21 Home Remedies Exercises and Natural Cures for TMJ Treatment

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You can also add pumpkin seeds to salads, soups, cereals, yogurt and smoothies. It is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and calcium that is good for your bones. Maintaining good hygiene is important to get rid of underarm pimples. Follow all directions below: Pueraria mirifica, also known as Butea Superba or Kwao Krua Kao, is a rare plant found in Northern Thailand which has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. All kinds of dairy products like fat-rich milk, cheese, butter and yogurt should be added to your daily diet if you want your breasts look bigger.

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Also known as biotin, vitamin H can improve the symptoms of neuropathy pain in those with diabetes. This food provide essential nutrition as well as fibre to keep the blood glucose levels under control and prevent the damaged to our nerves. You are recommended to eat from 4 to 5 nuts such as pecans, walnuts, and almonds each morning to take advantage of it for neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy gets involved the nerve transporting information from the periphery to our central nervous system brain and spinal cord. The nerves could be impacted by different causes including viruses, diabetes, metabolic problems and autoimmune diseases. Regardless of the cause of peripheral neuropathy on any sufferer, stress and anxiety has a significant negative effect on all sufferers.

Therefore, it is important to control stress to manage neuropathy symptoms. To combat stress and anxiety, you should breathe better by following this technique: This technique is very useful in controlling anxiety. Practicing healing prayer, spending more of your time doing hobbies, and staying around family and friends are good stress relievers.

Furthermore, acupuncture is another goo treatment for stress and pain caused by neuropathy. Evening primrose oil is a wildflower growing throughout the US. This oil is high in essential fatty acid gamma-linoleic acid GLA , omega-6s and omega-3s which are used as building blocks for some molecules in the body. The human body needs a balance of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for good natural health.

You can use evening primrose oil to treat neuropathy by taking it internally. It is advised to take mg of evening primrose oil daily to lower neuropathy numbness, burning, and tingling.

Cinnamon is one of home remedies for neuropathy because it can lower the glucose level which triggers neuropathy symptoms. It is helpful to take teaspoons of cinnamon in your daily meals or try using cinnamon oil for neuropathy relief.

Or, you can use cassia cinnamon supplements as an alternative. Vitamin B12 is an essential dietary nutrient. A lack of this vitamin can lead to a number of conditions including neuropathy.

There are some causes of B12 deficiency. A strict vegetarian diet might increase a B12 deficiency as animal-based foods like dairy products, red meat, fish, eggs and poultry are the only confirmed source of B To increase vitamin B12 intake, you can eat more meat, dairy and seafood; take one B12 supplement every day providing at least 10 micrograms; eating fortified foods times per day to get at least 3 micrograms of B12 per day.

Also, take safety measures in order to compensate for the loss of sensation. For thousands of years up to now, essential oils are known for their powerful healing properties. They can soothe the body and mind, and treat a number of conditions. Due to this, they are seen as natural alternative to medication. This is also one of effective home remedies for neuropathy. Neuropathy, or nerve damage, could lead to pain and numbness in the impacted area.

Essential oils are claimed to help relieve these symptoms. There are some of the best essential oils for neuropathy, which are: Some methods to administer essential oils to treat neuropathy: You can use that bath water to massage your skin for a relief.

If your muscles are aching, add the oil to Epsom salt instead of table salt, prior to adding to the bath. The following recipe is a good way to treat neuropathy symptoms using essential oil: You need to carefully look for any signs of nerve damage to your feet, legs, hands and skin. Check for new signs of injuries, like sores, blisters, and ulcers.

Skincare and foot care are crucial parts of the treating and preventing process for neuropathy. You had better wash your skin, feet, toenails daily, particularly in skin folds where the moisture and bacteria could build up and lead to infections. Wear clean clothing and socks, keep delicate skin away from the hot temperatures.

Cut your file corns, toenails, and see doctor if you have swelling, redness and infection forming. Smoking and drinking alcohol could result in severe damage to the nerves and may worsen up the neuropathy.

They also make your body deficient of some nutrients and hence should be completely avoided. Research has shown that exercising can improve the muscle strength in people with neuropathy.

Furthermore, exercises can help with peripheral neuropathy, if done regularly, might decrease the neuropathic pain and help in controlling blood glucose levels.

You can include physical activities to your daily life through aerobic exercise, flexibility exercise, strength training exercise, and balance exercise. Consult a physical or occupational therapist, or a healthcare provider about the exercise program which is suitable for you.

When it comes to home remedies for neuropathy, castor oil has powerful effects. Castor oil is sweet and pungent with a lot of benefits for health. Having analgesic properties, castor oil restores the nerve tissues while healing damaged nerves. Also, it is effective in treating neuropathy by reversing the tissue damage and eliminating numbness. You had better massage your hands, limbs and feet with castor oil every day.

Let it penetrate your skin and nourish the tissues and nerves. In South Seas, kava is consumed as a beverage, like tea in England and coffee in America. Kava kava has effects on the nervous system and the brain in a way that is identical to narcotics. This plant has been used to treat anxiety related disorders as well. Having antispasmodic and analgesic properties, kava kava could be used to ease muscle tension, pain and cramping.

If you chew on the kava root, it will numb your tongue. It is because kava has a potent topical analgesic, and two pain-relieving chemicals, which are dihydromethysticin and dihydrokavain. These chemicals are as efficient as aspirin. This plant could be applied to wounds or simply chewed to ease the pain associated with neuropathy. Brahmi oil is a herb infusion of the brahmi herb in any type of base oil.

Brahmi oil has long been used in the ancient times to increase hair growth. Also, it is a nervous tonic for the human brain as well as the nervous system when you massage it onto the scalp. Brahmi oil has therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties that make this oil a powerful solution for many problems such as eliminating bacteria and viruses, promoting the expulsion of gas in the body, alleviating pain, tightening skin, etc.

You can apply brahmi oil to your body to lessen pain and inflammation. Massage the affected area with numbness and pain every day, twice per day. The mandible is the toughest and biggest bone of the face and it serves to support the lower teeth. The joints of the mandible are the only joints in the body which move on a hard tissue. When the jaw is misaligned as a result of trauma, malocclusion bad bite or otherwise, it is known as temporomandibular joint disorder TMJ.

One of the most common symptoms of temporomandibular joint TMJ is a headache similar to one that would be felt when a cloth would be tightly tied on the head for a long period of time. Many people who suffer from a headache due to TMJ describe it as a ring of pain around the head.

The pain increases every time a TMJ sufferer speaks or grinds his teeth. The constant contraction of the muscles of the mandibles creates a stress and strain in the face, head and neck.

This muscular contraction reduces the amount of blood in the head. The body responds by sending more blood this region which increases the blood pressure in the head region which gives a headache. Depression usually occurs when patients can not get relief from the pain because of poor diagnosis of symptoms. TMJ is primarily caused by: In many cases of TMJ , it has been found that doctors often keep looking for local causes of pain and fail to diagnose the exact cause.

The result — patient often fail to respond to treatment, whereby the frustration, and anxiety increases. For an effective cure, it is important to correctly diagnose the cause.

Once diagnosed, proper treatment can provide psychological and physical relief. Pain caused by muscular contraction can be temporarily relieved with medication, exercises or psychological therapy. But the root cause of disease i;e malocclusion dislocation still persists. Alternatively doctors prescribe surgery of blood vessels in the brain to realign temporomandibular joints in an optimal position.

This neuromuscular dentistry surgery mostly provides relief from chronic pain. Some patients may need consult a chiropractor or other doctors to treat other allied symptoms of TMJ. While taking antibiotics and pain killers help alleviating TMJ pain, they are usually short-lived and have negative side effects.

The natural home remedies mentioned below are very useful in relieving TMJ symptoms like muscular pain, headache and anxiety. Jaw Exercise 1 Open your mouth as wide as you can without feeling any pain. With mouth wide open, move your jaw gradually to the right and hold for 10 seconds. Move your jaw gradually to the right and hold for 10 seconds. Return your jaw to center and close your mouth.

Jaw Exercise 2 Using your right hand index finger; trace the jaw hinge on your right side. Gently massage the muscles with a downward action of your finger. Repeat the action on your left side with left index finger. Jaw Exercise 3 Open your mouth as wide as you can without feeling any pain. With mouth wide open, move the tip of your tongue upwards to touch the roof of the mouth.

While your tongue keeps touching the roof, try to move the tongue tip in backward direction toward your tonsils Hold for 5 seconds.

Now pull your tongue out of your mouth and stretch it to the maximum you can. Hold on for 5 seconds. Jaw Exercise 4 Sit erect and move your chin up and down for around a minute. Stop and then move your chin in a side to side movement for another minute. Do not stretch too hard or you may sprain your neck.

Jaw Exercise 5 Stand in front of a mirror, support your chin with both hands and open your jaws wide. With mouth wide open, touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue.

While you keep touching the roof with your tongue tip, do a slow up and down movement of your jaws at the same time providing slight resistance with your hands every time you open your jaws.

Do it for around a minute in each session and repeat it up to thrice a day. Jaw Exercise 6 Yawn as widely as you can without hurting yourself. Then yawn twice more but this time only opening your mouth only half as wide. Stressful living is a major cause of TMJ. Exercises that relax the spinal chord and the nervous system are very beneficial home remedy for TMJ.

Sit erect and bend your head forward so that the chin touches your chest. Interlock fingers of both your hands and place it behind your head. Push your head back while your hands resist this backward movement. Repeat this times twice a day to relax your entire spinal chord. This exercise is a very effective home remedy for TMJ pain. Sit erect and open your mouth in a relaxed manner. Bend your head back to point your forehead to the sky.

Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale. Return to the starting position and repeat. Lie down on your back. Place your left hand on your stomach and right hand on your chest. Relax normally for some times. Next, take deep breaths and feel the air pass through your trachea deep down up to your belly.

Repeat this times during one sitting. Other than these three exercises, you can practice any relaxation exercise that you enjoy and gets your blood pumping. It could be a simple thing like walking, jogging, cycling or playing tennis. Yoga and mediation exercises are also great to induce relaxation. Regular exercising is a great way to beat stress and reduce the allied symptoms of TMJ.

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