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Are Legumes “Paleo”? And Does It Really Matter?
We are both members of the Facebook group and do not appreciate the implied ridicule in the opening paragraph. Thanks for your informative and witty reply. I, too, trashed my thyroid, and my adrenals by going VLC. We are not meant to eat a restrictive diet, and from an evolution standpoint, we are very opportunistic and adaptable hence the variations in diets across the globe based on what is available. January 22, at Did you get your period?? I entered my data on FitDay to see what the macronutrients profile of what I was eating.

Should we avoid legumes because of the anti-nutrients they contain?

Why Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is so much better for your health than processed table salt

In the past week, I noticed extreme PMS symptoms and I mean extreme — headaches, moodiness, my face looks like a pizza, sensitive breasts, sensitive skin, even sensitive teeth. In the event that the vitamins are what did it, I want to share the brands with you:. Taken with breakfast and dinner. And of course this is complete with daily exercise and a healthy diet. I do believe these pills helped, since they have everything the body needs for a healthy cycle.

My last period was in July, just before I had to go off the pill. Never had this issue after going off the last two times when we were trying for our kids. Progesterone is essential in getting and staying pregnant. It can become compromised if there is too much stress in your life because your body will produce more cortisol over progesterone. Acne, hair lose, depression, insomnia and constipation. Anyone experienced constipation and what do I do? This is rather late but I am just finding this site and your comment is one I related to.

I think I am compounding my issues since I also am trying to go vegetarian this last few weeks, so my eating habits are changed dramatically too. I have just been trying to eat a fiber one bar daily and also take some dulcolax to keep things moving.

I hope you are feeling better! I ended up going to the health shop and got some flaxseed oil and having a tablespoon mixed in my oats in the morning. It works it makes your stool softer and easier to pass! I also got some senna tea to help kick start things but beware only use one teabag and steep for a few minutes.

I used 2 before I went to bed and holy shit literally! My stomach was nice and flat afterwards! Will only use it every once in a while as your bowel can become dependant on it. Would it be the same as getting it in a b-complex, if the amount is the same? I think you recommend 50mg. Just an update from my post on Aug 31, Aunt Flo is back after over a year of no natural period!!

Just wanted to share what worked for me in case it could help anyone else get their period back. I know how stressful it can be, but thankfully I found something that worked for me. I am 37 years old over weight and had fibroid tumors on my ovaries.

I have not had my period over in 4 months. It explains a lot about how your hormones get out of whack, how to use the natural progesterone to get your period back, and much more. It also talks about how hormone imbalance can cause fibroids, and many women have used the natural progesterone cream not only to get there periods back, but it has also helped to shrink their fibroids.

I myself along with several friends have used natural progesterone with great success. Last Aunt Flo that started on July 16th and lasted 5 days.

My hubby and I did have unprotected sex several times in this time. Spotting, occasional cramp, backache today, terrible dizziness the other night. I also was in birth-control for so many years and stop sometimes to take breaks and get back on it. Last time i stop was for 6 months and got periods but got a cyst, and the doctor told me to get back on the birth-control. I got back for a year now and was trying to get pregnant so i got out in March, and got periods for April, May and then for June was a day cycle and since June no period.

I have cramps most of the time, or feel like electricity thru my breast. I got back to eating very healthy no meat mostly greens, grains, and fruits and taking a multivitamin. My moods are fine, and hair as i was reading other ladies having issues.

I gain some weight as well. I got acupuncture after not getting a period for almost 3 months and took B-complex and lots of faith and prayer. I got my cycle regular this month and i will continue doing acupunture till the baby comes: Hi I took BC pills for 4 years. We both did not have a period for 4 months and we both had a very serious hair loss problem after quitting the pills….

I just wanted to follow up on my story- I have been off the pill for a couple years now and my period is pretty normal, if I have protected sex or get stressed or travel I end up having a very late period. I believe this is normal. Good luck to all. I was on birth control since about 17 mostly to prevent pregnancy and 31 now. I I went off of it this past November and have only kind of gotten my period last month.

Then again more waiting and nothing came until finally July 4th I had some spotting for a few days and what could have been red flow even though it was very little. I did start doing acupuncture so that May have helped—so some of you may want to try it. Anyone had experience with this? I was diagnosed with amenorrhea after going off of birth control In April. I have since lost a few pounds in the last month. I started Vitex 9 days ago so maybe it has kick started everything.

Such a roller coaster ride! I took ocp for two years and 3 months. Started in fen and stopped two months back. I had 1 period on 20th june and no period uptill now.. I was on birth control since I was 16 I am now I got off of birth control when I was 20 since I got married January 2 When I went off the pill I bleed the next day thought that was my period. We are ready for a family. But before I was on birth control I was irraguler but I never missed a month.

They prescribed me hormone pills for 10,days and after that I started bleeding. Its frustrating cuz I have done blood work and pee test and everything is normal. Any one know what I should do?? I was on BC for 16 years. My period started delaying and finally disappeared when i was Until my dr put me on BC and sono showed cysts in my ovaries. Long story short, i ve been looking for a cure for 16 years, and spending thousands. I stopped pills for many times.

Every time no period and my hair started thinning and i could literally get bald. She lowered my prolactin and put me off the BC.

But since then im shedding horribly. U see through my scalp. But she says all my hormones look fine and this is the side effect of stopping BC. May take up to a year. Check ur prolactin since u ve been irregular forever. Dont take chemical hormones under any condition or u will be slaved to them like me forever.

I did not have any side effects. They are prescribing me some med that will help me ovulate. I went off of birth control June and my period stopped my only symptom as well. My doctor prescribed Provera in Feb. I had a period Feb and March then nothing.

She tried to put me back on the Provera telling me that I could just take that each month. I have started using natural progesterone cream using it for 3 weeks, then off 1…. Hopefully, that will help my body get back on a regular cycle. I know that many, many women use this to conceive, but there are risks. I have a friend who has had issues with fertility and also was born with a heart defect and her mother was on Provera and Clomid when she was conceived.

She has researched and is convinced that is the reason for her issues. Also, she had 2 early term miscarriages and is now pregnant with her 3rd child 22 wks , and the only difference between these 3 pregnancies is that she started using the natural progesterone cream. I am hoping to begin ttc next year, so fingers crossed that the natural progesterone helps me get my period back. It explains why your body may be out of whack, how to use the natural progesterone to get your period back, and much more.

My biggest suggestion is do your research! I tried everything and finally I found this shampoo , Plantur 39 for hair over forty. Eat more fat and safe carbs. My daughter was on the pill for 3 years, she gained quite a few pounds. She went off the pill and started to exercise excessively and diet. Her diet was good, I thought.

High in fruits and vegetables, low in fat and selected protein. She was always hungry. She lost a lot of weight but plateaued, and got frustrated. In that time she lost her period for more than a year. She was put on progesterone pills to help regain her period, but to no avail. She finally went to a nutritionist who told her she wasnt eating enough calories or enough fat and protein and that is what had caused her weight loss to cease, and perhaps her period. She ruined her metabolism.

The nutritionist told her it could take a year of eating enough and properly to regain her metabolism. It has been hard for her.

She has put back on some of her weight, but it did cause her to regain her period. Adding fat coconut oil , safe carbs and more protein has allowed her body to function as it should. Hi there, My situation is sort of similar to your daughters. She is a lacrosse player and exercises extensively daily.

It has been very difficult for her mentally and emotionally to have to regain weight that she tried so hard to lose. Our doctor told us that period loss through excessive exercise is a myth, its diet related, mostly due to lack of sufficient fat.

She feels that it is all worth it now because she has her period back. I have a similar problem like your daughter had. I am underweight plus I am a vegan. Is there some natural way that I can get my period back without gaining weight or eating animal products?

I only want natural stuff. I did every possible test and my hormones and sugar is good. Do you know any good natural ways to gain my period back?

Did you lose weight by dieting, is that why you are tiny. My daughter lost a lot of weight by not eating enough. She ate a lot of vegetables and fruit and protein shakes. She was also on the pill and had one or two periods after she stopped taking the pill. It was when she started drastically dieting that she lost her period. Try eating coconut oil, like a couple of tablespoons at day. It is a MCT and your body needs that kind of fat. Also add a small safe starch daily, like some white rice, a potato, sweet potato or some taro.

Also if you eat gluten you should consider removing that from you diet and replace it with safe starches and coconut oil. Good luck, and give yourself time, be good to your body with good food, enough sleep. Thank you for your reply. No actually I was born prematurely so I am skinny all of my life. Thanks for your advice. I actually eat almost everything you mentioned but I could add coconut oil again to my diet. I exercise hour and a half every day.

I love my body and I want to stay fit and healthy. So if you know any tricks please let me know. There is no quick little trick to get your period back. Your body needs the right fats and carbs to do its job. Unfortunately for some we live in a world where no fat and low carb eating is very common. The body is an amazing thing.

Given the right tools it can heal itself. My daughter is seeing a nutritionist. She has to eat a certain amount of calories per day. You should consider tracking your calories to see where you stand. This was interesting going through this thread.

I went on the pill in order to regulate my periods. I came off in order to give my body a break and since coming off the pill Its been inconsistent. I was never regular previously but never missed any. This is such a hassle, I want that consistency and peace of mind to know my body is working properly.

I have been on and off the pill for almost 20 years. I avoided the doctor, until I got morning sickness, chills, fainting spells every morning. No, I was NOT pregnant. My husband finally took me in and my prolactin levels were hig and I had a very small brain tumor caused by high prolactin and the pituitary gland.

I had to go on Cabergoline to lower the prolactin. It worked, but got put back on the pill because Cabergoline makes you really fertile. Did not want that. Went back off the pill when things leveled out and same thing happened…ugh. I will say I had success with zinc and Vitex herbal Chaste tree supplement! Trying it again and will look into adding B6! Thank you for the article! Several years ago there seemed to be NO info linking the pill to no periods and high prolactin.

I took birth control pills for 20 years. This is everything I did to successfully get my period back:. Warm lemon water first thing in the morning Fermented foods Himalayan Salt on food Small amounts of raw honey No soy products No processed foods No sugar Cooked things mostly in coconut oil, and also grass-fed butter Keep blood sugar stable — not too much fruit or natural sweetener at one time — some protein at every meal Adequate amounts of fats and carbohydrates with each meal Adequate soluble fiber A lot of water — I drank mostly a high pH water 9.

This is a fabulous list! A great one for everyday standard health. But after going off the Pill one year ago after having been on it for 10 years , I still have an irregular period.

Despite doing nearly everything on this list. I kind of think everyone and their body is just different!

Despite everything we do to try and control it. How long will it take my hormones to balance- estimate?

Every girl is different. My mistake I think was quitting the pill cold turkey. Make note of everything in this article on this site. My estrogen levels are pretty much non-existent right now. I came off the pill in October not as I put in my original comment and my body still has not corrected itself. I still do not have a period. Thank you everyone for sharing such valuable information. I have tried both natural and western medicine.

Hopefully something I share can help someone on here! Prior to being on birth control pills for 11 years straight, my periods were irregular because I was so active. I started off with Tricyclin and then I was switched to Tricyclin low. I stopped taking BC pills back in October , and I still have not got my period back. I was put on progesterone pills which did nothing except make me gain weight, sweat like a beast and eat like one too, I was then put on estrogen pills which did nothing but made me gain weight, and my MRI and ultrasound both came out good.

My estrogen levels and sex drive are almost non-existent. Doctors say I am not premenopausal because nothing is working downstairs for me. The end conclusion from the western medicine side of things was that if I want my period back I should go back on birth control.

I was sent off with a 3 month supply of some newer brand of BC pills called LoLo. Some of the non-medicinal ingredients of this LoLo are Blue no. From the natural side of things, I have done sunflower and pumpkin seed cycling in connection with the moon phase, taken rabbit ovaries homeopathics , tried acupuncture, and cut back on exercise.

My one naturopath doctor recommended the following: Nothing I have listed has worked for me, the acupuncture helped me sleep a bit better but that unfortunately did not last. My next step is to follow what was written in this article and up my zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins. Hopefully something I have said will help someone, because nothing has helped me yet. I hate that you are dealing with this.

I know how frustrating it is. I stopped the pill May After being on the pill for over 10 years, I think it takes your body a long time to recover from those artificial hormones and remember how to make the correct ones itself. I tried a lot of things and was told over and over again it was stress etc. It took until February before I got an actual cycle back and actually ended up getting pregnant on my first regular cycle.

It was quite the blessing as we were set to start fertility treatments in June as a result of the whole issue. While the whole thing is frustrating, sometimes in time it will work itself out. Sending good vibes your way and hoping your frustration comes to an end soon. I appreciate the good vibes. I am very happy to hear that you got your cycle back and were able to get pregnant so quickly, this all must have been such a relief!

So unless something changes, this October will be 2 years without a period. Your comment made me smile, so I thank you very much! You ladies are so comforting! I am 29 years old and was on the birth control pill for over 10 years and stopped abruptly in November due to getting blood clots. Listening to all your stories makes me feel a lot better! I stopped the pill two years ago hoping to get pregnant. They put me on estrogen and progesterone…which caused me to feel like a crazy person.

The periods started again! I was told the pill masks the symptoms of Premature ovarian failure and therefore the periods are basically pointless. It was horrible to find this out after trying everything else under the sun to get my period started…and now having one but for no reason at all.

We plan to adopt one day though! Pregnancy the only reason for people to have a late period. Usually people think in this way. But the fact is,There are various reasons. Overexercise, smoking, overweight, Alcohol, Stress, Irregular sleeping patterns etc are the reasons of missing periods.

It is very frustrating for all of us as I can see. I was on the pill for 12 years and decided to come off the pill January no period since then 2,5 years pretty long right? Well I did try everything, had like 2 ultrasounds, hormonal tests done all normal, tried natural remedies and also use supplements as Angus. This is very helpful but I do many of these things and still have not regained my period. I was only on a low dose pill for about three years and when I stopped taking it, I never once got my period.

IT has been about two years now since my last period. My doctor insisted that I go back on the pill to ensure that I am getting enough estrogen to support my bones. After going back and forth with her for several months I finally gave in and started the pill again. What else can I do to promote estrogen without being on the pill!? I eat a very clean diet and take a high quality pre-natal whole foods vitamin at the suggestion of my doctor. I am not trying to get pregnant. Recently did a hormone test and turns out I have prolactin.

Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and its primary role is to help initiate and maintain breast milk production in pregnant and nursing women. Well since I was diagnosed with a tumor in my Pitutary gland I been on medication for a month to help shrink it down non cancerous and also my hormones where sky rocket.. Now I can say my hormones are back to normal for my age and I started my period!!! And it last 4 days like a normal period.

I know it may be scary to check if you might have a tumor but it works. Amanda, I suspect that I may have a tumor on my pituitary gland; how were they able to tell you that you had it? Yes I went and had an mri done. Then was put on the medication to help shrink the Tumor. What do you think about these things Laura? Thank you so much. I was on birth control from age No processed foods, no sugar, everything organic, free range, grass fed, no antibiotics, no hormones Keep blood sugar stable — not too much fruit or sweetener at one time — some protein at every meal Eat adequate amounts of fats and carbohydrates Add more foods with soluble fiber to diet Drink a lot of water Get at least 7 hours of sleep at night, preferably 8 hours De-stress you life.

I am so glad I found this website! I have become so distraught every time I think about it. My Gyno had also told me that I could have trouble getting pregnant but I could be put on medicine to make me ovulate to become pregnant. I read that you could have it but not necessarily have the cysts which was why my test came up negative because there were no visible cysts. I just want to go off of birth control and ovulate and have regular periods on my own with no help from medicine!

I have been on BC for 8 years now and I am over it. I am hoping to ask my Gyno if it is possible that my body will regulate itself out if it is just used to relying on synthetic hormones to ovulate and not another reason for missed ovulation.

I am nervous because my last round of going off of BC resulted in 10 months of no period at all. Hope we all get our answers! The withdrawal bleeding is only there to make women more comfortable taking birth control—you can also skip the fourth week completely and move directly on to a new pack to eliminate periods altogether.

The elimination of ovulation is how birth control works in the first place. Best of luck to you in getting your periods back. I was so worried about being left infertile. I have been supplementing with magnesium, evening primrose oil, zinc and a complete B vitamin for 3 days and got my period this morning! Give these recommendations a go before despairing as you have nothing to lose xx. I am in the same situation and making myself miserable.

I was completely unaware I would have issues no period, CD46, normal before birth control and have cried basically daily. Just wandering how you dealt with this. I have been on birth control since I was 8. I am now 20 and my fiance and I would like to have a baby and we have been trying to get pregnant since june of last year. I have no idea what to do. And we really want a baby what do I do? If you or anyone else wants to chat about this or just vent or discuss what each other is doing feel free to email me.

I recently heard some people who have thyroid disease can have absent periods. If you already have had it tested you might want too. This can definitely be a factor…. I went off birth control in January, my last cycle was Jan 1. My fiance and I decided to start trying for a baby last January , so I finished up my pack of pills. On top of the stress of my abnormal periods I have other issues causing me stress: Every month I get my hopes up thinking that I may be pregnant just to have them dashed.

I have no idea what to do anymore. Has anyone else suffered anything similar… having periods right after coming off the pill to all of a sudden nothing? So hopefully my problems will be solved then. Especially when all you want is a baby.

I hope you find your answers. Also having that issue.. If it makes you guys feel any better, I stopped the pill May and had one period between then and now, but found out um pregnant without ever even getting back to a regular cycle.

Everything is normal so far except they are having a Difficult time pin pointing my due date due to no cycle referenve. Hi ladies — curious how your doc appointments went? I am in the exact same boat!

Took the pill for 10 years, came off last July. My husband and I are trying to conceive, but my cycles are all over the board. First 40 days, then 45, then 50, and the last two cycles were 75! Not sure what to do!

Would love to hear how you all are getting along. I cannot be anymore frustrated with this issue. I have been to different Drs. I was finally able to get my Dr. They suspect an endocrine issue maybe…. I could not be any more frustrated.

I was always regular. I went off and on in the last 13 years between relationships and to give my body a break bad idea, unless its for a few months and again, always went back to normal.

Of course, now that i got off in order to get pregnant, nothing. A month went by, 2nd month…3rd month. I was in panic mode. I was eating tofu for estrogen and parsley to get things going. I was going nuts. I saw a homeopath and started taking: Vitex — agnus castus — 3 pills on empty stomach 2. Took prenatal every other day, not to overdue my iron, since i had no cycle. I highly recommend 2 and 3. Its all natural, been used to centuries, and I heard from numerous women this has helped them too.

I was on Depo Provera for 4 years and Seasonal, no sugar pills for a period, for 2 years before. Therefore, I never had a period being on either of these birth controls.

My last shot was October of Should have worn off by January of By October I finally had a natural period, for 3 months. My last natural period was January It is now year later. I am currently on 10 days of Provera again.

I am really hoping this will regulate my cycle again. I had blood testing and ultrasounds and everything came back normal.

I am not TTC yet but, we would like to in a year, so I would like to get my cycles back! Has anyone had this experience with Depo Provera? Did it really take 2 years or more to get a regular cycle back? The doctors will all tell you that it is not from BC. This is almost exactly what I have been experiencing too! I was on Depo for about three years, then got my last shot in March of No hormonal birth control since that time, and I have only had two periods that were totally out of the blue.

The last real one was in August of , and I had about a day of spotting in December. She offered to give me hormones, which I want to avoid if at all possible. I have started doing acupuncture every week to try and address this issue, and was taking chinese herbs for a while, but my body did not react very well. Hi I have had the same problem doctor has sent me now for blood test to the mertinaty hospital so frustrating.

It seems like when you have this issue you get into a circle of no help. I have been fighting to get my period back for years!

So I went to an obgyn in March and was put on Provera for 5 days…nothing happened. I went back 2 mths later May and he said from my blood work the from the first visit that the shot was still in my system and asked if we were wanting to get pregnant right then. I said no just want a period back, the pregnancy will happen when it happens.

So he said to let it run its course. I went to a new obgyn the old one retired and he was stunned. Still no period when it hits the brown ones. I know exactly how you all feel! I was on some kind of oral contraceptive for 3 years. Tri Sprintec or something like that. I stopped taking it in November of because I am not sexually active and heard some stories about how bad bc really is for your body.

I am not ttc or anything like that. But have not had a period since the regular withdrawal bleed in November when I went off of it. It is now January of and still no period. I have tried to induce my period with vitamin c, parsley tea, and baths and no luck!! Thinking about seeing my doctor. I was taking Sprintec for 3 years and stopped in July … I had a period in Aug and sept, then nothing… I went to doc in Nov and she assured me it would show up. Happy to have it though, which seems weird to say haha!

I took that exact same one and I went off of it in May of and still have no luck having ny period. Just wanted to give a few suggestions for those suffering from acne after stopping birth control and also ask some questions: I stopped taking my birth control after taking it for 6 years in October I just made a Dr. Just wanted to recommend these supplements to anyone who has the same problem because acne is the absolute worst!!

EstroBlock tripple strength find on amazon, supposed to help with fertility, too , fish oil, zinc, vitamin A, and chromemate. Does anyone have any knowledge about these supplements during pregnancy?

My period came in November for 4 days usually it would be 6 then 35 days later for 3 days, now 36 days later for 2…. Does it mean I better go see my GYN? I wanted to share my story as well.

It is so nice to read about other women in my situation because I feel so alone! I stopped my BC after being on it for 10 years in July and have not had a natural period since. I went to a natural hollistic pharmacist. After performing a saliva test for a month it was found that I do not produce enough progesterone.

I used to have an eating disorder so I think that plays a part too. I still am pretty thin but not frail. I stayed taking a natural bio-identical progesterone, chaste berry, and vitamin B6. He told me that this should help me regain my period. I also am going to be drinking a lot of vegetable protein powder shakes to gain some lean muscle mass. Anyone take the things I mentioned? I also did hear about the black cohosh too.

Never tried it though.. Thinking about drinking the aloe Vera too … Any suggestions? Not the black cohosh. Give it a try! I am also trying to get my period back and am using Young Living Essential Oils for it.

The oil blend I am using is Progessence Plus which naturally balances the bodys Progesterone levels without all the harm synthetics can do. I got my period back three days after I started using it! It only lasted for a day but that gave me so much hope!! I am continuing to use it along with Clary Sage which also balances hormones and helps you estrogen be healthy: I would highly suggest using these two, separately or together, to anyone looking to balance their hormones and get their period back!

Thanks for all the stories; they helped calm me down tonight. I had a blood test and all my hormones were fine but still no period. I have only been drinking it for 2 days and today I started my period! After drinking aloe vera in the morning for only 2 days, I got a period! You can also use aloe vera gel on your face as a toner, it can help with acne scars. Ok I was on birth control for 1 year and ended my full pack in July What do I do?

My husband wants to have a baby. I read online that it can take up to 6 months to get a period back or if not then go see a doctor. Does zinc really work or vitamin b as stated!? I have the hugest amount of sympathy for you ladies out there who are trying to conceive and such a frustrating thing has happened. I came off microgynon after 4 years about 4 months ago and havnt had a period since my normal gap bleed. I stopped taking it for a few reasons… firstly because I had noticed during my break my moods had become so horrific that I was acting completely out of character and got to the point where I felt I may not have control over my actions for much longer my boyfriend also pushed the matter that I should come off the pill for this very reason -poor chap!

I have become very aware that too much in our modern world has influence over our natural way of being and does a great job of throwing us out of our authentic equilibrium. I gradually removed all the chemical and processed things from my life as much as is possible and it seemed that taking a chemically derived pill that caused physical changes in the functioning of my body, purely as a form of birth control when other less physiologically intrusive methods are available, seemed somehow a very bad idea to me.

I have to agree with Jen below when she says shed never recomend the pill just soley for birth control. I can see now that I had probably been right to think the pill as being quite unfriendly as its caused so much difficulty to so many people, myself included. This blog gives excellent advice on this subject, and I love that there seems to be more and more people who are becoming aware that sorting many problems in the body can be done with diet, lifestyle and living more holistically.

Many thanks to you for writing this and all the best to other ladies suffering the post pill plight! Marvelon 28 for 8 years, seasonal for 4 years. I got scared and decided to go back on the pill but switched to seasonal. Which is pretty regular. They last about 4 days… One day or 2 I need a tampon.. But after that just a liner.

I used to get fairly heavy periods that lasted days so this is a big change for me. Reading all of your experiences I realize that this is a common side effect of stopping the pill. These products really helped … My skin is almost completely clear, except for a pimple or two just before my period. I took Yasmin for about 4 years and stopped taking it in December Has anyone else waited this long?

Had flight bit if brown discharge though but nothing more. Going crazy with worry!!! Dr is talking about prescribing some medication to induce a period and therefore ovulation. Has anyone else had this? I was on birth control for almost 1 year, then came off of it just fine and had two periods right on time.

Then all of a sudden I noticed that my third period after taking birth control had not come at all. I have taken a pregnancy test, but it was negative. During the time that I would have received my period, it was finals week….

I got no sleep at all and I started waking up feeling extremely sick and nauseous. I had to leave class one time because I thought I was going to either black out and fall on the floor or throw up.

After finals week I came home and I feel perfectly fine but still no period. Is it normal to have a few normal periods and then have nothing at all because of getting off birth control? How come my period is still not here?

I am in pretty much the exact same boat. Any updates since posting this? I was on the pill for 8 years and came off in September to try and conceive. I had to take two rounds of provera before I got a period when I started, my Estrogen levels stayed around Your body may just need some time to reset everything.

I stopped taking Yaz 1 month ago. I have not had intercourse, so I cannot be pregnant. This is really just weirding me out. I have my periods but very very short and light. They should do tests to see if everything is normal hormone wise. Saying that mine was normal and I pestered them to get a scan…, had it today and they said one overy is polycystic. I am getting so frustrated with this process and am always comforted by this blog that I am not alone.

Off the pill since May…I had no sign of a period at all until I had one in September. Prior to September I had consulted my Dr. I was so sure when I got my cycle in September that I was moving in the right direction and now I am back to frustrated. I went back to the Dr. Hi Cait I comple understand. Stopped yasmin in april and no bleed since the initial one after pill.

Dr told me to put on some weight and exercise less. Going out of my mind! I have been having bad acne since my period started to disappear while on the pill and its gotten slightly better but has not gotten back to normal at all. When I went off birth control I was also super emotional and crying all the time which I never do! They did a blood test and found out that I had really low levels of progesterone.

Low progesterone can cause anxiety, fearfulness, etc. You might want to consider getting your progesterone level checked. It is also supposed to help your body return to a normal cycle. I have been an emotional disaster for sure, which is totally out of character for me. Went back to the Dr. All came back normal. TRY Dong Quai dose 2 a day, it worked for me. I took both for 3 months although Dong Quai you only take for a specific time each month-NOT all the time.

During that time I also cut down on sweets and alcohol almost completely. Has anyone had any luck in getting their periods back yet?

I hope you guys are having some success? Sending you good vibes! I have been off of the Depo Shot for a month now. Was due to get another shot on Oct. I suffered from very bad side effects while I was on Depo. So that is why after my 2nd shot I decided not to get my 3rd one. I had headaches everyday, nausea, diarrhea at least 2x a week, dizziness, and weight gain.

I gained 15 pounds in the first 3 months of going on Depo. During the 2nd 3 months, I gained another 8 pounds. I felt very uncomfortable. But im having no luck. Still having post birth control symptoms. I am currently having bleeding every 2 weeks and the bleeding is light to moderate. Not heavy at all. I just want my cycle to go back to normal. How long until this happens? I have been diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago.

Just looking at my daughter now sleeping peacefully next to me… I was on a birth control pill before the diagnosis for 11 years. My GP signed me up to a fertility clinic which had a 6 months waiting list. In the meantime she recommended I start taking vitamins for conception for at least 3 months this is how long one egg matures , reduce the intake of simple sugars and try accupuncture or herbal remedies and she ordered me to have a very regular sex in many different positions.

I hate needles so I never gave accupuncture a go but I tried Dong Quai herbal capsules for the period of 4 months plus the pro-conception vitamins which I ate every day. Dong Quai is some chinese fertility herb you only take for the first half of your menstrual cycle. I also stopped eating sweets daily, I stopped using sugar and sweeteners in my tea and coffee but these were all changes I introduced in my diet.

After about 2 weeks I was used to the changes and my cravings stopped. I was having sex every second day rather than closer to ovulation phew! I think all of it combined, helped my body to regulate itself a bit and I got pregnant 4 months later.

I never got to the fertility clinic. I am so glad to have found this article and know i am not alone! I had endoscopic surgery 10 or 11 years ago, then took the lupron shot then birth control to stop my period. The doctor said to not worry about a period and let my ovaries rest until i thought about getting pregnant.

That was 10 years ago! Every now and then i would take the sugar pills to make sure i could still get a period. A few months ago I went to get an ultra sound, for bladder issues and the doctor asked why my ovaries were so small.

I got worried and decided to stop the birth control. I had one period when i first stopped and then nothing for 3 months now. I have had some cramping and some of the egg yolk stuff so i keep hoping! I think i wont and try the diet I recently started a vegan diet with mostly raw foods. So i think i will wait a bit longer. I really thought i was alone on this! Thank you everyone for sharing!! Make sure to read his articles about vegetarian and vegan diets. Google Weston Price fertility diet too.

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