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February 19, at 2: There are two types of carbs: Does any of these products contain caffeine or any other stimulants? I have lost 10 lbs and do feel better overall. It also regulates blood sugar, helping to prevent diabetes.

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We have been able to help so many of our patients lose weight. A diet that features oatmeal shakes can provide health benefits beyond weight loss. Oatmeal has many nutrients and pairs well with a variety of nutritious shake ingredients. But oatmeal shakes, especially when consumed in large amounts, can have notable calories.

Keep track of your calories while you're following this eating plan. In addition, talk with your doctor. She can help you determine if this plan will, indeed, help you lose weight while supplying the nutrients you need. Although there's no oatmeal diet per se, many programs advise including it in a healthy eating plan, as it supplies a variety of important nutrients.

It also satiates, keeping you feeling full when you otherwise might be tempted to go off your diet. Oatmeal shakes are a healthy way to incorporate a variety of nutrients into your meal plan.

Oatmeal has fiber, which helps to control cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease. It also regulates blood sugar, helping to prevent diabetes. Another unique and welcome addition to the new Shake formula is probiotics, which supports a healthy gut, boosts immunity in the body, and helps you digest your food properly. Since a healthy gut and digestive system is essential to weight loss and overall health, Nutrition added 1 billion CFU of probiotics to each shake serving.

There is absolutely NO sugar in Shakes, unlike many other meal replacement shakes. The sugar-free formula also contains NO fructose, sucralose, aspartame, or any other artificial sweeteners. Instead, the shakes are sweetened naturally with Stevia, and advanced technologies are used to give the shakes their rich, intense flavors. The company provides targeted, well-researched health and weight loss products, as well as fitness tools for a healthy lifestyle.

There is also a Community on Facebook where users can join to help motivate each other, find health advice and information to achieve their goals.

You can reach Nutrition through email, toll-free numbers or their physical address that are all noted on their contact page. While there are some cheaper shakes, there are also many more expensive ones, and provides an ideal mix of high-quality, proven ingredients and delicious taste.

Thousands of diet shake reviews we combed through confirmed that Shakes are far more than just an unmatched meal replacement favorite though they definitely are that!

They also have the substance that every other shake company aspires to, with absolutely NO sugar, less than calories per serving, an extremely impressive array of top-notch ingredients, and exquisite taste. Which is exactly why Shakes have earned our 1 spot on this site and our highest recommendation.

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