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DNA diet - weight loss that finally works

Thank you so much for this information. I tend to have my smoothies for dinner. Is this smoothie too high in fat to have during dinner time? I can keep it in the fridge at work, but I commute an hour… would it make more sense to use the protein powder? The coconut oil I use gets solid once I mix it with something cold,am I using the wrong coconut oil? I use frozen raspberries to keep it cold. But have the same problem, then. What if I microwave the coconut oil? I just made this smoothie and am literally drinking it right now.

It is delicious and I am feeling full all ready and cannot wait to implement this into my diet and start seeing some results along with my other dietary changes exercise. Thanks so much for the recipe. I might even start adding some spinach to get add some more greens to my diet.

What about the so delicious dairy free coconut milk beverage? I know its not organic but otherwise is it the same as the canned stuff? Is it the canned stuff? I found it on amazon in cans only. It is hard to believe that something SO high in fat can help you lose weight…. I did the Dr oz 3 day cleanse and still am incorporating some of the smoothies into Ny everyday meals but I love the sound of yours!

And thank you for actually writing back to me!! I found your smoothie on pinterest the other day and then added you on facebook. For more on this in detail, see my eBook- Eat Fat, Get Skinny where I talk in depth about how I lost 40 lbs of baby weight and 4 sizes without counting calories, starving, or dieting, and eating LOTS of fat!

If you have to replace the egg due to an allergy, how much protein powder would you use? I had one just now for breakfast and it was good. However, it better hold me over til dinner because that was an calorie breakfast!

For someone trying to lose about lbs and trying to eat no more than calories a day that is ALOT of calories. I read most of the comments regarding this smoothie and I have a question before I make it.

Is that what you intend for this recipe? Hi, I just started weight watchers. I was wondering how it does with the points?? I guess I would just have to add up the individual ingredients to figure it out.

Thanks for the recipe. I am sure it scores off the charts on the points!! I lost over 40 lbs and 4 sizes without counting calories, not even one time!! I do weight watchers too! This smoothie is about 18 points!! I get 30 per day. Ironically today was my first smoothie! It was yummy had to use unpasteurized eggs because I couldnt find pasteurized but Catherine uses unpasteurized organic as well and it was yummy.

I finished mine about 1. I am curious how long it will take to start seeing the scale go down more. Obviously my eating plan will keep me losing weight but I should start seeing bigger results with this smoothie right!? Catherine, I am wanting to lose about 15 lbs.

Did you stick to this along with what other meals? Did they have to be just protein? I can only find native forest coconut milk in cans. Is this what you use? I noticed you talk about bpa free containers and I thought bpa was plastic…. Hey Catherine, I absolutely love your push for all organic ingredients! I did have a question about your smoothie though, do you think it would be ok if i went half coconut milk and half organic milk?

Its from grass-fed cattle and is non-homogenized and boiled for as short of a time allowed by the FDA. Do you think i would still get the good effects of the coconut milk from doing 4 oz of coconut milk and half organic milk? Am trying to loss my baby fat as well.. And the smoothie thing sounds good.. Everything I did I outlined here, in this ebook- http: Hi Catherine, I just found this on pinterset and tried it straight away… I have an egg allergy so I used my regular protein powder, and did not have coconut milk so I used organic soy.

It was delicious and very creamy and so far filling. And by coconut milk, she is talking about the canned kind not the so delicious brand milk replacement type!

Love it and use it all the time. The texture is really thick and is more ice creamy. Did you by any chance find that you gained weight before losing it with this smoothie? How many meals did you replace with this smoothie? Thank you and I am super excited to try this but must admit, I am nervous about the raw eggs: I was wondering must all ingredients be organic or will it work the same with non organic berries, bananas and eggs?

I understand it is healther but does it really make that big of a difference? If I leave out the banana what fruit would be the next best substitute. Thank you for this recipe! It is now my absolute favorite go-to recipe! I used blueberries instead of strawberries! Then I tried mango instead of strawberries! It tastes like a pina colada. I also have had 3 babies in 3 years our youngest is 2 months and I am just starting my explorations into herbalism.

I repined this recipe without reading it and once I did I was nervous about the egg! I took the plunge this morning and made it, much to my surprise it is yummy! My organic eggs are from Costco and says they are cage free so hopefully they are fine. My question though is that my coconut oil chunked up because of the frozen fruits…anyway to avoid this? Hi there How in the world do you blend it enough to not have chunks of coconut oil in there?: I have been buying the native forest canned unsweetened organic coconut milk, classic.

I noticed a different brand available on amazon. Should I stick with the native forest cans? Thank you Catherine for taking the time to share! I had no reservations regarding the fat — completely get the healthy fat and it better have enough calories to keep me satisfied and enough energy for my active lifestyle — I absolutely love coconut — so this was a win for me from the start!

I bought enough of everything to have for lunch for 6 days at work, and after the first 2 days, I lost 5 pounds! My weight had plateaued for weeks, and this did the trick to get me started again! It kept me full for 7 — 8 hours! With my quick results, I even have a few work associates willing to give it a try! I am looking forward to reading your book! I have tried coconut oil in smoothies as well but even at room temp. I end eating coconut oil chunks in my smoothie. Even if I heat it first it turns right back to solid as soon as it is room temp.

How do you keep your liquid or do you? Heather, I melt my coconut oil and slowly drizzle it into my smoothies while it whips. Thanks so much for this smoothie idea! Is there anything I can substitute for the egg. I should point out that I stopped eating eggs a couple of years ago after getting sick from eating some I got at the grocery store. Can you recommend a good substitute for the eggs. Hi, Breakfast has always been my downfall! When I was young I had stomach issues and could rarely bare to see food before 10 am, by then I would be in school and need to wait until lunch to eat.

I was a little apprehensive when I saw raw eggs always been a turn off for me. However, getting healthy for me is about getting out of my comfort zone, so I ate it and loved it. I used Soy milk because I had it on hand the first time, but have used coconut since.

Would you recommend this? I bought some organic ones to start the smoothies and this morning I took them out and of course the color changed and they were definitely frozen!! Is this the correct way? Can I keep them in the freezer? I put them in the freezer, whole, just peel first and they give a wonderful frothy texture to the smoothie! I love the smoothie the only concern I have Is the bananas have to be frozen?? I use organic But not frozen does it make a difrence?? I have bought some organic coconut oil and have been incoorperating it into our diet.

Does it stay smooth, or get thick and lumpy? I was just wondering if you ever broke this down to see what the carbs, fiber, fat etc. Hi Catherine, I was wondering if you could help me with something. Did you ever do Phase 1 while breastfeeding? Do you think it is unsafe due to toxins being released? We have been eating some organic, but we eat out, too… Thanks for your input! I found your recipie on Pinterest and since I recently learned about the possitive properties of coconut oil, I decided to try the smoothie.

And that it helps with weight loss is also a very big bonus! I gained 15 kg! I tried the smoothie today and is delicious! This sounds SO good! Great job on your weight loss! Just 8 lbs to go! What kind of coconut milk is this? Is it the creamy coconut milk in the cans or the type that comes in a carton like almond milk? For anybody who was having the same problem as me…adding a little hot water to the mixture before adding the frozen banana will help the coconut oil to to dissolve, so you wount have those little hard coconut oil chunks.

What coconut oil are you using? The first time I made this smoothie I used what I had on hand which was the Louana brand coconut oil. I am now using an organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. It does not chunk up at all…. I do melt my oild prior to adding it to the blender! If I get anywhere near an egg so I can smell it I can eat the food, I will throw up.

However if it is cooked or blended into the food I am perfectly fine. Can you taste the eggs in this recipe? I have a tree nut, peanut and soy allergies. Because it comes from the palm tree family. I think organic may be more dangerous bc its closer to the natural state. I am getting sick of tomato sauce so I am eating curry with string beans, whole wheat pasta, a small bit of lean beef, and mushrooms.

Where does all the saturated fat in the coconut milk go? How does it not get stored in my waistline? How does it cause the loss of weight? The Medium Chain Fatty Acids in coconut oil are very different than polyunsaturated oils, which get stored in fat tissue. So what are the saturated and unsaturated fats that cause weight gain? What foods are they in? What foods with fat are good with weight loss? I am going to make a guess, fatty salmon, nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut are good fats, am I right?

What other food contains this good fat? So are all the bad fats just animal fats pork beef chicken , processed fats, and deep fried?

Is the fat in eggs good or bad? I have to rephrase the first question, are monounsaturated fats weight gainers too or no? What foods are the weight gaining polyunsaturated fats in? Mallory, typical vegetable oils like olive oil, canola, etc are culprits for weight gain!

I have been making it for a few weeks now. I went to Costco and saw some organic cold unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil so I bought that. The first time I used it I noticed a huge difference from the Louana brand….. I am wondering if the Louana is even really coconut oil!

I started using the new oil and it made a big difference in the smoothie! It tasted fine but I knew it was not the right milk and did not like the additives in the milk. After seeing you say the milk is in a can I went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought a couple of cans. What a difference the right coconut milk makes! I am slightly concerned with the fat content but I trust in what you are saying and I too did lose 50lbs after my 2nd child was born without ever counting calories….

Instead of raw eggs is there a substitute? Would you be able to use flaxseed meal or something like that, would it still be a weight loss smoothie?

Also does it have to be virgin coconut oil, can you use just coconut oil? Hi catherine So I have 2 kids my youngest one is 4 months! And can I skip the raw egg? I so scare to drink raw egg. Anyway, we have protein powder to cover all those areas and no worries ;. I have a question in regards to sugar. I have insulin resistance, and need to keep my sugar intake down. Berries and bananas are high on the glycemic index. Also, I will try the raw eggs, but could I eat an organic hard boiled eggs along with the smoothie?

I look forward to reading your book. I ran across your pin on Pinterest. Bless you and thanks for reading!! I have diverticulitis and cannot have the seeds that are in berries, can I use mango, peaches, apples, spinach or some other type of fruit? Your smoothie might be good for weight loss but it does have over calories in it. That is quite a bit.

To those comparing calories…. Not organic but its non-gmo. Is it ok to switch the berries for maybe pineapple? Although I love berries i find them so hard in smoothies because of all the seeds. And can i leave out the banana or is that really a good part?

I just wanted to know if you have the amount of calories this shake would be off hand? I do count my calorie intake daily, but I really want to try this shake! I did make some minor adjustments to suit my needs. So, I used flax seed and protein powder. I also added a handful of my dehydrated kale. This is now my go-to morning breakfast! Hello, Which Native Forest Organic milk do you use? I went to Amazon to look for it and there were several types.

Also I know organic is better because of toxins and synthetic ingredients and such but it is very expensive. Would you still lose weight using non-organic coconut milk in cartons. I realize it may not taste as good or be as healthy overall but I am really just concerned with the weight loss. Thanks for all your great info. This is the coconut milk I use: I drank my first smoothie this morning and it did keep me from being hungry until mid afternoon, my blood sugars did just fine and the only addition i made to my smoothie this morning was to add a little sweetener to it.

Catherine, Would you recommend substituting a meal with this shake for mothers that are breastfeeding? Yes you sure could Kristie!! I love coconut milk and will absolutely try this smoothie, but with protein powder instead. There is only one thing though, I get so very nauseous and queezy from coconut oil. Have tried it many times and have had to stop using it. Will it be just as beneficial for weight loss without the coconut oil? What do you think?

I have been drinking this smoothie for a week now and have even gotten my husband to start drinking it as well. I ve been buying the Native brand coconut milk. I know that the fat in coconut milk is not bad fat, but I was curious if you tried or what you thought of using the Light coconut milk by native?

Would using the light not make a difference for weight loss? Does the banana add any nutritious value? Im not a big fan of drinking my bananas, can i leave it out? Coconut manna is basically whole coconut, so it will be different than the oil. Are you able to pre-make this smoothie and take it to work if kept in he freezer or fridge? Hi, I just ran across this via Pinterest. Congrats on your progress.

I need to lose some baby weight as well. What do you eat for dinner and do you snack? For dinner I love a salad, meat, and some veggies. I actually half this recipe and have it for breakfast almost every day.

I toss in a bit of cocoa and some leafy greens as well. I do currently count calories because I feel it is teaching me a lot about food, but do not plan to do so forever. Anyway, at a half size it is a little over calories. I am so full after my half recipe…and for hours! I love it because it helps my cravings by keeping me satisfied, then I can eat a good, healthy lunch, instead of a ravenous, eat everything in sight lunch!

Definitely a keeper for me! Ok, I have a dumb question. So if the can of coconut milk is 13oz do you pour out 8oz and save the rest for the next days lunch?? Do you store it in the fridge? Not a dumb question at all Michelle!! Any substitutions for coconut though? This sounds really good but it has calories and almost 74 grams of fat. That seems way too high to be a weight loss smoothie. Can they be made ahead for the week?

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