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Protein Powder: It’s not just for shakes anymore! + Giveaway!
I want to try those pancakes, sounds delicious!! The delicious vanilla pure protein powder was very tasty. Add your protein chocolate for me! Could you name a few that you recommend so I could talk to my doctor about it. I also almond milk, protein powder, and chia seeds to make a yummy pudding. A good old fashion protein shake!! Iike frozen cherries, dark chocolate chips, yogurt, almond milk, and vanilla protein powder!

Elemental Shredding Matrix

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This video is part of an experiment to find ways to appeal to those new to the site. So much of what I do is targeted towards those who already know the basics. But, in the user survey about a thousand of you filled out a few weeks ago, many of you asked for me to take a step back, and do some videos targeted more towards those new to evidence-based nutrition.

So, with the volunteer help of videographer Grant Peacock , I came up with ten introduction- and overview-type videos for both new users to orient themselves, and for long-time users to use to introduce people to the site.

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Subscribe to Videos Discuss. A novel nutrition education model: Burden of Disease Collaborators. The state of US health, Videography courtesy of Grant Peacock. Tastes great and works well! I recently went through a 2. I am currently on the Vanilla flavour however and it is a lot harder to mix with half of my drink staying as foam for a very long time.

When I finish this ill be straight back to the chocolate! I've tried both the Banana Split and Hot Chocolate and both are super tasty! I've been taking it for just over a month and it has definitely helped me drop a couple kgs as I was struggling to get past my goal weight. I've also looked around and nothing compares to the amount of ingredients in Shredding Matrix. Its a little too easy to tell what results I have from this since its only been a week, but its has stopped my bad habits on snacking on the wrong things and has a pleasant taste..

Tastes better than a chocolate milkshake! Great product prompt delivery I would recommend Mr Supplement to anybody. Great taste and great results! Best product with amazing results. Ordered 5 times by now. Tastes great, curbs hunger and no nasty effects.

First time using this protein but I am loving it. The taste is perfect for shakes and smoothies and definitely can see the changes. Recommend and will buy again.

I changed to this brand after reading the reviews. In 3 months I have noticed great results. I wasn't taken with the vanilla flavour but love the chocolate. I mix it with frozen berries and sunflower seeds. I also take it to work for lunch and find it stays thick until lunchtime.

Very pleased I did the switch. Even my husband loves this flavour - and he doesn't generally do flavoured milk. Tastes just like Violet Crumble, mixes well in water.

Super fast delivery as always. Never enough in stock of this size in all flavours and types,and had put myself on the list to be advised when products are back in stock weeks ago and got no feedback at all. Better than other protein powders at suppressing my appetite. Plenty of good stuff added which takes out the hassle of having those extra supplements.

Its a bit on the sweet side. My daughter loved me wearing the singlet to drop her off at school. Great taste, dissolves well in milk and has helped me get excellent results! Absolutely the best tasting protein powder I've had, also the first protein shake Ive actually seen results with. Great as a meal replacement or post gym shake. Have just ordered a second lot of this highly recommend. Great filling shake with plenty of flavor. Suppresses appetite well also! One of the best tasting protein powders!

Delivery was super fast, loved the taste and am starting to see results already! Only downside was its just a little on the pricey side. A pretty interesting protein. I think it worked pretty well for my cut to be honest, low carb option of a protein. Awesome product One tub finish second 1 ordered. Excellent service, great taste, mixes extremely well! Will defiantly order again. This is a great flavour and one of my favourite. I have also used supplements like ON whey protein but I would totally give credits to EN Shredding Matrix for the best tasting protein powder.

This not just fills me up but also is a better tasting protein powder. I have also tried the Banana Split flavour which is also delicious. Next day delivery as always Shakes taste great and so does the Greek yogurt I stir it through. Am loving how it complements my fat loss goals and I'm very impressed with the results so far. Highly recommend both the product and the site. I've been on this for about 2 months now.

Combined with clean eating and 3 gym sessions a week, I've lost more than 10kgs!! Wicked, wicked protein shake. No funky taste, mixes awesome with water and no sandy bits! Can't rave enough about this product!! Seriously the best protein shake that has ever touched my lips!

Taste and consistency is great with water though I tend to use almond milk instead to make it abit more filling as a meal replacement aswell. Will defiantly keep buying as I'm already seeing results. Such a good protein powder found it to be great tasting and so far so good, mixes well with water and fills you up as well. Becoming leaner as the weeks goes by. I use this as a meal replacement and I love it.

Tastes awesome and mixes well. As always delivery is exceptional and the product was better than expected originally just tried the Hot chocolate which was good but this is better taste is fantastic. Great taste and it actually works. I'm 6 weeks in and I've lost 8kg. It's actually allowing me to shred the excess fat. Received the choc honeycomb flavour, which tastes great but my free water jug arrived with a crack in it. I contacted customer service and they sent out a new jug, which arrived the next day.

Hands down, the best tasting brand of protein powder I have ever tried. Loved the Hot Chocolate mixed with sugar free coconut milk. Hands down, the best tasting protein powder I have ever tried. These guys have awesome flavours! Choc Honeycomb tastes just like crunchie milkshake. This is honestly the best tasting protein powder I've ever tasted. The banana split tastes like the lollie bananas. It didn't have and chunky bits or anything when I drank it. Works so well as a meal replacement to.

I ordered it Tuesday about Monday and it was at the door the next day. Using as a meal replacement. High in protein, low in sugar and calories. Goes great with water or milk and tastes delicious! Supps postage is soo quick.

I've been using this as a meal replacement shake, i'm on my second tub now and getting good results, and while i'm not a fan of Banana's this tastes more like Banana lollies and tastes great.

I've been using this as a meal replacement shake, i'm on my second tub now and getting good results, and the taste is great too. Best tasting protein I've ever had. Shakes up really well, not lumpy or grainy. Been using this product for over 12 months and with noticeable results.

Keeps you satisfied until your next meal. This is the best whey protein I have ever tasted. It mixes well and is easy to drink. Will definitely buy again. Great tasting shredding powder with a full range of active ingredients for weight loss. Was recommended this by a friend, I shall be doing the same as it's a really good protein. This has been my go to protein for a few yrs now and one that i recommend to anyone. Taste is great, nutrition is great, balance, mixability etc Can't wait to try the new flavours they've brought out.

My wife and I have been using this for 2 weeks now and the results are amazing. Used as a meal replacement and post workout. We have both lost weight already and gaining muscle. The best thing about it is the taste, even with water it's the best tasting shake we've ever had!! Great taste, great kj-protein ratio, mixes well, great product. So, I'm relatively new to buying protein in bulk.

I went for another brand first, that I found far too sweet, sandy, and chunky - even when shaken like a paint mixer at Bunnings on a Sunday morning. This brand, however, is the perfect taste. It's smooth, not gritty or sandy, and there are no little chunks left over in the mix. My flavour, banana, tastes like lolly bananas, so I'm not complaining there. This works a treat as a meal replacement and protein lost 7kg In 3 weeks.

Partnered with training and a diet plan together with this shredding matrix, Lost 5kg so far, and it's only been 5 weeks. Mixes very well, even with water. No gross milky aftertaste or funky smell. Not thick and no sandy bits! I have been using this protein for around 6 months and find it leaps and bounds above many other popular shredding proteins, in not only flavor but also price.

I find it help suppress hunger as well after those big workouts when you feel particulary drained. Great value for money, great taste and big gains without worrying about excess calories. This has worked extremely well. I am middle aged and stomach fat refused to budge.

This product has helped a lot. Tastes great even only with water. This protein tastes great, and mixing is easy. Even without the mesh ball in the shaker, it still mixes without any clumps! Great protein shake, very smooth, blends well, very sweet.

Would recommend to most buyers. These products are amazing, second time purchasing them. Taste great as well. Love the taste of Shredding Matrix. Pretty straight forward, does what it say on the tub. I had no problems mixing it and the taste was great, I'll happily buy again! Great protein for when you're cutting, keeps me building lean muscle, also great to have in Greek yoghurt!

Absolutely love this protein, mixes great, tastes amazing and is really helping me cut and gain some lean muscle! A friend recommended me try Shredding Matrix after he lost a couple of stubborn kgs while on it. It's a little bit on the sweet side for me, but after taking this for 4 weeks now, i've really felt it's made a difference to my training and my size. I've gotten a lot more defined, but still feel strong.

Definitely would recommend and will be getting again. I've been having protein powders since the 80s and this is honestly one of the best. It's really helped me to make gains even though I'm now in my 40s and it tastes really good. I'm onto my third tub and chocolate is definitely the best of the lot. The best thermogenic protein powder on the market bar none. Generous doses of active ingredients coupled with a fantastic easy to drink taste.

Gone through 3 x 3kg tubs of this stuff, love it. One of the highest protein charged supps out there. Underrated and value for money product that works. Mixes easily and although chocolate is a little sweet for me, it is easily drunk. Should be in the group of Super Supplements. An awesome product that provides a good morning serving of protein with the caffeine to make sure you're moving. I mix it with ml of water for a nice thick chocolate milk like shake.

Excellent product, tastes great, mixes well - no complaints. Tastes just like chocolate but great after a workout. This helps fight off the chocolate cravings while providing good quality nutrition. Possibly one of the best tasting protein powders on the market. I love this one, low in carbs.

All round great product! A friend recommended me shredding matrix after he used it previously as his protein and he lost quite a bit of weight with it. I've been on it for 2 weeks now and I've lost a bit of weight, but the best result by far is that I've gained quite a bit of muscle as well as strength.

The powders easy to drink and mix, tastes a little funny at first, more like coffee than chocolate, but it's not a bad flavour.

This stuff is so great! I had to put my regular wpi on hold to finish this tub. I think it tastes fantastic, gives quick results and best of all it CAN be used as a meal replacement. Has almost all my needs in the one, convenient mix the only things I add are L-Glutamine and cycle Creatine. Mixes well with either water or milk and the Hot Chocolate tastes pretty damn good with just water.

I am definitely ordering more of this, although will try Vanilla next to share with the wife she doesn't do Chocolate Thank you Elemental, top product. This would have to be the best tasting protein I've ever had. I always go the chocolate and am meaning to try the other flavors but the chocolate is so good.

Works a treat for weight loss too. Both my partner and myself have been using Shredding Matrix as the protein of choice now for well over a year. Most of all we like the taste which is easy to consume day in day out.

Seriously this is a very good protein powder. Easy to mix, smells and tastes great and most importantly it helped me lose that extra couple of kilos that I was struggling to get rid of. Started on this protein powder 2 weeks ago Got here quick, smells a bit like coffee but tastes more like chocolate. Not too sweet but certainly giving results in the past week I've had it. Got a email 2 days after i made payment saying it was shipped, got home later that day and it was on my front door step!

Only on day 4, tastes ok! Its my first supp, so still getting use to it. Might try the chocolate next time.

I hold my nose to swalllow it hahaha. Worked great, the taste vanilla was not to bad, I was only turned off when I started using it at first because it smelt like coffee, even though it didn't taste at all like coffee, just the it smelling like coffee turned me off I do not like coffee as you can guess. But over all the product was fantastic, and I have lost around 7kg whilst using it. Really pumped the energy levels up, great taste would recommend this product!

Gives you a higher energy level throughout the day. Stripped fat and gave me no muscle ache what so ever. Perfect post work out protein for lean muscle development.

Just finished a 3kg tub of this and I am losing fat like you wouldn't believe. I take it 45mins before I workout and 45 mins after, and then a couple more times during the day. I recover so quickly with this stuff. Tastes great, mixes well, great results.

With just this and a few changes to my diet, I've managed to lose 3kg of fat in about a month and put a couple of kilos of muscle on. I use low fat milk, and it mixes great with only a spoon. I had the chocolate flavour, best tasting protein powder I've tasted so far and I've tried a few different ones.

I could see my body fat percentage dropping and felt stronger and leaner even my clients noticed the difference. I happily recommend this product. I'm not going to lie, I've used bsc hydroxyburn, balance ultraripped, vital strength hydroxy ripped and muscle nutrition thermo burn all in conjunction with a very immaculate diet and training regime and the results i got were NOTHING compared to elemental nutrition shredded matrix. On 2 months of this product, i dropped 5kgs of pure fat and gained muscle, i went off it again and used a WPI protein and plateaued, I am currently on my second day of shredding matrix again and my appetite is virtually non existent, i feel good and i train harder, will most likely see results within a few weeks!

Haven't been using it for long but have already seen some nice results. Tastes really good too! Will get this product again! First got the chocolate flavor and lost 10kg and had all round lean gains with constant workouts and pretty good diet, now going for round 2 just ordered vanilla and going on a strict cutting diet. Great results and flavor, would recommend to any one who is trying to get lean a tip the less water the sweeter the mix is so find the right amount for yourself.

Shredding Matrix works great. This stuff is the real deal, mate in just over a month of using this stuff I have dropped 7 Kilograms. I would definitely recommend this product.

Fantastic protein powder, blends really well and the taste is A1! About to buy my second batch of this - highly recommended and I've tried tonnes of protein powders. Smells like chocolate quick. It needs to be mixed with a blender and even then there is a bit of a texture to it.. Mixed with water, it's not vey nice and is very sweet with weird after taste. I recommend mix with skim milk a couple hours before drinking it as the powder fully disolves and is OK to drink.

Result wise, I feel pretty good and have lost roughly 2kg in 3 - 4 weeks. I have used three 3 kg tubs of this and it is excellent. In just over two months I have shed around 7kgs of fat, and have built some good size and definition. Hard to lose fat and gain muscle but I believe that this made it possible. This is a great tasting powder and combined with solid cardio and weights, I believe it is one of the best I have used.

I will be getting some more of this. I take it twice a day - with breakfast and after working out. Very Vanilla is the best flavour! Have ordered this over 4 times now and just bought 3KG of it! A great tasting product which I have successfully used as a post work out and meal replacement shake to increase muscle definition and bulk over 2 months.

I'm really happy with the results and will buy again! Great tasting, and really did what it claimed. I take this post-workout, which is late at night before bed, I wake up the next day and my muscles feel "nourished" and significantly more rested.

Recovery time is reduced, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in body fat. The old "spare tyre" is living on borrowed time with this little mixture! Would definitely recommend to anyone willing to put in the hard yards and use in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet, as this also makes for a great meal replacement. Love this product and really works, next day delivery so this site is great thanks.

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