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Will continue to use! A car on a sunny day? This time I stirred really well. After reading more about the Apollo Protein Shakes, I decided to give it a try. Where can you buy the vita fibre in Australia.

If Your Homemade Greek Yogurt Doesn’t Thicken

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You have a window of about two hours to aid muscle recovery, so this is the time to get the protein in! Most of us have our protein-heavy meal in the evening, so if you are a morning gym bunny rather than a post work gym-goer, switching this habit around would help you get the most from your workout and reduce muscle soreness.

Hydration also goes without saying, but unless your workout exceeds an hour, water will suffice until you have finished your workout. Because I do my exercise in the mornings, I have a couple of go-to smoothie recipes that I can quickly make up for a breakfast after a run. My favourite is this banana, peanut butter and chia seed smoothie, the recipe for which is below.

As ever, remember that a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will play a massive role in keeping your whole body in tip-top condition — these tips are specifically for all you super-sporty foodies who may require a little extra of the good stuff.

Rozzie is a nutritionist in Jamie's food team, but her university degree also qualified her in sports and exercise science.

Sport along with food is one of the loves of her life, and she is a self-confessed exercise junkie and running addict. Despite being a nutritionist, Rozzie also has a not-so-secret addiction to baking and chocolate, and loves combining her nutrition and baking knowledge to experiment with speciality recipes. Add ingredients to the blender with the banana and blend on high about one minute until smooth.

To use tofu, simply take it out of the refrigerator and remove it from the packaging. Celebrate the health benefits. This shake yields about 17 grams of protein and is also a good source of Vitamin A and C as well as high in calcium and iron. The nut shake is the best because it is simple to make and full of natural proteins. It also doesn't contain soy which can be full of GMOs unless otherwise noted. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Not Helpful 1 Helpful 7.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. You can use chia seeds instead, which have a roughly equivalent amount of protein compared to hemp seeds. What else can be used instead of soy milk and any other milk products? There are plenty of milk alternatives available now. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. It is exceptional if you do; almond and soy are of the same category, but almond is also good for your bones. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 8. Yes; this is a personal taste and allergy based choice.

Soy tends to be healthier overall, when all nutrients and fat are taken into account. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 5. You could use pumpkin seeds as they're full of protein or use sunflower, linseeds, or sesame seeds.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Probably before, though there's nothing wrong with drinking it after either. It will be most effective if you drink it before. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. There are no real substitutes, but varying on texture and other properties, you may be able to use mushrooms and beans. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How many calories are in one cup of the nut shake? Answer this question Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips Use a blender that is high quality and will mix your shakes well. Lots of protein by itself is not necessarily good for you. If you are consuming a large amount of protein, it should be coupled with regular exercise. Consider altering some ingredients if you don't like the taste of the shake. These recipes are just suggestions, and most of the ingredients can be changed with something more suitable to your liking.

With refrigeration, it thickens further. Cheesecloth is meant to be doubled or tripled for culinary usage. And rinse with baking soda and hot water.

Thanks for clarifying Greek yogurt is not a particular milk. It is even more nutritious than the yogurt. I used to make yogurt years ago with a salton yogurt maker. This was so easy. I boiled them first in some water with baking soda and dried them overnight.

I even shared some whey with my dog Hoover and she loved it! This is a great recipe, Eliza! I followed your instructions and it came out great. It tastes and looks like whip cream and needs no sugar it is so creamy and rich!

Thanks for the fantastic, detailed instructions! Did you know that if you leave the yogurt on your kitchen counter for 3 or 4 hours you get homemade cream cheese? Its an excellent source of probiotic cultures and has a nice tangy taste. Just let your Greek yogurt sit longer!

I had one unsuccessful try with another recipe. Now tried yours and it looks way better. I will be having it for breakfast tomorrow morning. I wanted it to be really thick and it seems I achieved this. It is still dropping whey 1 Liter already from a batch made with 2 liters of milk. Also the towel covering it to keep it warm. If I read the directions corretly, you just have to heat the oven to about Hope this helps with your circumstances!!

Thank you so much for the recipe. I do this because…. It keeps me from purchasing 52 plastic containers a year!!!! I hated reading that update you had. I have a problem. Can you believe that? Our litigious society is a disgrace.

Do you have any suggestions? I have totally forgotten to warm the oven before putting the bowl in it. Leaving the light on seemed to be enough. Check the temp of the oven when the light is on.

OR, heat it to the minimum temp, and then let it cool off a bit before putting the bowl in. Can I just put the mixture outside instead of trying to get the oven temp just right? Stay cool and thanks for getting in touch. It was great to only use 1 bowl for the whole procedure!!

So I opted out for heating it in the microwave to mine took abt 20 min. After cooling down in the fridge for 3 hrs. I stirred some of the liquid whey that had collected back into they yogurt before I strained it for greek-style yogurt. Was that okay to stir in the whey? One more FYI that might be helpful to your readers. Check it our with your doctor!! Thanks for the awesome recipe. I just wanted to add that I used a small cooler the type people use for lunch as an incubator and it worked too.

Perhaps it was originally a way to preserve milk during the warm months of the year, in which case they could have left it out in the sun? Any low-tech ideas of how this could have been achieved? I came across your recipe and decided to give a try. I live in China now and Greek yoghurt is not readily available at the supermarkets.

I followed your exact instructions and blanketed my bowl of milk with a warming pad. Thank you so much. Thanks for posting this recipe! This was very successful for me, thanks! Placed it in the fridge before going to work; came home, strained thru 2 layers of cheesecloth ran out and am so pleased with the end result.

Julia, thanks for letting us know how you made up for the shortened time. Can anyone tell me how to calculate the nutrition information for this yogurt? Would it be the same as what Fage lists on their Nutrition Facts panel on the yogurt cup? I use calorie tracking software so I want to be as accurate as possible, especially regarding the calories and protein content. Also, what is the best container for storing the completed yogurt?

The variable is how much whey you end up straining out, but I bet it would be very close. I like to store the finished yogurt in a glass or ceramic dish with a tight-fitting lid. Good luck, and let us know how your yogurt turns out! For straining, I use birdseye cloth diapers Gerber. They are thicker than what passes as cheesecloth in stores now, and handle washing well so they can be used over and over. Hi, I, too, make my own yogurt occasionally using the slow cooker method. To make greek-style yogurt, I strain the finished yogurt using a coffee paper filter.

I place a coffee paper filter over the holes on a steamer casserole, then pour my yogurt on it. The whey will drip to the bottom casserole. I usually do it overnight in the fridge.

By morning I have a thick yogurt. You can always add back some of the whey if it is too thick for your liking or you can make yogurt cheese with thick yogurt. Thanks so much for these tips about using whey, Laiza. I freeze the leftover whey and add it to the dough when I make homemade pizza.

Turn your kitchen into a microbiology […]. LikeBe the first to like this. Worked out great for me! Either way, it turned out great and it is a heck of a lot more frugal doing the work yourself.

Such a simple way to make yogurt! Thanks for the great recipe Eliza! Thanks for taking the time to post your comment and let us know about your success with the recipe — makes me happy. I used a stainless pot to heat the 2 percent milk, let it cool to degrees and THEN put in the Activia yogurt and set it into an igloo cooler to rest overnight.

Used a wire meat thermometer and by morning the temp was at 98 degrees. Comes out as thick as cream cheese. The recipe works but whenever i try to use the result as a starter for the next batch it doesnt turn out.

Cass, you might try freezing a little of the yogurt when you first make it, and then thawing right before adding it to the next batch. I am Greek and grew up in Chicago.

The school I went to belonged to the church and was right next to the church. Half of the day in Greek and half in English. When my mother made Yogurt she always would use a white pillow case. In the last part of making her yogurt she would pour it in the pillow case and let drip over the sink. My mother learned from her mother and so on.

I visited a relative in a small village in Greece and that is how she made her yogurt and she made yogurt every day. My favorite Yogurt is Fage and I am eating some now. Fage is the Greek word for eat.

I have pleasant memories of sitting on the balcony i Athens eating Fage yogurt. I have heard of Greek style so I found this and gave it a try.

I had planned carefully and then got called to work unexpectedly. I was able to continue with the recipe and it was the BEST ever!!! The 2nd batch I left in for 14 and drained more whey off than the 1st batch.

Still good but not as. I never flavor it, just add fresh fruit and granola. This is so easy, thanks!!

I do think it takes some experimentation to find out exactly what method works. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I make two gallons at a time and after 18 gallons of success, I am very happy with the whole process.

For filtering the whey, use a white dinner napkin or pillow case material works well. I like it thick so I will occasionally scrape the thicker yogurt from the material so more whey can pass through. Eliza, keep doing whatever it is that makes you so sweet! Flattery will get you everywhere — ha! Thanks for sharing your tips, too, Lance. Great method — so simple! I have a YoGourmet yogurt maker that I received as a gift, but will share this method with my daughter.

My yogurt maker came with a straining bag made from unbleached muslin. This can be reused pretty much forever, I think! Do you have an insulated cooler? This will add a little more protein, which can help thicken the yogurt. Good luck and I hope you find the set-up that works for you and produces better results.

I had to add about a cup of milk back in just to make it creamy. I use a yogurt-cheese bag rather than a cheesecloth which is super fine explains why one hour the first time gave me cheese. I have an old gas oven with no light and my warm setting runs between and When my oven is off it runs between 70 and 80 degrees.

Do you have any suggestions as to how i can create a firmer yogurt? Both times in was incubating for hours. It seemed simple enough, so I decided to try it out a couple nights ago. It turned out thick and […]. I got a little nervous about my oven staying warm enough, so after an hour and half, i did turn the oven back on to for just a minute, and turned it off again.

I kept it in the oven for 7. After straining according to the recipe, it came out thick and creamy, hubby and I are VERY happy with the results! Thank you for this recipe, I found it the most informative recipe of the ones I looked up. My first batch wasted the milk, because my oven did not keep it warm enough. After that, I heated up three separate batches of water and tried 3 alternate methods for keeping the water at degrees crockpot, heating pad, and thermos.

In this way, I was able to discover that for me only the thermos reliably kept the water at a consistent temperature. Hope this helps some folks save them a first time failure! Thanks again for the detailed instructions! I make it both ways. I attempted the first time to make it and nothing happened and then I noticed that the yogurt was at the bottom of the bowl after 8 hours and since the milk had not turned sour and used the same milk the next day and really mixed it well with the yogurt mix and it turned out amazing.

I put frozen fruit, Splenda and a little SF blueberry sauce in my little container to bring to work today and am so looking forward to this. I am supposed to lose my 10 year job next Friday and this will help me so much. Thanks for such an awesome site. My family likes vanilla flavored yogurt with a sweetness to it.

Can I add this and a little sugar with the yogurt starter? Regina, I would add the vanilla paste and sweetener to the final product, not to the starter. I came across your recipe for greek yogurt while seaching the web to find out why greek yogurt had so much more protein in it than regular.

I also have a protein drink from FirstFitness Nutrition that I am going to try to make yogurt with. I am really excited to taste the results. I made this yesterday night and and did everything but replaced the milk with soy milk and place it into a homemade warm water incubator, but when i opened it this morning, approx 12 hours, the whole thing completely separated!

About ml of yellow clear liquid at the bottom and a whole curd of totally holey piece at the top, like a very wet bread batter.

It smelled okay, but looks absolutely weird and i just put it into the fridge… Any advice? That must have been disappointing. Thank you so much for sharing this simple easy to follow recipe. Trying it tonight after a friend share some of their home Greek style yogurt. Hope mine turns out good.

I thought the more I used the thicker it would be…. What I have been doing in the past is leaving it in the pot too cool down instead of pouring it into a bowl. Could this be the problem? You may be right. Changed brands and now have success again. I have made 4 batches in a row and they have all gone bad, very lumpy. I have made this yogurt many times with great success, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong now. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I generally put mine near the wood burning stove not on the stove and it comes out great everytime. Thanks for sharing this, Claudia — a great tip, especially for people tapping into the warmth of a wood-burning stove.

Also, I found that although cheesecloth can be reused, I find that it lets through some of the yogurt after 3 uses.

It was tart, but added a bit of vanilla and some honey. One child tried it and loved it — hope to get all hooked. Hope this helps, and thanks for your comment!

Coffee filters work well for straining yogurt. If you can obtain some comercial size filters, even better. I make batches of Greek Yogurt a week, and I prefer the Organic milk although regular Pasturized milk works well, too. I do rinse out my cheesecloth, hang it over my shower rod to dry and use it again and again.

Thank you for a great way to make Homemade Greek Yogurt! I appreciate your sharing your own results and method, Mary — great to know about the cheesecloth! Be careful reusing cheesecloth, which is not really meant for multiple usage. Muslin lasts for years, is relatively inexpensive and is safe and easy to care for. Easier and cheaper for you and better for the environment; the muslin I use is even organic! Muslin is sold for making light clothing, theatre backdrops, etc.

Thank you so much! Adding to my list of things to learn to make. Very exciting because I love yogurt! So when I saw this recipe online for making your own homemade greek yogurt from scratch…I got a little excited!

Thanks for your great recipe. Two questions, have you tried making yogurt with goats milk? Have you ever used a small amount of sugar in the mixture? I made my own and ate it with fresh fruit throughout my pregnancy. Straining, while a good way to thicken, lessens the quantity of your batch. Thank you for taking the time to share this recipe Eliza. To share my experience for the next person, I heated the milk on the stove in a pot, stirring constantly, and reached in about 45 minutes.

Left in an open wide casserole dish, the milk cooled to in less than 30 minutes. I left it in the oven for just over 8 hours and it came out with a nice consistency though next time I will leave it in for 9 hours to make it a little thicker.

Cooled for over 6 hours was out running errands and then strained for an hour using a bowl, a regular colander and a thin clean! Hi, I just made my first greek yogurt and it turned out pretty good in texture but with a tiny acid flavor, whatc could go wrong?

It was 12 hours inside a box which was inside another box i put cartoon newspaper and things like that in between the boxes I covered everything with a big blanket and put it inside the oven, but turned off. Did you preheat the oven a bit and leave your oven light on? Differences in milk can also cause variations in taste, so you might experiment with a different brand.

You could also add a little nonfat dried milk to increase the protein level in the yogurt which might help it be less acidic. Good luck and let us know how your next batch turns out!

It makes 1 litre about a quart of unstrained yoghurt and has been designed so that the given amount of boiling water 1. The Easiyo system expects you to buy their fruit-flavoured and sugared packs of milk powder and starter culture for each batch, but, like everyone else here, I use my favorite live culture yoghurt as a starter and then reuse my yoghurt as a starter for five our six batches before I buy a new lot.

I simply pour room-temperature milk into the jar, add the mother culture, put the jar into the boiling water inside the insulated container, and leave it for six hours. Then I refrigerate it. I find that the yoghurt gets thicker in the refrigerator so I do this before straining to the required thickness.

To strain I use a piece of well-washed fine weave cotton sheet placed inside a sieve over a jug. I turn a flap of spare clothe over the top to avoid microbial or fungal contamination. I sterilize my containers and utensils, but the milk has already been sterilized by pasturization.

It was also non-homogonised, so all those tiny natural globules of milk fat resulted in a grainy textured yoghurt. I was interested in making my own yogurt and found your site. Followed your directions and now have a beautiful container of homemade yogurt that I can control what else goes in it. Thank you very much for posting the information you did. It made it much easier for me to understand and do.

Anyway, I tried to find a definitive answer to your question and I came up with these two facts: The active culture stays live for about two weeks, so the sooner you eat the yogurt, the better.

Question in the last step of straining the yogurt: After the first strain through cheesecloth, it says to put the bowl back in the fridge and then restrain. Do you pour the yogurt that has been strained back into the bowl, after dummping the whey, and then re-strain through the same cheesecloth or do you need to line the strainer with a new set of cheesecloth?

Lauren, I just pour the whey out of the bowl but leave the yogurt in the cheesecloth-lined strainer. Then put the whole set-up back in the fridge, where some more of the liquid will drain off into the bowl. Hope this helps, and good luck! I hope you have better results with your next batch. My son taught me how to make yogurt, without a thermometer. We heat the milk on low till it starts to steam, never letting it boil.

Remove from the heat, and let it cool till you can stick your finger in and leave it there for 8 seconds.

At that time I add the starter. I then put it in a quart size mason jar, and wrap it in a down comforter overnight. In the morning I refrigerate it, and once cooled, strain it through a coffee filter in a colander hanging over a large bowl.

Perfect yogurt every time. Love the quality that I control, and saving money. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Linda! This is great yogurt. I use the microwave instead of the stove top.

It takes between 16 and 17 minutes, on High, to reach the correct temperature. I also add a cup of dry milk to add extra calcium. Also, when I was reading Colin […]. I stuck an outdoor thermometer in my oven with the light on.

It only reached 75 degrees? Another site I saw says to keep it a Or you might try this: Turn it off as soon as you pour the yogurt in the container to cool on the countertop, and turn the oven light on at that time.

Proceed according to the directions, and start checking the yogurt after 7 or 8 hours. Whipping cream has 0 carbs and the yogurt I use has 9 grams of carbs per cup. This would be very low carb for those of us on carbohydrate diets. If you experiment, will you let us know how it turns out? I make yogurt with heavy whipping cream all the time and it works fine. For those counting carbohydrates it is great! I do not use the powdered milk or the gelatin. Simply the heavy whipping cream and 2.

I incubate mine in an ice chest with a heating pad. I cover the ice chest with a heavy quilt and in eight hours, I have the most wonderful yogurt you can imagine. I love your blog and have been thinking about making yoghurt for a while. I poured the milk into a glass bowl and I stirred in one tablespoon of bought plain yogurt and then covered the bowl with a clean towel.

This morning I had lovely yoghurt but it was a little thin so I poured it into a cheesecloth and placed the whole lot in my sieve over the milk pot from last night. I left it in the fridge while I went for a cycle ride. When I got home we had lovely thick yoghurt on our cereal. It was so easy thank you!! If you want to boost the protein level of your homemade yogurt, add a couple of tablespoons of dried milk powder to the milk when you first heat it. Thanks and good luck!

My favorite Greek yogurt is Oitkos Organic. It has 5 live cultures, no thickeners, and is made from pasturized non-fat organic milk. Stonyfield has just bought out the company and the plain 32 oz. I can only find it at Whole Foods and it is expensive! This blog has given me the inspiration to make Greek yogurt from scratch using a starter from my favorite yogurt. I use the cooler technique with glass quart jars and lids and some with boiling water in them to maintain the temperature because I make so much at once.

I also sterilize things — including spoons, pot, containers — to not introduce unwanted bacteria. The whey can be used in so many other ways — with acidity ricotta cheese, cottage cheese…. Need to Google and go to quite a few sites to see lots of variations. Basic thick yogurt is made with very high fat milk. The milk used in Greek natural — as she mentioned with sheep, Jersey cows — their milk is much higher in fat than say Holsteins.

Milk from the animals, heated, and then made into cheeses, yogurt, etc will be rich and thick. Putting some cream back will help.

Whey has sugar in it, so taking it out also does take out some sugar. There are lots of cookbooks out there for ways to use yogurt, so do remember that you can have lots of options. Another way to get better drainage faster — stir the yogurt before straining I use basic, cheap coffee filters — buy them bulk.

Unfortunately, look at different yogurts you like — many use thickening agents. I also freeze yogurt in thick baggies then into a big thick bag— into the deepest part of the freezer to avoid freezer burn. I have good starter for each time rather than using from made batches and losing the quality over time.

I also have starter for whenever I want — like after a vacation or maybe an illness. Thanks for posting and helping others!! Saving money feels great….

I had a gift card so I ended up buying a yogurt maker and have a batch in there right now. Turns out, the issue was the temperature in which I incubated the yogurt. I followed the rest of your instructions and the yogurt turned out great! I love Greek Yogurt! I found out that I could make cheap greek yogurt easily by using a yogurt strainer. You just pour in cheap store-brand yogurt, refridgerate and voila! You can even use organic yogurt for a good price too. So a 32 oz container makes about 16oz of greek yogurt.

Put it in little containers with a littler sugar and fruit and save a ton over individual greek yogurt cups! I basically followed these instructions, but did it in the crock although I am a microbiologist and did not keep the pot open to air or change pots because I was paranoid about contamination.

Anyway, the first time I used Chobani as a starter. The yogurt came out perfect. So thick with no need for straining. Next I tried Wallaby and then Stoneyfield. The results were good, but nowhere near as good as with the Chobani.

Anyone else experiment with the starter? I used this recipe from Happy Simple […]. The yogurt came out thick and creamy and we […]. This yogurt looked very nice. I love eating yogurt but I only tasted the commercially-bought yogurt.

Thanks for sharing it. Would leaving it on the counter be enough heat? Or maybe putting a desk lamp on it while keeping it covered?

Thanks for the awesome post! I love the way it comes out. Both are necessary to ensure a safe product. I have been making the yogurt for about 2 months now and love it. I have also got my son and his wife involved.

Any ideas of how to correct this? Thanks for a great site. Instead, I like to have a yogurt and tomato salad for breakfast. This gives me a good dose of protein without all the carbs that yogurt with granola and sweetener delivers.

Yummy and filling without all the carbs. Such a great and simple recipe- I used the Wallaby organic yogurt you have in the picture, very delicious! Thank you for this recipe i have been using it for a couple of months now and love that i control what the sugar content is.. Tammy, what happy news. Thanks so much for your comment. Instead of incubating in the oven, I used a small space heater on the countertop. The batch was covered and wrapped in a towel. Stained 3x just like fage for some rediculously thick fat free yogurt!

My kids will be so excited. Thank you SO much!! Came upon your site to make Greek yogurt, so I am trying to make a batch now!! Go to the bottom of the recipe. Thanks so much for stopping by to share this information, Brian.

Who wants to waste the whey when it can be put to good use? I have been making Greek yogurt for quite awhile now and I love it. I had been eating the Fage brand for quite awhile and it was my favorite. Something had to change so I turned to my bff, Google, to teach me how to make it at home. I make it the same way you do. A friend of mine told me she made her own yogurt and said it came out really good. When I asked her for the recipe, she pointed me to your website and said she followed your directions to the letter.

It is lit via a pilot light. Do you think that the heat from the pilot light would be warm enough to process the yogurt?

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