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Unless one of the local farms happens to offer some at a reasonable price, that is. Should have me ready for beach season in no time. June 27, at 9: November 12, at 5: If you become faint when standing quickly, or start getting nighttime leg cramps, you are probably salt depleted. Thanks for sharing your experiences Don.

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Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Claire Sat Mar 10, at I love the flavour of this shake! It is enjoyable and my favourite in this range. Lydia Thu Dec 22, at 3: I really like this product more than the L - carnitine rapid shakes I find I am less bloated and less hungry along with less cravings for sugary food which probably due to the garcinia cambogia, I like it that it's low sugar and low carb I am already seeing results despite being 3 days I already lost 3kgs.

As you can see it was a lot of measuring and meal planning. I like the simplicity of this and how you make it work within your schedule. And how difficult as well. Two meals a day will definitely be more manageable than 6 meals a day. And probably more effective as well.

I usually need at least a half-hour to recover and let my stomach settle a bit before I can eat such a high fat, high protein meal. Good info… but when do u weight train on this program….

This is just a diet. You can exercise however you want whenever you want. I maintain a weight training routine while using this diet without any problems. I trained times a week, in the mornings, last time I was on this diet. You can never go wrong with Vince Gironda.

Fifth day and the weight is coming off,i had experience of IF before and it suits me,for the next eight weeks incorporating Insanity type workouts,then switch to Vince Gironda workouts.

Thanks for this info…All good…but not for everyone…. Haha, but eating meat all week long makes me crave fruit, so I binge very cleanly. If you stay for even longer, your immune function will decrease.

This is because a zero carb diet drains your liver and muscles of glycogen, and only carbohydrate can replenish it. Stay away from diet soda. Your liver both detoxifies and burns fat, so you want to keep yourself as chemical free as possible so that it can focus on fat loss. Oh man, I get those same fruit craving after weeks on this diet too.

Vince Gironda always advocated for a carb up every 5 days or so. In fact, I was doing some of my most intense interval training ever on zero carb. I never saw any performance hits whatsoever. And I felt great on zero carb. I believe diet needs to be tailored to the individual.

And that requires lots of experimentation. So for me, extremely low carb for long periods is great. I adapt quickly and fully. Most likely though, not everyone does. If you can stick to this for 8 weeks straight without any cheat days then you are a better man than me. And last time I did the diet I just plain fell off the wagon over and over.

Hi guys…update after one week…The week end was odd,i can binge with the best and can actually shout at a microwave to hurry up…. But Saturday i craved bacon in a bun…so i had it…the rest of the day was making up my sad mind what to eat…Did not crave sweet?..

I had two small packets of crisps,,two slices pizza…plus some steak…I succumed to a diet coke.. That would be near impossible. Bloat, so to speak. Excepting you have yourself a nice weekend binge, that is. And as for the protein shake, I have the same problem with them.

You can try an egg based protein powder. A better protein drink, and my go to, is a simple glass of raw milk if you can get it in your area mixed with some raw egg yolks no whites. No sweetener, artificial or otherwise. Keep checking in Jonnie. For some strange reason i seem to be eating steak alone more than steak and eggs?

On Thursday i had two steaks within a few hours of each other. I am drinking coffee with double cream and want to cut it down to two a day max. Here is my reasoning,i have trained for many years on and off,i was a gym rat,know a fair bit on nutrition and all the dark side of supplements,but just want to get as lean as fuck and maintain it,it helps i train with my wife who is Personal Trainer.

Plus my job as a London Cabbie is sitting on my ass after training and i expend zero cals.. So far i am pleased but will not weigh myself as the mirror does not lie,the bloat has gone and its pointless being a slave to the scale. As long as i maintain the steak and eggs for eight weeks,plus IF,i will get leaner,so for me it makes sense.. I have not craved anything sweet,more missing some savoury stuff? Saturday had a blender drink of wheatgrass,spirulina,maca and flaxseed..

The wheatgrass drink sounds godawful. Steak and eggs will need to change to steak and potatoes. Another week almost done…Have to give myself a pat on the back…No cravings although after five and half days could do with some bacon in a bun…The great thing about low carb is the bullshit which goes through your head regarding cheating,you can become dopey paranoid!!!. I do most of the shopping for the family and in a supermarket daily…none of the junk affects me?

I keep away from the scales,will start to do some weight training next week…there is no way i intend to end up soft skinny…If i had advice…. And put things into perspective…eating junk on and off,training haphazard will fuck you over..

And that on again off again junk thing does fuck you over. That was my problem last time I did this diet. I just kept binging on the goddamn junk.

Probably a good thing though — at least it kept my posts a little more interesting. Have you stayed true to the protocol? Are you eating just one meal a day or several? Is every meal steak and eggs, or are you adding other foods? Are you drinking anything other that water and the allowed wine? Have you binged yet? And if so, just how bad was it? In addition, weight is a notoriously poor indicator of results, at least in the short term.

The best way to get accurate with your measurements is to measure your thighs, ass, belly, bosom, and upper arms. Not everyone responds to low carb just most people.

But take all those measurements and give it another week. Hi Breakfast — steak and 2 x boiled eggs Lunch — 2 fried eggs Dinner — steak and 2 weeks added paprika litres of water. How large are the steaks that you are eating? A couple of 12oz ribeyes a day with the 6 eggs could just be too much food. Do you feel stuffed and sick at the thought of food more often than not? If so, then you are overeating.

That might make all the difference. Our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for. That could be slowing your progress, or negating it entirely. So why not give it a try with just one meal a day, like the protocol calls for? My clothes are fitting much better too. I do have a question I have absolutely no appetite will I not go out of ketosis because of this. You can enter ketosis due to fasting, and you can enter it due to low carbohydrate consumption. The effect on the body is the same.

This plan is a mix of both. If your body is receiving all the fuel it needs from your fat stores, then there is little reason for you to have an appetite. This has been my experience with ketosis. Just be warned, when you carb up for the first time you will become a raging shit eating machine. HI Just an update…. Not much weight lose 89 to 76 but lots of centimetres…. Good to hear from you again Hail! Mine always does after a carb up. Especially one high in junk. Just a few short weeks of more regular eating is usually enough of a break to allow you to resume and keep making progress.

Junk, junk, and more junk. It was a Bank Holiday in the UK yesterday and the last three days which two were the week end sort of came off the rails.. No beer or wine? Have a good day people.. Everyone will cave at some point on this diet. It usually takes me a couple days to get rid of the binge bloat and start feeling trim again. An update on the steak eggs way of dieting,i should have posted this two weeks ago…anyway…It works but like most people and for sanity you need a break at some point.

The last two weeks i have blown out a bit,had a drink and way too much shit…. I intend to do IF,steak and eggs daily for four days with a late night casein protein powder drink. On day five,six,the same but add the vitality green powder drink and some peanut butter in a protein drink.

Sunday will be a fasting water type day. Workout wise it has to be a Gironda definition type stuff,plus the INSANITY second month routine for cardio,hopefully some pad work,and week end will be two hour long walks.. Maybe you have to be mad but is that wrong???.. Great to hear from you again Jonnie! I can sympathize with the steak and eggs getting old. It gets really fucking old.

Keep kicking ass Jonnie! Finally I switched to tuna only and running ten miles a day, and it did the trick.. I was for ten years straight. All this to say keep going, no matter what until the day you look in the mirror and see the person you want to see. No cravings but I am tracking but eating to appetite not numbers and dropping pounds and water weight!

I hope your still doing well on the diet. Also, what do you recommend I eat on the carb day? Hi Sally, 5 pounds is a lot to gain, but not that far out of the bounds of reality. As for what you should eat on your carb day, it really comes down to what you want and how you respond.

Just remember, this diet is supposed to be temporary. I even tried some whip cream yesterday because I was craving something sweet and got a little carried away eating it.

I really thought I had probably messed up but woke up to 3 lb lost. Two pounds at best. So congratulations, and keep at it. Hi Sandy, the diet you read over at Bold and Determined is an excellent plan.

As with all diets though, it depends on your goals and starting point. It would work just fine in smaller portions. To answer your question though, yes, the protocol as described here will work. Focus on your macros and your appetite and it becomes fairly simple to manipulate your body weight.

And I always cook it in butter or bacon grease. First off I would like to say I really enjoy your writing style and personality. I like your outlook in life.

I think we all adapt to certain types of food and lifestyles better than others. I read a book about blood types that showed affinities for certain foods better than others. I was wondering if you were a blood type O by any chance? Book raised some pretty interesting points based on the idea that we become efficient over time on the foods we eat if we continue to eat them repetitively. But one thing that I totally agree with is the enormous public perception against fat.

As an Asian we considered those parts one of the best parts of our meal. I spent 15 years in the US seeing people throw these parts away with tears on one of my eyes. I like the idea of eating less in quantity and eating more in quality.

One thing we Asians take into regard of our diet is aging. Eating too much food that requires your body to work especially hard will cause you to age quicker; the downside of a fast metabolism. If you go and visit monks in Asia who eat one meal a day and eat very little meat to none; you will get your answers. Hey Tony, thanks for the compliment.

To be honest, I have no idea what my blood type is. I agree that we definitely waste the best parts of the animals here. These are the most nourishing foods, but we deny ourselves. A little common sense goes a long way here. Over a few meals that lack of protein will add up and you might start losing muscle mass instead of just fat. But yeah, occasionally to break the monotony is fine.

Thanks for the advice Trevor , will make sure i keep on track , just one more thing , not sure how long to stay on this diet for ,my mind is thinking , stay on this diet for 4 weeks at a time , take a few days off and carb up , then start the cycle again , would i see good results and definition in my body doing this , or just stick to the diet full on , i am not overly overweight just looking for that definition , but the diet is great first week in , i am lacking some energy when i am training with weights , the cardio side of it is ok , is this normal to lack a bit of energy , and on my cheat day , can i go all out on anything to eat , thanks this is a great article.

I think your plan is a pretty good one. Anything more than 4 weeks is just plain fucking rough. My last stint was 8 weeks and it was pure hell.

Or even just dieting strictly. Your body will become efficient at running off fat instead of carbs. The good news is, the more often you go low carb, the shorter the time it takes for you to enter ketosis and become fat adapted.

So each new phase you start should be that much easier. Well i have done it Trevor , 6 days in , man i thought i would cave , i did have one cappuccino though and that was the only thing i did wrong and that was on the 6th day around 2. I know that first week can be hell. After that and it becomes a bit more tolerable. Keep it up and let me know how you progress. Hi im just starting getting into fitness after a long period of inactivity.

I was wondering if this sort of diet is safe for someone as unhealthy as me. This is a great fat loss diet Buraot. But read the protocol thoroughly. If you have any other health conditions outside of simple obesity i. But if you are simply overweight with no associated conditions or any health conditions, for that matter then this diet can help you quickly shed some fat.

Sometimes a bit too quickly. As with any weight loss diet, the burden is on you to check the facts and make an informed decision.

Good luck finding a doctor to sign off on this diet! I wanted to take your opinion on low carb whole foods verse low carb processed. Instead of chicken breast eat bone-in skin on chicken thighs.

Instead of lowfat cheese eat full fat cheese. A low carb diet MUST be high fat in order to be nutritious and satiating. And extremely low fat high protein diets can even be deadly. And one other thing. Then report back and let me know how it worked. Anyways, I had a few questions:. Is that necessarily true? I just completed my first month of Insanity and I wanted to stick to a diet that would give me great results along with great energy!

Hey Miguel, thanks for your kind words! So to answer your questions. Fattier is better here. And while ground beef is not the ideal choice of meat for this diet, I can certainly sympathize with the cost issue. But try to get in a nice fatty steak every now and again. Grass fed beef is FAR healthier than grain fed. That said, no, it is not necessary to eat grass fed beef. Unless one of the local farms happens to offer some at a reasonable price, that is.

Grain fed beef will not make this diet any less effective. Steak, pan fried in bacon grease, and topped with 4 eggs, also fried in bacon grease, with yolks running all over the steak. Grilled steak also is great, especially over coal and smoked with mesquite. Steak in bacon grease is both fantastic AND easy. Always cook it rare to medium rare. A couple of my favorites are to season the steak with cumin and chili powder and the eggs too , or to season it with Montreal Seasoning.

The only issue is that my energy levels are shot during the day. I eat in the mornings and do Insanity at night.. Regarding your energy levels. Especially when combined with Insanity. Give it a couple weeks or so to see how you adapt. Just stick with water. Add a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice if you want some refreshing flavor.

That said, the fewer exceptions to the protocol the better. So just be mindful of how much cheese and what kind you are adding a bit of cheddar is just fine, a pile of Kraft Singles not so much. Can I have the glass of red wine in the evening or is the red wine only allowed along with the meal? You can have the wine whenever you want Louise.

And hopefully, the diet will get a bit easier. I stopped smoking about 2 years ago and have steadily gained 25kgs over that period. My weight does peak and trough every 10 years or so and in I did the eggs and grapefruit diet, which was very successful for me and lost 20kgs. I started this diet again 4 days ago and have lost 2kgs. However, whilst trawling the web for info on it I stumbled across your blog which has definitely caught my interest and I am thinking of having a crack at this next week.

I am a little confused though! What am I missing? If it is 1 meal, when do you eat — morning or evening? Also can you eat any other type of red meat — eg: Or should you only stick to beef steaks? I can understand your confusion regarding some of the comments.

People are gonna do what they want. I lay out in no uncertain terms what my protocol is. But then look at my diet updates throughout the weeks that I was chronicling my last attempt at this diet.

Whatever adjustments you need to make to help you stick with the diet are fine in my book. So if you need another meal or two per day, then I say go for it. Just try to stay true to the spirit of the protocol. That said, the reason this protocol is so effective is because it taps into the power of a ketogenic diet AND intermittent fasting.

When you remove the intermittent fasting part of the plan, it becomes just another ketogenic diet. They just need consistent weight loss. As to your question regarding what kind of meats are acceptable — yes, lamb and pork are both fine.

When your carbs are limited as much as they are on this diet, you will need all that fat to keep you fueled. I was thinking i might have some eggs for breakfast, miss lunch and then steak and eggs for dinner? I like to kick back at the end of a day with a huge-ass meal then just lie around feeling sick for awhile before I go to bed.

Same for two meals per day. So if you want eggs for breakfast then steak and eggs for dinner, I say go for it. I love your no nonsense approach Trevor — it is very funny. Just checking in with an update on my Fish and Eggs diet. Mon — Fri my meal is usually about 8 oz of wild salmon cooked in lots of butter or coconut oil and eggs, sometimes I add half an avocado and I have also started adding a packet of Artisana Coconut Butter as a sort of dessert — lots of good fats and low carb.

For the first two weeks I enjoyed a glass of red wine most evenings but for the week just passed I omitted the red wine completely and I have seen faster results this way. Right now I think it will almost be difficult to go back to eating more often during the day. Will update again in a few weeks. It seems like you were going strong. I like that you were able to adapt the diet to your needs and schedule without stressing about it.

I love reading all your posts, very funny and really informative! Keep telling it like it is. I am an electrician but now have an office job so not burning anything at work anymore. My wife is 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be in shape for photos when the baby comes. Also, in Australia summer is coming so I can almost hear the beach calling me. At my wedding last February, I was just under 80 kgs and a lean mean machine! I woke up hungover this morning and went to the shops to get my steak, eggs and butter.

For breakfast I had 5 eggs, and a g steak rare. Do you think I should do this once or twice a day? Hey Pat, forgive me for my very late response. Fill me in if you get the chance. I watched a documentary on juicing and have been hooked. Kale, celery, selantra, cucumbe and sometimes a carrot or apple. I add flax seed for fibre and chia seeds.. I chug this down with a top sirloin fried in a fuckload of butter. No constipation due to organic flax seed..

Again, a mother fuckload of butter. So long as the diet keeps working then modifications are just fine. And you seemed to have done that. I know my response is late in coming Hail, but yes. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you — I was away for awhile. Cramping is not a sign of salt depletion. It is a sign of potassium depletion. I had a beautiful baby 10 weeks ago via c-section. Decided to give this diet a go to get rid of the baby weight which is now only a couple of pounds, but want to lose more anyway!

I am absolutely stuffed to no end! Any more and I may have been physically sick! Day one, steak and two eggs and plain water for me. Will post back next Wednesday with any weight loss updates. But I would caution about dieting so soon after having a baby. Steak and eggs are good and healthy foods, no doubt, but the diet as prescribed is pretty restrictive — whatever deficiencies you may encounter will affect the quality of your milk.

You should probably check with your doctor before getting too deep into this diet. I had 2 cracks at the diet. First time was 3 weeks at it, I then had 2 weeks of while my wife had the baby and then another 4 weeks at it. I found it really hard for the first week with stomach cramps, feeling a bit dizzy etc. I can only think of 3 possible things I may have done wrong and if be interested in your comments: I may have carbed up too much on my day off, I went pretty nuts with toast, muffins, bread rolls, potatoes, the list goes on, I did not hold back!!!

I sometimes added some Worcestershire sauce to my steak while cooking. This was to make it bearable.

I think it has very little sugar in it though. I had some pretty crazy carb-ups myself last time I did the diet, but I was also training my ass off. You gotta earn your carbs, as they say. But it could just very well be that this is not the diet for you. Not everyone responds to low carb.

Have you since tried any other diets? I know this response is half a decade late, but for anyone reading this today: Celebrity Slim Rapid is the kick-start phase of the Celebrity Slim Program, designed to be used for the first few weeks or longer if you prefer - there is no time limit as the Rapid Phase is completely safe for ongoing use.

Rapid has been formulated to eliminate cravings, kick start weight loss and get you motivated for the 'Trim' phase. For nutritional information, check out the Rapid shakes range.

The Celebrity Slim Rapid phase has been devised to reduce carbohydrates from the diet and encourages rapid weight loss by forcing the body to burn primarily fat instead of glucose sugar for energy.

On the Trim Phase, simply replace 2 meals each day with delicious Celebrity Slim shakes or meal bars, eat 1 healthy balanced meal and snack up to 3 times on a variety of yummy, allowable foods between meals. Drinking lots of water is also very important, so we recommend at least 2 litres per day.

The Celebrity Slim Trim Phase is our regular program, designed with longer term use in mind. Many people find Trim to be the most enjoyable phase of the program, because it's so flexible, offers the most variety of Celebrity Slim meals and snacks to choose from and is easy to stick to.

On our Maintain Phase, you can choose to stop using Celebrity Slim meal replacements altogether or cut back to just 1 Celebrity Slim Shake or Meal Bar, alongside 2 healthy balanced meals and 3 healthy snacks. But beware - if at this stage you were to go back to eating a carbohydrate rich diet, you would probably regain much of the weight and fat you have lost.

Once you've reached your goal weight, our Maintain Phase will help ease you back into a healthy lifestyle routine designed to help you sustain your weight loss results in the long run.

The great thing about the Maintenance Phase, you will find, is that because you are still following the basic program guidelines, you will continue to lose weight.

Nearly there...