How does the Respiratory System Work?

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Nucleotides: Part of the Structure of DNA

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Get the plugin now. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. To view this presentation, you'll need to enable Flash. Show me how After you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play. View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Ciliated cuboidal cell clora cell L. Alveolar sacs are disintended space Elastic fibre?

Encircles tube From trachea? Fxn Provide semirigid support so that tracheal wall does not collapsed inward. These branchioles serve as areas of transition between conducting and respiratory portions.

Elastic fibres enable the alveoli to expand with inspiration and to contract with expiration Reticular fibre serve as a walls that prevents over distention and damage to capillaries and thin alveolar duct.

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And their quality is top notch. Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint - Beautifully designed chart and diagram s for PowerPoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects. In response, a camel trade network has evolved that covers about km, involves more than six ethnic groups, and is served by 24 markets An Overview; Shifing Attitudes: Camel Milk Chapters include: The preservation of the product is obtained mainly through lactic acidification and limited dehydration Dental Anatomy of Llamas " An interesting aspect of llama dentition is the presence of fighting teeth or fangs.

These are modified canine and incisor teeth Induction of superovulation in South American camelids; Embryo transfer in domestic South American camelids; In vitro production of embryos in South American camelids; etc Formerly Alpaca Registry, Inc. Variation in animal fleeces; Variation due to position in alpaca fleeces; Sampling methods; etc Llama Reference Guides include " With the Alpaca Breeding Color Calculator the results " Alpaca Cria Due Date Calculator " Gestation is approximately to days.

Due date based on day gestation Examples of "Alpaca Shearing" Lessons include " The Joy of Handspinning " How to breed for a superior Paco-Vicuña; Classification Chart: Livestock Databases, Calculators, Spreadsheets, etc.

The buffalo Bubalus bubalis is an important contributor to milk, meat, power, fuel and leather production in many developing countries. Buffaloes can be categorized into Asian and Mediterranean buffaloes. Asian buffalo includes two subspecies known as Riverine and Swamp types. Riverine water buffalo and Swamp buffaloes possess different genetics Bison Marketing and Economics; etc Examples of "Bison" Subject Categories include " Bison Patures and Grazing Management " This publication will discuss forage selection and pasture management information specific to bison, taking into account factors unique to this animal and industry Schilhorn van Veen, G.

Reproduction, Bovine Theriogenology, Estrus Synchronization, etc. Florida Cracker Cattle Rare Breed: Examples of "Anatomy of the Carcass" Course Lessons include " Dairy Cattle Exam " Examine the head for symmetry, and observe head position and any cranial nerve deficits.

Assess body condition from the rear and observe the abdomen for contour and distention The first procedure is to obtain a urine sample; The second prodedure is to insert the thermometer. The pulse can also be taken at this point; Next is the visualization of the vulvar mucous membranes Lyle Theriogenology , D.

History; Visual examination; Rectal palpation; Palpable changes in normal cycling cow; Ultrasound examination; Vaginal examination; etc The Golden Rules of Rectal Pregnancy Exam; Technique of pregnancy diagnosis by rectal palpation of a retractable uterus; Technique for pregnancy diagnosis by rectal palpation of a non retractable uterus; Estimation of stage of pregnancy by rectal palpation; etc Beef Cattle Reference Guides include " The purpose of this program is to aid in the interpretation of the normal and abnormal electrocardiogram ECG of various veterinary species under anesthesia Hematology Reference Intervals include: Routine Hemogram Reference Intervals: Examples of "Bovine Disease" Sections include " Diseases Images; Vaccine Products; etc Each "Cattle Disease" includes " Johne's pronounced "Yo-nees" Disease " Examples of "Ruminant Cardiopulmonary Diseases" Lessons include " Aging Beef Cattle Video " Examples of "Castration of Calves" Sections include " Beef Ultrasound Lessons include: Acceptable Scanning Ages; Scanning Information; etc Powell Extension Veterinarian , S.

Injection Methods for Beef Lessons include " Research indicates that there is a strong link between the body condition of a cow and her reproductive performance. The percentage of open cows, calving interval, and calf vigor at birth are all closely related to the body condition of cows both at calving and during the breeding season.

All these factors play an important role in the economics of a beef cow-calf operation and help determine the percentage of viable calves each year Herd Professor Emeritus and L. Frame Scores and Feeder Cattle Grades " Frame scores are classifications of skeletal size. Skeletal size indicates mature proportions and subsequently cattle growth patterns Examples of "Udder Scoring" Technical Publications include " Udder quality represents one of the most important convenience traits in commercial beef production Beef Cattle Herd Management Calendar " The beef production calendar is a management tool for producers to help them in scheduling practices pertaining to the cow herd over a 12 month period Lectures, Publications, Handbooks, etc.

It is based in Australia, with clients worldwide Examples of "Breeding Systems" Subject Categories include " Crossbreeding Heterosis; Breed Combination; Complementarity. Types of Breeding Systems " Efficiencies of Breeding Systems; etc Crossbreeding Systems for Beef Cattle " Crossbreeding offers two primary advantages: When the performance of crossbred offspring exceeds the performance of the purebred parents, the difference is called heterosis Matching Systems with Situations; etc What Determines the Level of Heterosis?

Comparison of Crossbreeding Programs; etc A knowledge of the genetic aspects of hair color, and experience, allows one to predict with some degree of accuracy the color pattern to expect among calves when crossing breeds Basic body colors of cattle and the breeds identified with those colors; Expected color patterns when crossing breeds of various colors; Expected offspring color patterns from a three-way cross using the F1 cow ; Breeds which commonly leave specific color markings suggesting their presence in crossbred calves; etc.

Courses, Publications, Technical Reports, etc. Patterson and William O. Pelvic Measurements and Calving Difficulty " Examples of "Bovine Theriogenology" Course Chapters include " Anestrus; Bovine Abortion; etc Focus on Estrus Synchronization" " The largest cause of reproductive loss in beef herds is that cows fail to become pregnant during the breeding season.

Heifers and cows fail to become pregnant because Focus on Estrus Synchronization" Courses include " Cattle Breeding Support Service " GYUHO SaaS detects estrous signs from changes in the step count data, by utilizing the behavioral characteristics of cattle.

It is a service that supports a high conception rate. It can help efficient farm management by reducing opportunities lost due to missed estrus Sends an alert mail when estrus signs are detected; " Estrus, insemination timing, conception situation, diseases, etc.

The Internet of Cows: Azure-powered pedometers get dairies mooovin' " Cloud data tracking helps farmers track when cows are in heat, monitor health The time and movement data can help farmers not only track the general health of cattle, but can also help track when cows are going into estrus a condition more commonly known as "heat" Fujitsu built the data analytics for GyuHo which is Japanese for "cow step" in the Azure cloud.

Using Azure machine learning logic, the software-as-a-service application can detect spikes in movement activity at night that are an indicator that a cow is going into estrus and is ready for artificial insemination Semen Collection from Bulls " A large majority of dairy cows in the US, Canada and European countries are artificially inseminated.

Artificial insemination of beef cows is also popular, particularly in purebred herds. T he advantage of AI over natural service is that it facilitates rapid genetic improvement by allowing use of only the top bulls The objective of this publication is to provide basic market, production, and financial information on a cattle backgrounding enterprise. Example budgets are provided to assist individuals in assessing the economic opportunity for establishing a cattle backgrounding enterprise Beef Cattle Mineral Nutrition " Minerals are very important for normal bodily function and physiological processes such as lactation and reproduction.

Producers need to pay attention to dietary levels and the animal's requirements to meet their herd's needs cost effectively Mineral Supplements for Beef Cattle " Beef cattle require a number of dietary mineral elements for normal bodily maintenance, growth, and reproduction Functions of minerals; Animal requirements Mineral requirements and maximum tolerable levels for beef cattle; Source, empirical formulas, mineral concentrations and relative bioavailabilities of common mineral sources; Composition of mineral supplements; etc.

Click on BIF Guidelines. Breeding Herd Evaluation; Calving difficulty or ease scores; Disposal codes: Animal Evaluation; Chapter 4: National Cattle Evaluation; etc. Examples of "The Tennessee Cattle Lane: We believe that these practices potentially will help the producer's bottom-line and will aid in the production of high quality and safe beef products for the consumer Examples of "Beef Cattle" Subject Categories include " Freeze Branding Cattle " When super-cold or chilled branding irons are applied to the hide of the animal, the pigment-producing cells are destroyed or altered Physical description; Three-piece horse and cattle brand series; Crossbranding; Positions for branding horses and cattle; etc Guide to Evaluation of Slaughter Cattle " Standards for Grades of Feeder Cattle Sections include " Bovine Myology Lessons include " Where the Development of Meat Starts; Myogenesis: Clinical Examination of the Fresh Cows " The purpose of this presentation is to train the person s working with fresh cows to accurately detect, effectively treat and record 8 important conditions that occur commonly in this group of cows.

Dairy Cow Reference Guides include " Dairy Cattle Nutrition, Mineral Supplements, etc. For more information see Dairy ; Penn State Extension: Examples of "Castration of Calves" Subject Categories include " Click on Clinical Info. Dairy Herd Vaccination Program includes: Dairy Cattle Vaccination Guidelines include " Killed inactivated vaccines KV vs Modified-live vaccines MLV ; Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of modified-live and killed inactivated vaccines; Recommended vaccination schedule for dairy heifers from birth to 6 months of age; Recommended vaccination schedule for heifers pre-breeding to calving; Recommended vaccination schedule for adult dairy cattle; Recommended vaccination schedule for dairy herd bulls; etc Examples of "Injection Methods" Subject Categories include " Browse Down to "Body Condition Scoring".

Body Condition Scores " Condition scores can be used on both heifers and cows, although primarily they are used on the lactating dairy herd. Essentially, body condition scoring provides an objective indication of the amount of fat cover on a dairy cow Dairy Cattle Tattooing Procedures include " Clean Ear With Alcohol; Step 2.

Types of Ink; Step 3. Applying the Ink; Step 4. In the dairy industry, where the primary revenue source is milk production and sale, calf delivery and newborn calf management are undervalued as areas of concern. The problem of dystocia has been almost ignored Examples of "Dairy Cattle" Subject Categories include " Galactopoeisis is the maintenance of lactation once lactation has been established.

Two key interrelated components contribute to the maintenance of lactation, galactopoietic hormones and removal of accumulated milk. Because of the importance of galactopoietic hormones in milk production, sometimes the word galactopoiesis also is used to indicate enhancement of lactation, especially in dairy animals Milk Composition and Characteristics; Milk Components For more information see Walter L.

Milking Systems; Robotic Milking Systems; etc. Forage Harvesting Systems, etc Multimedia Milk Quality Program: Examples of "Milk Quality" Subject Categories include " It focuses on the biological, chemical, physical, and microbiological aspects of milk itself, and on the technological processing aspects of the transformation of milk into its various consumer products Milk Lipids; Milk Proteins; etc Density; Viscosity; Freezing Point; etc How Old is My Deer includes: Examples of Deer Farmers Handbook Chapters include " Kime, extension associate in agricultural economics; Jayson K.

Morton, Illustrated by S. Parasitology of Reindeer Parasites; Internal Parasites; etc. List of Figures Skeleton of the reindeer; Structure of the lungs; Ruminant stomach of the reindeer; Female urogenital system in reindeer; Male urogenital system in reindeer; etc For "Reindeer Reproduction" see " Length of estrous cycle for various livestock species raised in Alaska; Table 2.

Type of estrous cycle and time of year of the breeding season if the species is seasonal breeder; Table 3. Length of gestation for livestock species raised in Alaska; Table 4. Time of ovulation and suggested time of mating for several species Kime, senior extension associate; Robert S. Examples of "Elk Production" Guide Sections include " Ground Level Elk Handling Facilities " The following drawings and designs describe an approach to handling elk.

Construction suggestions and operational tips of the system are included For "Muskox" Reproduction see " Yak in Bhutan; etc. Shell Egg Grades and Standards U. The Poultry Page is " An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry, including photos, video and information about various breeds of fowl, such as chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, and turkeys Shell Egg Grades and Standards include " Grades of Shell Eggs; U. Trade Descriptions for Poultry U. Trade Descriptions for Poultry " The purpose of this standard is to facilitate trade at the wholesale level by better communicating product and packaging specifications for raw poultry products among buyers, producers, and traders.

The trade descriptions pro- vide concise word and picture descriptions of product composition and define a coding system to precisely specify product and packaging characteristics Click on "Heart Rates".

Poultry Medicine Clinical Cases; etc Each "Poultry Diseases" includes " Includes over "" Poultry Disease Technical Reports. Each "Poultry Disease" Technical Report includes " Poultry Vaccination Schedules include Vaccination Schedules for " Examples of "Poultry Vaccination" Sections include " Handling vaccines on the farm; etc New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, Examples of "Poultry Science" Subject Categories include " Total incubation time to hatch, time for transfer to hatcher, and dry and wet bulb temperatures for common birds.

Growing Your Range Poultry Business: Raising Birds on Pasture; etc Examples of "Ornithology" Course Chapters include " The goals include and increased understanding of the process of gathering scientific data and the opportuinty to interacti with scientists from several disciplines The day Chick Lifecycle Ratites: