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Similar to CyanogenMod, it does not include any proprietary apps unless the user installs them. It allows Android users who can no longer obtain update support from their manufacturer to continue updating their OS version to the latest one based on official release from Google AOSP and heavy theme customization. Just like it predecessor, it also develop by Xiaomi Inc. It consists of mainly Google apps and minor UI customization to maintain the sleekness of pure Android.

Pixel UI is developed by Google that is based on open source Android. Unlike the Nexus phones, where Google shipped with the "stock" Android, the UI that came with the first generation Pixel phones were slightly modified as compared to the "stock" Android.

As part of the Google Pixel software, the Pixel UI and its home launcher are closed source and proprietary, thus it is only available on the Pixel family devices. However, third party mods allow non Pixel smartphones to install Pixel Launcher with Google Now feed integration. Replicant is a custom mobile operating system based on the Android with all proprietary drivers and bloat closed source software removed.

Samsung Experience formerly called TouchWiz is a front-end touch interface developed by Samsung Electronics with partners, featuring a full touch user interface. It is sometimes incorrectly identified as an independent operating system. Samsung Experience is used internally by Samsung for smartphones , feature phones and tablet computers , and is not available for licensing by external parties as it is closed source and proprietary.

The Android version of Samsung Experience also comes with Samsung-made apps preloaded except starting with the Galaxy S6 which have removed all Samsung pre-loaded apps installed, leaving one with Galaxy Apps , to save storage space and initially due to the removal of MicroSD.

Samsung also announced "Linux on Galaxy", which allows to use the standard Linux distribution on the DeX platform. ZenUI is used by Asus for its Android phones and tablet computers , and is not available for licensing by external parties. It was first discovered as a mysterious code post on GitHub in August , without any official announcement. In contrast to prior Google-developed operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android, which are based on Linux kernels, Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel called "Zircon", derived from "Little Kernel", a small operating system intended for embedded systems.

Upon inspection, media outlets noted that the code post on GitHub suggested Fuchsia's capability to run on universal devices, from embedded systems to smartphones, tablets and personal computers. In May , Fuchsia was updated with a user interface, along with a developer writing that the project was not a for experimental, prompting media speculation about Google's intentions with the operating system, including the possibility of it replacing Android.

Sailfish OS is from Jolla. Sailfish due to Jolla's business model and due to alliances with various partners and due to intentional design of OS internals, is capable to adopt in several layers third party software including Jolla software e.

Jolla's UI is proprietary software closed source , so such components can be proprietary with many different kinds of licences. However, user can replace them with open source components like e. Using third party software extends usability but does not make the OS code close, in the same way as preinstalled Microsoft Word closed source on a Linux device does not make Linux closed source.

The first device, the Jolla smartphone , was unveiled on May 20, Jolla started licensing Sailfish OS 2. Some devices sold are updateable to Sailfish 2. Tizen based on the Linux kernel is a mobile operating system hosted by Linux Foundation , together with support from the Tizen Association, guided by a Technical Steering Group composed of Intel and Samsung. It is an open source system however the SDK was closed source and proprietary that aims to offer a consistent user experience across devices.

Tizen's main components are the Linux kernel and the WebKit runtime. Currently, Tizen is the fourth largest mobile OS in terms of market share. Tizen has the second-largest market share in the budget segment of smartphones in India as of Q4 It has the second largest installed base worldwide on smartphones, but the largest profits, due to aggressive price competition between Android-based manufacturers.

Native third party applications were not officially supported until the release of iPhone OS 2. Before this, " jailbreaking " allowed third party applications to be installed, and this method is still available. Currently all iOS devices are developed by Apple and manufactured by Foxconn or another of Apple's partners. Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed and released by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems.

It was released on July 29, Just like its predecessors, it was designed to run across multiple Microsoft product such as PCs and Tablets. KaiOS is from Kai. It is based on Firefox OS. As a smartphone OS, it is closed source and proprietary, and only runs on phones and tablets manufactured by BlackBerry. One of the dominant platforms in the world in late s, its global market share was reduced significantly by In late , BlackBerry announced that it will continue support the OS, with a promise to release Windows 10 Mobile formerly called Windows Phone is from Microsoft.

It is closed source and proprietary. On January 21, , Microsoft announced that the Windows Phone brand will be phased out and replaced with Windows 10 Mobile , bringing tighter integration and unification with its PC counterpart Windows 10 , and provide a platform for smartphones and tablets with screen sizes under 8 inches. As of Dec , Windows 10 Mobile global market share dropped below 0. In October , Microsoft officially announced that they would no longer push any major updates to Windows 10 Mobile, instead it would put it in maintenance mode, where Microsoft would push bug fixes and general improvements only, therefore Windows 10 Mobile would not receive any new feature updates.

The OS did not include any proprietary apps unless the user installed them. Due to its open source nature, CyanogenMod allowed Android users who could no longer obtain update support from their manufacturer to continue updating their OS version to the latest one based on official releases from Google AOSP and heavy theme customization.

On December 24, , CyanogenMod announced on their blog that they would no longer be releasing any CyanogenMod updates. All development moved to LineageOS. Cyanogen OS was based on CyanogenMod and maintained by Cyanogen Inc; however, it included proprietary apps and it was only available for commercial uses. Firefox OS [27] project name: Boot to Gecko, also known as B2G is from Mozilla.

It was an open source mobile operating system released under the Mozilla Public License built on the Android Linux kernel and used Android drivers, but did not use any Java-like code of Android.

According to Ars Technica , "Mozilla says that B2G is motivated by a desire to demonstrate that the standards-based open Web has the potential to be a competitive alternative to the existing single-vendor application development stacks offered by the dominant mobile operating systems. MeeGo was from non-profit organization The Linux Foundation. It is open source and GPL. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia and Intel both unveiled MeeGo , a mobile operating system that combined Moblin and Maemo to create an open-sourced experience for users across all devices.

LG announced its support for the platform. Ubuntu Touch is from Canonical Ltd. It is open source and uses the GPL license. On August 18, , HP announced that webOS hardware would be discontinued, [33] but would continue to support and update webOS software and develop the webOS ecosystem. In , Research In Motion released its first BlackBerry devices, providing secure real-time push-email communications on wireless devices. Services such as BlackBerry Messenger provide the integration of all communications into a single inbox.

As of September , there were around 46 million active BlackBerry service subscribers. Windows Mobile is a discontinued operating system from Microsoft that it replaced with Windows Phone. The two improved variants of this operating system, Windows Mobile 6 Professional for touch screen devices and Windows Mobile 6 Standard , were unveiled in February It was criticized for having a user interface which is not optimized for touch input by fingers; instead, it is more usable with a stylus.

Windows Phone is a family of mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune. Windows Phone features a new user interface derived from Metro design language. Windows Phone was replaced by Windows 10 Mobile in The Symbian platform was developed by Nokia for some models of smartphones. The operating system was discontinued in , although a slimmed-down version for basic phones was still developed until July Microsoft officially shelved the platform in favor of Windows Phone after its acquisition of Nokia.

Bada platform stylized as bada; Korean: It was developed by Samsung Electronics. It ranges from mid- to high-end smartphones. To foster adoption of Bada OS, since Samsung reportedly has considered releasing the source code under an open-source license, and expanding device support to include Smart TVs.

Samsung announced in June intentions to merge Bada into the Tizen project, but would meanwhile use its own Bada operating system, in parallel with Google Android OS and Microsoft Windows Phone, for its smartphones. All Bada-powered devices are branded under the Wave name, but not all of Samsung's Android-powered devices are branded under the name Galaxy.

On February 25, , Samsung announced that it will stop developing Bada, moving development to Tizen instead. Bug reporting was finally terminated in April In , Android and iOS did not exist and only 64 million smartphones were sold.

According to StatCounter web use statistics a proxy for all use , smartphones alone without tablets have majority use globally, with desktop computers used much less and Android in particular more popular than Windows. Asia, and the desktop still more popular in some, though not in North America. The desktop is still popular in many countries while overall down to A few countries on any continent are desktop-minority; European countries and some in South America, and a few, e.

In Ireland, smartphone use at Smartphones alone, without tablets , first gained majority in December desktop-majority was lost the month before , and it wasn't a Christmas-time fluke, as while close to majority after smartphone majority happened again in March In the week from November 7—13, , smartphones alone without tablets overtook desktop, for the first time for a short period; non-full-month.

Some of the world is still desktop-majority, with e. On October 22, and subsequent weekends , mobile showed majority.

And smartphones alone have showed majority since December 23 to the end of the year, with the share topping at While an unusually high top, a similarly high also happened on Monday April 17, , with then only smartphones share slightly lower and tablet share slightly higher, with them combined at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comparison of Firefox OS devices. MeeGo , Maemo , and Moblin. This section needs to be updated.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Recent statistics from is needed for some parts in this section. Statistics from late is needed for this section. The graph needs to be updated as per data in corresponding table. Statistics from and is needed for this section. Recent statistics from and is needed for this section.

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If, at the time you wish to purchase an Upgrade Device, your Initial Device is not in good condition, then you may not be eligible for a Maximum Credit and if you return your Initial Device to Samsung you may receive a Limited Credit and remain liable for the outstanding balance on your Financing Account for the purchase of your Initial Device.

In addition, your Initial Device must not be not on a black list of any kind and, before returning your Initial Device, you must perform a factory reset and remove all personal information from the device and disable reactivation lock, Google Factory Reset Protection and all other anti-theft locking software. If you do not return your Initial Device to Samsung within 14 days after you purchase your Upgrade Device, you will not receive any Upgrade Credit.

Pending the application of your Upgrade Credit whether the Maximum Credit or Limited Credit , you must continue to make all minimum payments as required by the Financing Account terms. This includes any amounts for the new purchase of your Upgrade Device. If the Upgrade Credit you receive is less than the outstanding Financed Amount, any remaining balance of the Financed Amount will also remain subject to required minimum payments in accordance with the Financing Account terms.

After you return your Initial Device to Samsung, it will not be returned to you under any circumstances, regardless of its condition or the amount of Upgrade Credit applied to your Financing Account.

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