Nutrisystem Turbo Takeoff – Week 1 Recap


Nutrisystem Fast 5 Program| Week In Review
User Rating 5 3 votes. What I like about Nutrisystem is that everything is labeled and ready to go…and absolutely delicious! This chick is tripping! Your email address will not be published. Nutrisystem — What should I eat? My weight loss journey is on and popping. Lunches were pretty filling.

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My Thought’s on Nutrisystem’s Turbo Takeoff & My First Week Results #NSNation #ad

When you go to sign up with Nutrisystem, there are several options to choose from for meal delivery. Each offers different pricing points , menu options, and level of variety.

On the Basic Plan, Nutrisystem will send you a full selection of ready-to-go foods which includes the most popular foods on their menu.

This the Top-Rated Nutrisystem plan, and is by far the best option if you can afford it. Uniquely Yours give you access to more than menu items, and you can select from their frozen foods menu, which features some of their best meals and desserts. This plan costs the same as their premium offerings, so you get full access to their frozen foods as well.

The vegetarian menu has more than 90 foods to choose from. Nutrisystem also has a plan for people with diabetes. When you sign up for Nutrisystem D , you will select from their Basic, Core or Uniquely Yours plans, and the cost is the same as their traditional menu. The full menu is much more extensive than what I listed below, but I just wanted to give you an idea of some of the foods that you can choose from.

Nutrisystem recently launched their all-new Turbo13 program , which is designed to help maximize your weight loss during your first week on the program. Everything you need for success will come in the Turbo Box, which is filled with all of the meals, snacks, and Turbo Shakes that you need to drop the most weight during your first week on the program.

A bar for breakfast and a bar for lunch felt like nothing! Day 4 — The hunger is persisting, but I do feel like I had a bit more energy today. This was my first weekend day on Nutrisystem and the lack of work and activities to keep me busy and distracted really took its toll. The Cinnamon Raisin bar was dry and had no appeal for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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