on My day 6 clean9. I urinate like 15times a day, is it ok or is it due to My water intake? Am weight 63kg but have a big belly. Really dnt wanna loss to much weight atleast 55kg. Please should i continue fit1? If so Please register me for cheater rate. Hi Nenye — perhaps it is because you are not used to drinking so much water?

Hi Mariah — claim your money back and ask your supplier to provide you with the new Clean 9. Just started my C9 and just need a bit of advise. Does this effect my calorie in take? Thanks for you help x. This is a great site.

Please what are the free foods to be taken and can they be taken during the first two days as well. I have a mild case of migraine too and i hear headaches are a major side effect. I would also like the prescriptions for taking the bee pollen and garcinia. Also if i were to walk as an exercise routine too busy at work for the gym , how many minutes would i av to walk for?

I also hope the diet wont affect my performance at work like with the headaches, tummyaches and stuff. Also, what can i mix with the aloe if it gets too bitter. I live in nigeria so things like berry nectar and cranberry flavoured drinks are hard to find. Is there something common or natural that i can mix it with? Is skimmed milk also okay with the shake?

Lastly can i wear a tummy girdle during the period of the cleanse? Hi Ayo — you can find a link to the booklet here http: Advice on headaches is here http: And advice on exercise is here http: Hi Neil, i started using clean 9 on the 12th, its 16th today and i havent noticed any change…i have been following it religiously and i exercise daily.

Have you been drinking enough water Ellem? Often people largely underestimate the amount of water they need to drink? Hi Neil Thank you very much for all the above informations. My questions are 1 Is Aloe drink taken on empty stomach and why and how minutes before lunch 2 Do I take Therm immediately following Aloe or dinner 3 Can I add Lean pill to this Clean 9 4 I am taking Cambridge Weight Plan meal which is kcal in place of Ultra meal and dinner.

I want to conserve energy. What is your thoughts. Though I still have much. Thanks for your questions — I have updated the page and answered them here http: Normally, I recommend reducing the amount of aloe — or drinking a bottle for a week prior to starting the Clean 9 — especially if you have a lot of toxins or have not been eating very well. However, it is hard to give general advice, so do ask your distributor for help. However, the programme is designed to improve not perfect things — so, if you can cut down your coffee and reduce your smoking that will be an improvement.

I do find that smokers find the taste of the aloe difficult — but when you take the aloe, you will have less desire to smoke. Hi Chi — I always recommend Clean 9 followed by Fit 1 — this gives best results all over. I am worried however that I am not getting enough calories as my weight loss is fairly minimal. Are the shakes a must take? Yes Michelle — you will be starving yourself without the shakes. Hi I started my clean9 program today. I find it hard to drink the aloe Vera gel.

When I took it I started throwing up. What can I do but am taking the other supplements. Hi Tomisin — you should stop the programme and take small sips of the aloe each day until your body starts to cleanse. In any of these situations you are best advised to start very slowly with the aloe until your body is cleaner and better able to handle the clean 9 programme.

Will that change the results? Am I ok to continue without it? If so — should I replace it with something and if so — what would you recommend? The calories — could this be anything? I usually take them all at once! And do I then need to wait to have food? And do the free foods count as part of that calorie intake? However, you really need to discuss this with the person who provided the box. Especially during the first two days- are you only meant to have one thing a day?! I started the C9 cleanse and on day 3 i was down 3 inch and down 3 pound which was great, feeling great lots of energy, but now on day 5, my inches have reverted back to what they were, and i am bloated.

Sorry i ordered directly from the website and not been presented with a instructor that i am aware of. I had something similar and started drinking aloe gently and it helped greatly — but that was 19 years ago!

Best regards Neil https: Hi Sultan — you do need to be careful and speak to your suppliers and also medical advisors.

If you purchase your Clean 9 through us, then we are happy to provide the advice and support without charge. What it will give you is a good basis of nutrition and that may result in your growing more — depending on how your nutrition has been so far?

Hi,you doing really great with the answers and advice,am about to start the clean 9 program but the I just want to ask…. Remember that during Clean 9 you lose water and toxins and maybe a couple of kg of fat — so in total, it might be 4kg. Hi, Just started the clean 9 yesterday, this is my day 2 and i have been snacking on peanuts a little.

Yes, you will drink one bottle of aloe vera in the first two days — in fact, you should have finished the first bottle after day two — so perhaps you are not drinking enough? Am weighing kg and want to reduce to 60k cuz am a size 16 but wish to drop to size Ideally you continue straight onto Fit 1, yes.

This is because the Clean 9 is a preparation for Fit 1. Does a packet of each of the above at lunch time only have an effect? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Louise — thanks for your message. Yes, you are right, it is a bit vague and deliberately so. There are two reasons for this — firstly, different people start at differnt points — so, our first aim is to help some one start to eat better and raise exercise levels a bit and gain more control ie. Ideally, we would answer this question better if we knew your individual circumstances.

So, our goal is improvement not perfection — so, that largely depends on who you are. There is a tendancy for people to seek a miracle or instant cure for weight or health issues that have built up over many months and years.

My answer is nearly always the same — the only thing that will ruin your results is giving up. No matter what happens, we always end up slipping off the plan and we need — with encoragement and trust in ourselves — to just keep putting ourselves back on the plan. It is going to happen — it happens to me and everone — the only choice is, do we get back on the plan or give up.

We run a group too for our clients as that gives them extra confidence and an opportunity to share experiences. Hi Neil, day 1 and 2 were really good, i had lots of water and all and did some vigorous exercise.

I checked my weight on day 3 morning and i saw that i had lost 3 kg. Today is day 4, i was thinking of staying of food completely, not even d fibre or shake, just d tablet and aloe so i can flush out my system completely to make up for d calories consumed yesterday. Hi Zo — yes, I am not surprised — you are not meant to do more than 30 minutes moderate exercise — a brisk walk — on days 1 and 2 — and if you do more, then you need to adjust your calories. In addition, is it ok to drink green tea during the 9days?

Can we follow the cal diet for day one or by day 3. Secondly can i have a chart stating low GI foods along with the calorie count for the foods. Hi Cheryl — you should follow the plan in the booklet that you have in your Clean 9 box? Or are you missing that? Neil A sale rep in my country Jordan says that it is highly recommend that women start the product just after they finish their periods.

Is that evidence -based? I assume it should not matter as hormonal changes and fluids retention are cyclic! Hi Saba — I am not aware of any evidence for this claim. It might make sense from a comfort point of view — in that the first two days are a version of fasting and that would probably be more comfortable after the period has finished. Dear Neil, I finally started my clean 9 programme today. Not sure what to do in the booklet it says breakfast,2X forever Garcinia plus softgel,4 oz aloe vera gel.

My question can i take my normal breakfast or just what is listed above that i am allowed to take? I had 2 litres to start with and completed the 32oz in the first 2 days.

Looking ahead, Aloe Vera gel is mentioned at all three meals, but in small print for Lunch and Dinner. Do I need to continue with 4oz x 3 time a day or just 4oz once a day when I want? So — do you have a booklet which explains? If not, you can download the metric booklet from the link on this page. However, rule of thumb — drink one bottle of aloe vera in the first two days — the second bottle of aloe vera is consumed in the following 7 days.

On day two of c9 got too hungry that cud not manage to sleep n decided to take spinach and a boiled egg for supper will this interfere with the program.

Hi Prisca — yes, it will interfere but mildly. Secondly if i am out in a coffee shop with friends would it be better to have black decaf coffee my preference or green tea as I looked up cafine is less in decaf coffee. At home I will have decaf tea no milk. I guess on the first two days, water would be best — because you are attempting to give the body a break from coffee etc and the term tablet will already give you natural caffeine.

I use to weigh Hi Ajadi — have you read this post http: I have started the C9 programme. I need to know how many calories approximately would the tablets, aloe vera gel, the fibre and shake be in the C9 cleanse? Hi im on Day 5 of the clean 9. I havnt been taking the protein shake at breakfast, is that wrong?

I take a protein shake for lunch or dinner and a cal meal. Will i loose more if i take the protein shake in the morning too? Look for ward to your reply. Hi I hv started take c9 since zis Monday.. I hv loss only 1 Kgs and get urinated more often since I started ze c And I would like to start fit1 when can I get start? Hi Saheer — perhaps this article will help? You can start Fit 1 immediately after Clean 9 — in fact, it is what we recommend.

Your Comment Here…good evening sir. I was just wondering about if we could eat our calories trough the whole day, because in the booklet it says we eat them on dinner! Hi I have vry big bust so is it possible for the c9 to help burn the fat in my bust alone?? Hi Ross — I know people who have lost weight from their bust — but it is impossible to say for sure.

Hi Neil, Over the last 13 months, I embarked on a diet and exercise regime that has seen me drop about 18kg. I currently get at least 2 days of minimum 10k walks a week, and I play squash for between 40 to 60 mins minimum twice a week so that is about 4 days of activity. Exercising is pretty much a part of me now so I firmly expect that to continue over the years.

Would you recommend that I get on the Clean 9 programme? What would be the pros and cons? The Fit 1 will give you the nutrition to support that level of exercise whilst also helping you to eat well and steadily lose the weight.

I finished the clean 9 about a week ago. Hi Pat — probably the Garcina — you can buy that individually if you want https: Although, the Forever Vanilla Shake will also be a key part on delivering high quality nutrition — and especially proteins — with minimal calories — and as you do a little more exercise, this will be essentially.

Lastly, you might want to consider the term too — that helps keep the energy levels high and beat the desire for coffee or tea. I understand the bit about C9 being unable to give sufficient nutritional calories.

But that would mean my calorie intake would be far lower than output and equal to quicker weight loss? Is that available for purchases and delivery to Lagos, Nigeria? Hi Yinka — yes, there a lot of people interested in the Clean 9 in Nigeria and across the world too.

The key about weight loss is that there is a natural speed limit — that is calories per day less than what you need. In which case, start your Clean 9 more slowly.. I noticed I reduced 2 inch in ma arms plus waist but d rest of ma body is still dsame like b4 wic I angry left. But I wat to start anoder clean9. Pls can u guide me on wat to do. Often our weight scales are in accurate?

If you lost inches around your waist and the rest of your body, it sounds like the Clean 9 worked. Can you tell me your current weight, height, age and how much you want to lose and then I can advise.

I started 27th Dec. By 29th, I had lost 2. I do 10km fast walk everyday since I stated C9. Do you think I should increase my calorie intake because I always feel weak after the walk. Hi Aisah — on the Clean 9 — you can take them together — you just want to take the garcinia 20 mins before proper meals to allow it into the system for best results.

Hi my mom would really like to do the c9 but it says not to do if you have kidney disease? She was born with a normal kidney and a very small kidney never had any trouble she only found out by having to have an operation for something else, would it be safe to do the c9? Hi Hannah — not sure — best to buy as bottle of aloe vera and then ask your doctor — it kind on depends on if she is taking any medication etc… https: Am confused pls, m n my day 3 lunch, can I take fruits from d free food N what can I take as calories meal for dinner?

There are a few recipe ideas in your Clean 9 Booklet http: Hi Neil, I mistakingly skipped dinner on d 2nd day of d c9, how do i make it up? I continued from the 3rd day. What do i do with the skipped dinner? I drank plenty of water. More than recommended and I ran 3 times a week and the rest I walked around 4km each day.

I felt incredibly poorly day 3 also, with the shakes and lightheaded. When I work with runners or very fit people, I adapt the programme to fit their schedule — so that would explain the faintness and lightheadedness. Am so happy I got your website.

I am on day two of clean 9, I made a mistake of taking carrots, Pawpaw and apples on day one. Also, I need to know about the discount on Fit 1, as I would love to continue by doing Fit 1. I reside in Nigeria. I look forward to your mail and reply. Hi Tobi — well, it all depends on the glycemic load — Pawpaw is high — so best to avoid it. Carrots are lower than pawpaw too — so it would be better to stick to carrots. Here is a useful list http: Hi Zainab — yes, you need to take the shake — perhaps it is the milk that you are using as I have never heard of anyone having a problem with it?

You can change the milk too, of course. Hi Neil, i am a lover of FLP. I have used clean 9 products so many times and it works super fast for me, in fact I start loosing weight on the 4th day, and at the end of the program a loose so much weight and end up looking too slim. M done using the clean 9 and am on 3rd day of fit1 now thou I lost weight wit the clean9 though the weight keeps fluctuating but i av chest fat lik female breast every other thing is reducing gradually but they breast fat aint going down even though am doing enough exercise.

Do you already have your box? If so, you can ask to exchange it and begin on Fit 1 instead and then go back to Clean 9 later. I am in day 3 of Clean 9 and drinking a lot of water but I have been finding it difficult to empty my bowels.

I thought that the Fibre helps to purge frequent watery stooping as part of the weight loss program. Hi Neil, I am in day 4 of clean 9 and using skimmed milk to mix the Ultra shake, my questions are: I hope it will not affect my program. I have not really lost any weight yet. Hi Joey — I think most of your questions are solved by following the C9 instruction booklet http: In regards to semi skimmed milk — you just need to add to your meal to get back any missing calories.

That renders the C9 unsuitable for me. Are there any other products without these in that have similar results? Or you could by the products individually and then just swap the therm tablets for something else. Hi Neil, just started today and ohh boy am i struggling, just cant stand the taste of everything i need to take…. Hi Don — get in touch with your distributor and ask their advice. Can I use the cup in the vanilla shake and how much equals 4oz Please send info on the discount for fit 1.

Hi Siraaj — the aloe vera will be doing a lot of work on your gut when on the clean 9 — for some people, that can slow things down — for others, that can speed them up. Hi I gave birth through C section four weeks ago.

Hi Dike — yes-ish — assuming that you are no longer on any medication? As there is no mention of this in the booklets supplied? So I presumed was ok?

You are aiming to give your body a rest from all the usual stuff we consume — and decaf coffee is basically coffee with the caffeine striped out — so it is a more highly processed substance than just coffee. Hi Neil, I am overweight and would love to try Clean9, am resident in abuja Nigeria, how can I get the product? I just started the C9 excited but starving, I love to eat and am proud of of myself that Iam done with my 1St day. Should I eat some apple and maybe 3 more different free food at once??

Hi Linda — not carrots but other vegetables, yes — do follow the free food list in your booklet. My name is Thandi. Do just follow the plan in your booklet. I am on the 2nd day of the C9 been sticking to the plan been exercising but not a full 30 minutes, I intend to exercise a full 30 minutes going forward. I just have 2 questions though: For exercise — follow the plan http: Hi Neil, Thanks for the great job well done.

Am on day 1 and I kinda like the taste of the aloe gel, is it ok to have more than 4oz? And why do I have to wait another 20 mins to take the Therm. I am 81 years of age and I am taking Pradaxamg Dabigatran etexilate hard capsules twice a day for atrial fibrllation and I am about to start Forever Clean 9 program. Are there any problems with this? I am in day 3 of C9and my main aim is to lose weight. I wonder is it better to have the protein shake one time only in breakfast instead of twice and then distribute the calories on the lunch and dinner.

Hello Neil I braught this to specifically loose weight but im on day 6 and havent lost any. Im post pregnant 5months and am desperate to loose my baby weight. Its not easy to concentrate on yourself when you have a baby. My diet before was extremely bad i live on sugar pop and take aways. I have stopped all that now, when i have my meal i have it all bland boiled veg and baked chicken i dont add no salt or spices. So i thaught this would make a big difference. I am also doing my excersize daily.

I did have a tiny amount of free food but im going to stop that now. Can you tell me what im doing wrong. Hi Fatema — have you read this http: Am Nitisha from Mauritius actually am taking the c9 and its the 3rd day of the program. I noticed I got a neck pain on my 2nd day after I wake up in the morning and I feel scared. Thanks a lot Neil. I hear that its possible to loose up to 25kg and wonder what happened to me.

I have decided to start all over again with C9 will this help? Hi Oju — did you do the exercise and keep to the calorie sized meals on Fit 1? That is often where people slip up. Please get in touch Baraka http: Hii, im going to start c9. Everyday im taking calcium nd vitamin d tablet. Can i continue with c9? Hi Divya — yes, keep taking your normal nutrition. Clean 9 is only potentially an issue if you are on medication. Hi, i have just started day 1, can you eat any of the free foods on day 1 and 2 or are the free foods just for day 3 onwards?

Hi I am on day 2 of the cleanse, just wondering how essential it is to have all the aloe Vera recommended? What does the Aloe do? Or can I replace calory meal just with salad.

The scientific explanation is very poor! Good post — my long-haired Chihuahua is in beginning stages of chf — and today she is getting ultrasound of her heart already had x-ray — enlarged heart very evident.

I thank you for taking the time to write your experience living with a dog that has CHF. There has been no coughing forover a month start of this program. She leaks once a day while sleeping and I never seem to get the diaper use at the right time, so she gets a back half bath each time. I note there is definite weakness in her hind quarters and she is not always with us mind wise, fairly blind and desperately deaf.

But she eats well. I just started to cook her food now and she loves that. I still wonder whether I am during her a favour or me one. Thanks to all above for the many replies.

I helped me a lot! So many times when I went to the vet I expected him to say it was time to put her down, but he never attempted to help me make that decision either.

I finally made the decision when her coughing was non-stop during the day and he just asked me if I was giving her all her meds? I had to find the courage and just say maybe this is the time to just let her rest. I hope you will also know when the time comes to say good-by to your Scottie. Since I have been cooking her meals she is fantastic.

She may now cough once a day and that is a single little cough. She started on Vetmedin on Christmas eve and I was told by the vet 12 months would be max. The computer tells the same story. Now I wonder, she is doing so well. I am interested in cooking for him if that seemed to help you… do you have any balanced recipes that you follow?

Be sure to add vitamins, probiotics etc. My dog Buddy has CHF. I just want to make sure he is not in any pain when he is coughing or trying to sleep. The vet said if he is not whimpering or crying then he should not be in any pain. How do I know that to be true though. He drinks a lot of water, although lately he slowed down a bit. He still eats anything we give him. He will run upstairs or follow us. Just hearing him breath that hard is sad.

I want to make sure he is given the best quality we can provide. What would your thoughts be on this? He has seizures as well.

The first few were short like what you said, then they last a minute. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Has your vet checked Buddy for low thyroid? After my Precious started taking her thyroid medicine she was seizure free right up until the very end when her coughing became non stop.

If you think his coughing has gotten worse you might ask your vet for hydrocodone which is a cough suppressant. I have the diapers but Belle is very adept at getting out of them. She is very good, letting me put them on but I have yet to catch her as she gets out of them. We all do the best we can firstly for the comfort of our pet. One small item I forgot to mention but a big one as far as Belle is concerned. It was situated at an angle at the door way.

She seems to be less laboured in her breathing. We keep our place very cool so I am sure that is why the heat bothered her so much. Anythibg I can say that helps anyone else also helps me. A side problem that I have is my 4 yr old female cat that loves Belle. I get a good scolding! I love my pets. Jane Hope you did not get that partial post. My computer has a mind of its own. There are many articles about how long average breeds live.

We tend to forget this when our old dogs go into heart failure. We always say we do not want them to suffer we just want them to be comfortable. If a dog is wetting at night and the dog has always been potty trained that to me says Please mom let me go with some dignity.

I am sorry but as much as I love my sweet Scottie I will not put her through this. She is on a water pill now and the vet is pushing for more meds. I cannot decide what to do. I do know this and that is she will live only as long as she can still play with her ball, sleep without peeing in her sleep, enjoy her short walk and not be forced to take meds that really are just prolonging a life that she no longer enjoys. She found her old hiding place that she no longer could get into and somehow managed to get in there and hide.

I am sure she is telling me its time, mom, its time. Hope I am not offending you but you asked my opinion and thats how I feel.

I know what you mean about the quality of life for our pets. He had been diagnosed with a collapsed trachea but has done well for the last several years on medication. In the last 2 weeks his cough has gotten very bad so we took him to the vet this afternoon. The vet told me he had an enlarged heart and it was pressing on his trachea. Then I asked if he was in pain when he coughed, etc. I was more concerned about his quality of life and I told her that. My pooch is deaf too.

You all seem to have a lot of experience with dogs and chf. I have a 18 year poodle who was rescued from a puppy mill at age She was barely alive. I adopted her and she has been a joy. But she developed CHF and now has a collapsed trachea.

She has been on Enalapril, lasix and Tussigon. She still coughs a lot has lost some weight nothing drastic. She still eats, she is deaf and now blind. My question is would it be ethical to stop all her meds except her cough meds and let nature take its course? She sleeps all day but as I said will eat try to walk around sometimes.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you for sharing your story. Anyhow, I got my boy to the vet, and he was given an X-ray, a jab of Frusemide which he is also taking twice daily and put in an oxygen cage for an hour. Doc says his dosage of Frusemide is already on the high side 1. She did warn that medicine has also a limit to its efficacy. On medication and ihopefully, can be controlled with meds.

As far as the dosage of the diuretic I believe it is 1 to 2 mg per pound of dog once or twice a day. I believe the third dose my vet recommended would not be a every day thing only when your dog seems to be getting worse like in the middle of the night when your unable to speak with your vet. I recently found out that there is another diuretic that works differently that my vet gave a dog whom I was pet sitting for. This dog was on all the other regular meds Enapril, Vetmedin and a recently increased dose of his diuretic, but he had a hard day coughing and when I took him to the vet for his owner he gave him a shot which was a diuretic and another prescription for the diuretic I never heard of.

He said it works in another way from the one he had been on. I know this was all just to hold him over for a few weeks because I found out his owner had to put him down today. Sorry for the long rambling answer but I hope everything works out for you. I have a 9 year old Maltese, Chase, who was diagnosed with severe MV insufficiency this past summer July At the time, the vet started him on Vetmedin, Enalapril, and Lasix A week in to treatment, his platelet count dropped to 30, and he was taken off the enalapril and started on prednisone and carafate.

After a week, his platelet count normalized and he was on the road to recovery. Over the course of the next few months, the vet doubled his lasix to Recently, I noticed that Chase was coughing, not breathing as well and was having more activity intolerance than usual. He was also diagnosed with a collapsing trachea and so I gave him several PRN doses torbutrol to help with the cough and to calm his anxiety, but nothing seemed to help. By the time we made it to the vet, his tongue and gums were blue!

I was so devastated. They immediately gave in 40 mg IV Lasix and placed him on Oxygen. At that point, they gave me two options: The vet told me that his prognosis with the IV Lasix and Oxygen chamber was good. If we can see him through this, we can increase his Lasix and he will have at least 6 months or longer. By the way, I also have a Pomeranian, too. His name is Flash. It has truly been an inspiration to me and is helping me to cope with what I am going through with Chase. On a brighter note my last Pomeranian before Precious lived to be almost I hope your Flash lives a long healthy life.

I am so sorry for taking so long to reply to your response. Things got so hectic with Chase being so sick…I was in the middle of final exams and the holidays were right around the corner. After everything we went through, I had to decompress and by the time things got back to normal, classes were back in session. Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for your sweet words of encouragement during my difficult time.

We have had a few ups and downs since Dec, but I am so happy to report that Chase is doing remarkably well now. I have an 18 yr old Maltese that means the world to me. Taking all of the above. Heartbroken any holistic help would be much appreciated!!!

Please would you be kind enough to send me the PDF of the natural meds he is on and also the food that you cook him. We have just lost our cockapoo due to an infection that consumed her body, and it was heartbreaking. I do not want to lose Baxter, our Bichon too. Thanks so much for posting your story. God Bless — Peta Bray. I was hoping you would send me a copy of that diet the other lady cooks for her precious?

It seems so many pet owners are going through the same problems with CHF. Pimobendan the generic form of Vetmedin is what my Precious was on also. Perhaps he can suggest lowering the dose and see if that works. My vet gave my Precious hydrocodone but not until I insisted she must have something. Precious never peed on my couch but she would frequently be incontinent because of the diuretics. I used a pee pad and towel on the couch where she always slept during the day and a doggie cloth diaper at night because she slept with me.

I hope this helps. Thank you for sharing your experience. Aside from the diuretic and en April he is also on an antibiotic for an upper — respiratory infection. He started his meds last Thursday and I have seen zero improvement. His vet believes the prognosis is good, which makes me cautiously optimistic. My biggest concern right now is getting him to eat. Forget dog food, he even turns away from doggy treats including freeze dried chicken and yummy duck jerky.

At first I cooked rice and chicken. Then hamburger and rice. Moved on to steak, which he accepted hand fed a few times. I wonder if anyone else experienced appetite loss with any of the meds? Hi Sandi, Thank you for your comment. My Precious had no problem eating more than usual. Could he have another problem for appetite loss such as low thyroid, dental problems, or even more serious health problems like kidney failure, liver problenms or cancer?

I hope you and your vet can find out the reason for his appetite loss. I hope you will let me know. Hi Sue, Eventually Buster did get his appetite back and we had three months of him being his normal self before he took a turn for the worse very dramatically and suddenly.

We took him to the vet, where he stayed for several days. One morning we were called to be told he had passed in the night. You might want to try eliminating that drug if it is O. It worked for me, but like everything else it was just a temporary fix. I hope your last days with her are good. She will not take her meds — I have to force them down her —morning and night — she has swelling etc.

She has no problem eating but I do notice her not breathing to well at times. Do you think the vetmedin is making her cough more? I hate to take her to the vets because she gets so upset that the last time she passed out. It just kills me to see her like this. I am not sure what to do. Have any of you tried natural herbs to help? Are they a waste of money.

This is so hard. You just feel helpless. Hi, From what I read the most reported side effects of Vetmedin are poor appetite, lethargy, diarrhea, dyspnea, and weakness. The Vetmedin is such a large pill it was hard to give even a half of a pill to my dog also. I broke it down into two smaller pieces and put it in braunschweiger. The trick is put a small piece of pill into a small piece of meat.

If the piece of meat is to big your dog will have to chew it and usually ends up spitting the pill out. It the meat is a small piece they will gobble it up with hardly a second thought, especially if you already let them try it and they liked it.

Hope this works for getting her pills down. I agree picking your dog up just puts pressure on her lungs and possibly make the coughing worse. He licks it off my finger and just swallows it. I posted back on Dec 3, , when my Maltese, Chase, had an acute decompensation episode with his heart failure. If you have a minute, you can take a look at my post. At the time, Chase was extremely sick as he was in severe pulmonary edema he was literally drowning internally due to the excessive fluid inside of his lungs.

During his stay, he received over mg of IV Lasix and had to spend 12 hrs in the oxygen chamber. If I heard fluid, I would increase his dose of Lasix.

After the 1st week of him being home, I had increased his Lasix from 25 mg daily The vet has also increased his Vetmedin from 1. Despite my increasing his Lasix and the increase in all of his other medication doses, he still had fluid in his right lung! I researched and read studies about dogs with heart failure. I learned that we had all of the medical bases covered so I then started researching holistic and complementary therapies for dogs with heart failure HF. I worked as an RN in cardiology for several years and one thing I know is that diet is critical with HF patients, especially salt intake.

However, you can get this info by contacting the company directly. A dog with severe heart failure should not consume more than 20 mg of sodium per day. Most commercial dog foods exceed this fold! Also, I want to bring up another point. I have a hard time giving Chase his pills so I would coat them in peanut butter. I was giving about 1 tsp with his pills twice a day, which worked out to be about 50 mg sodium. I started making his food myself. I bought a pill crusher and I crush all of his meds into a fine powder.

This is the following holistic protocol I have him on:. Arginine is thought to help with activity intolerance and shortness of breath. I have the powdered form of Arginine and Taurine, but I have to crush the Carnitine. Comes in a powder -B Complex: I think that's pretty much it for the holistic protocol, but if I realize I left something out I'll let you know.

After being on homemade food and the holistic protocol for 1 month, Chase was a completely different dog. The months leading up to his diagnosis and he literally looked depressed.

When he started his initial treatment, he didn't seem as depressed and lethargic, but he wasn't the playful, energetic, happy-go-lucky dog that he used to be.

I took Chase in for his follow up. I was so pleased and I couldn't wait to go back for our 1 month follow up with the vet. The vet could not believe her eyes when she saw Chase. She said she had never seen him looking this full of life since she started treating him. She took him back to run labs and do a follow up echocardiogram and she came back with phenomenal news.

All of his blood work was perfect, but I have even better news! The size of his Left atrium has decrease 2 mm from his baseline measurement when he was first diagnosed in July His dilated left atrium was decreasing in size and his heart function was starting to show improvement! She was happy and shocked at the same time! She just told me to keep doing everything that I was doing, lol! It's been 2 months since that last visit and we have another follow up tomorrow so I will definitely keep you posted.

I'm so sorry for writing a book, but I just hope that some of this information is helpful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will try to give you as much info as I can. Wow Allison, your post has been greatly informative.

Since then, incidence of him coughing has reduced significantly, but he has started wheezing, owing to a second condition that has developed; canine bronchial disease, which is quite similar to asthma in human. Oral medications are out as it would worsen his heart condition, and he is currently on antibiotics and if it gets worse, he may have to be on Ventolin.

Can you please tell me how much of each holistic supplements u give your dog please and post where u buy them from!! Thank u so much!! Hi Beth, not sure who this question is for?

This is the supplement I add to balance the nutrition in the homemade food to make sure that the dogs get all the nutrients they need. Liquid Ubiquinol and Liquid Krill Oil: Krill Oil for Pets 3. BodSmith 1 Liquid Dog Vitamins all natural blend providing the crucial nutrients dogs need for optimum health. Necessary vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential fatty acids, trace minerals, amino acids and digestive enzymes, plus Ester-C and Coenzyme Q Another deficiency seen in dogs with CHF.

Hawthorne Berry and Red Clover: I am using these herbs is used for their diuretic effects. I bought them in the drop form. I hope this is helpful! Please keep me posted on how things work for you. I can also email you a pdf file of my dosage notes.

My dosage calcs are based on a 10 lb Maltese so you may have to adjust the doses for your baby. I did what u suggested and have had a holistic vet come and see him, she will be contacting his vet and together work with what supplements to give him.

She will be returning Friday, she also did acupuncture and cold lazer therapy. Seems to have helped, he seems to have more energy.

Thanks so much for sharing ur story, it has given me some hope. Paco is a 9lb Chihuahua and just turned He has a grade 4 murmur and enlarged heart. Coughs every day but not constant. He is on tussigon, Furosemide, enalapril, Vetmedin, Terbutaline , and thyroxine plus carafate and baby gas x.

He is also on salt free diet, and i dehydrate is own treats salt free. Bottled water in fresh running fountain. He has a cooling coat to keep him cool and from overheating. Allison, Thank you for posting the holistic info. You mentioned that you have a PDF file that list the dosage that you gave to you 10lb.

Can you forward this to me? My email address is kgoode yahoo. Thanks for your help. Allison, I would be very interested in the PDF. My dog has the exact same diagnosis as yours. Can you send it to frysgirl gmail. Allison your post is what gave me hope for my 10 year old Chihuahua with a stage 4 heart murmur.

I would very much like to have a copy of your PDF on amounts of supplements. My Melia weighs 7 pounds which is optimum weight for her. I just switched to a low salt pet food for starters. She is having the occasional seizure now which freaks me out. I never realized the Enalpril could contribute to the coughing. The vet said it was okay to give her one every 12 hours, but I have not done that after reading the thread here.

Thank you so much for your input. Gave misty a kiss for you while she was getting her q3h doggy massage. My heart breaks for you Juliette. Take care,and keep us informed of your progress. Take comfort your precious is no longer suffering and running free and happy. A special guardian to look over your child. If it continues to hurt for much longer maybe you could talk to your dr. There are various ways to help you through your grief that they can discuss with you,and please know I am here if you need to chat anytime.

She became quite ill in july,and we did not expect her to make it 2 weeks and here we are in November. My car never moved without her,standing between the seat on the look out for moose,and bopping to the music when she heard a song she liked!

Write your feelings down and send them to your vet. If it stops this happening to one more beloved pet your foxy will not have died in vain. Hang in there and I am here for you. Hi Alison, Could you forward the pdf with the holistic dosage info to my email as well?

You have given my heart hope. I had two cavalier King Charles sisters- I just lost Kiley Last week from complications with her heart and her sister who had previously been Diagnosed last year with a grade 4 heart murmur and CHF is having another day episode.

I have her on enalapril, vetmedin and Salix twice a day- but I have always leaned toward The holistic as being much more productive and better in the long term for them! Thank you so much!!!! My email is kiddlehopper hotmail. Hi Allison, Thank you for all this information. My 13 year old yorkie, Sparkey, was just diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He is coughing a lot. My vet put him on hydrocodone to suppress his cough. I rather go holistically. I have him on tummeric pills.

I would rather go your way. Can you kindly send me your pdf file? Sparkey is 8 pounds. Thank you so much Allison. May God bless you. Howdy is a He has a heart murmur and cushings disease. I too started cooking him his own meals months ago. It made a huge difference.

I just stick chicken breast, a piece of liver for flavor eventhough high in cholesterol can of pumpkin, brown rice and water in the crock pot. When done, I run it through the food grinder. It made a huge difference with the coughing but now the coughing has returned. Of course, this always happens on the weekends! I started him on Amoxil yesterday to prevent pneumonia.

I know he needs a shot of prednisone but taking him to the vet is so stressful on him. His tongue gets purple. Right now, his tongue and gums are a great shade of pink! Any suggestions for him until the vet opens in the morning? I have Prednisone here but with his Cushings, I am reluctant to give it to him. Hi Ruth, While I hate to give any advise when it could be wrong but I can tell you what my vet told me that it would have been OK to give my Precious another dose of her diuretic, this it what the emergency clinic gave my Precious a shot of Lasix and oxygen.

They tried to keep her overnight but I said no she needs to be with me. I now how you feel it always happens on weekends and nights. Then next time your at your vet ask him what you can give Howdy if it happens again on a weekend because you know it will , perhaps he can give you a prescription for hydrocodone also which suppresses cough.

I know it is frustrating and a never ending battle with drugs that only work temporarily. I too have a 10 lb. I was hoping you could send me your holistic regiment and dosage information. Along with hydrocodone at night. Teddy is 10 lbs.. I have ordered everything on your list. I was so worried that I might be hurting her and not helping her even though she seems better, less coughing. I also give dandelion. Could you tell me how much per day? Thank you so much for your post!! Hi Allison, I saw your post on your successful holistic approach for Chase.

As my maltese has enlarged heart and coughing, would you pls share with me yr holistic protocols and dosage? Please let me know…thank you. Hi Laurie, not sure if your question is for me or other people who have commented. Supplements given are not a cure just a way to help your dog live a longer healthier life. Allison, just read your 2 year old update about Chase. The one with the herbal remedies. First, how is he doing? Just started Vetmedin 2 days ago after 2 fainting episodes which occurred after coughing fits.

I want to do the best for her. I wrote down everything you were giving Chase but have no idea of how much of each. Lexy is 8 lbs. My dog is Tonka he is a spunky 13 year old sable Pomeranian.

Before the vet did any tests he said CHF with collapsing trachea. He has always had the backwards sneeze not the actual issue, however most think it is all of his life.

I do feel it is the collapsing trachea not CHF. When u say home made food, what did u make him? Any tips on the collapsing trachea?

I am going to start the home diet asap as well as the supplements.

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