Pros and cons of Body Pump classes

Sweet Potato Almond Butter Muffins

Sweet Potato Almond Butter Muffins
I made a few modifications to fit my whole-foods plant based diet. This is just one of the many studies on the subject: I am a woman A couple of years ago I did BP on a regular basis a couple of times a month and I thought it made me really toned. As i continue, I will raise the weight I lift, but so far, that is definitely sufficient. I enjoy Body pump classes but I wish they would not repeat the same music week after week.

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I started weight training over ten years ago before I knew about BP. I use to lift heavy because I worked out with men. Then in I had my daughter and I was unable to work out for a few years.

I fell in love with working out all over again! I have now been doing body pump for over 2 years now and I also do other Les Mills classes such as Bodyattack and bodycombat. I have never been so fit in my entire life! Because of BP I can run fast and for long distances, ployometric lunges and jumps are a piece of cake, and I can do more push-ups then some men half my age.

I was afraid that doing all those squats and lunges with heavy weights would make my already big legs bigger, but instead they became lean and my butt looks like two coconuts as my husband would put it. They care about there students and always keeping watch on everyone including me. I have a teacher Kelly who uses sarcasm as motivation along with being sarcastic and funny with her students. Body Pump was the key to my fat loss.

I have lost 20 pounds in the last 9 months. I was way out of shape 45 yr old. I joined a Gym 3 months ago, started Inner Strenth a week. Then I started shrinking fast! I still do either Zumba or Body Combat 1xweek. All together I work out an average of times a month. I drink water, hot teas, unsweet tea,carrot juice, and sometimes Vi shakes. I love the Body Pump. Here are my quick thoughts from a trainers view: If something works for you; continue doing it and reassess results often.

No results mean you have to change something. Pump is a program with proven-researched results and if it works; continue it. Have just returned from a new BP class have been doing BP for over 15 years. No teaching points, just eyebrows to direct the class.!

No introduction was new to class. He had a good time. This copy what I do is ridiculous — we are supposed to be teachers, not the Pied Piper. Agree with you Sue! Instructors basically have to be cueing non-stop if they really want to keep every participant safe and in sync. I even have the special mix tapes created for the US launch. I plan my classes, with each track having a specific technique focus and repeated that same drill in each Pump class I taught that week.

I strained them doing power lunges and since then any type of lunge hurts. I really try and concentrate on proper form e. Hi Jo, try to make sure your shoulders and hips are aligned and even. This illustration might help. I went to classes at the local gym for 6 years but then moved to a very rural area with no gym facilities.

I find if I dont do it, because of my age I lose muscle strength quickly if I dont exercise so I have incentive to lift regularly. I do now have a knee problem but do squats instead of lunges and find strengthening my thigh muscles helps tremendously in supporting my knee!

I do have quite weak shoulders but they have greatly improved since doing BP. Was a great introduction to weight training. It was brand new at the gym I attended and they were great about having 1 instructor up front, and 3 roaming to be sure we had proper form and weight.

The gym I attend has group power similar to body pump. I do that once a week and another toning class once a week. Water aerobics and spinning for cardio.

I am so thankful that body pump as a brand new program was my first experience with weights. Hi I always was a fan of Body Pump. When I did the course 8 years ago they explained how and why they made the format like this and it made sense.

I also am a fitness professional for 22 years and a choreographer. Now, you find big moves in slow music, which feels wrong. They let you jump up and down the step as if it is an aerobic class, I gave options to do squats instead.

We have only 55minute classes, so, why not do less legs and be in time to also give corrections and explanations? Our gym is an all inclusive gym, we encourage people with a disability to join our classes. Chest and triceps seems to be not so important to stretch in BP89 anymore while you do work them throughout the class.

They forget that even them when doing the video need at least 59 minutes to teach this to us instructors, who do not need much explanations or corrections. It is even more frustrating that you cannot go anywhere with this issue. Everyone who does any ETM or fitness course learns that this is very important to have in place. I hope someone will inform LessMills choreographers to be so professional so you can cater for all abilities. Fitpro who sells their workouts is always too late with sending out the new releases even though you order them way in time.

It is too expensive for a lot of instructors and it is not even sung by original artist if you use the original version you have to pay not only your PPL licence but on top of that another 1 pound 25??!!

It is not easy to make a bit of money teaching classes nowadays. Do they need to throw them on the floor? How come in the biceps they tell you to bring your bar to the shoulders?? If your elbows need to stay stationary below the shoulders you cannot make the shoulders unless you are a monkey. The instructors on the dvd often have bad technique themselves. Swinging in Bicep curls, lifting of back in chest press etc.

I wish I could teach them myself, I mean, the so called Master Instructors who think they know it all because they work for LM. Wow after reading your blog post I had to respond. Seriously, my body looks amazing. The trick is, to increase the weight after a time. Once your body adjusts to the weights it kind of defeates the purpose. I warm up with 7. At any rate, I know they say that everything is not for everybody.

It just bothers me that your blog can be discouraging to those that never tried bodypump. I enjoy pushing myself. Four minutes of biceps? I would be cool if they doubled it. One of the problems that I see often is that people coming in for the first time go way to heavy.

As as result, they injure themselves or never come back. Another problem is that people who have been going regularly are afraid to increase their weights. Look, if you have a ton of injuries then this is definitely not the class for you. Would you encourage someone with injuries to do an Insanity class? I just have to say most of the negative complaints on here I believe are from either an experience with a bad instructor or just not challenging yourself.

Lifting weights allows you to shed almost pure fat by replacing it with muscle. I have been doing body pump for about six months now. At first, I was doing almost all cardio and got almost no results. The instructor for my class is so great. It is always packed, yet she finds time to help every one out. She goes all over the floor. She shows some people that need modifications how to modify the exercise. I have had her come up and hold my arms closer together while doing triceps or push me forward just a little when doing push-ups.

I am now starting with 10 kg on warmup, 22 kg for squats, 20 kg for back, 10 kg for chest, and 7 kg for biceps and lunges. I so want to go up on biceps and lunges, but by the time we get there, my muscles are a little shaky. I have honestly seen better results from adding in one more weight class than I ever have doing pure cardio. I still throw in a Zumba and spin, but just one more class, I have been dropping the weight, and losing inches and inches.

It all depends upon how hard you want to push yourself. Any ideas on how I can start training my knees to go out instead of in on my lunges and squats.

I walk on the side of my feet and pigeon toed. So, that just makes it even more difficult. The purpose of a lunge is not to have your feet aligned on the same line. Both feet should be on two different parallel lines, with enough width between these lines. My teachers are wonderful. I had a teacher by the name of Dora and between the two of them I learned alot. When you have teachers that care enough about you and your classmates, witch in this case my teacher Jackie looks at me and my classmates as her other family.

I have been integrating body pump into my routine for last 6 months and really like it. I am 51 and am very fit. After talking and working with my teacher Jackie last week, she recommended not using weights for the lunge track for a couple of weeks or so, does anybody have an opinion on that?

My range of motion, core stability and balance is slacking. I would love to hear opionons on what I said. You could also try to work on your balance and core stability by doing planks, easy one-leg exercises or tring a yoga class. I did weight lifting for 12 years and most recently boot camp for 3. I have ventured into Bodypump for 2 months and I really enjoy it. I also agree that if you want more mass this is not something that you should do in search for that but I now have triceps AND biceps for the first time ever.

I do wish they concentrated a bit more on abs, but that is just my personal choice after having a trainer that insisted on hundreds of core exercises each session.

Hi, I am 33 years old. I have been doing body pump 3 times a week for more than 4 years and I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, thin capillaries wall in my leg and thigh have been torn. Doctor told me not to stand or sit for long hours. However, I was wondering whether lifting heavy weight in squat increase the capillaries tearing or not?

BP is killing you please stop it has no functional benefit for you. Lifting weights is fine but with your condition I would suggest that you find other ways to do functional training with weight, for example ViPR training.

Hope this helps you. There are three things I hate about bp. These things are not up for debate — just observed truths for me. Cults do what they do. No control over that. There seems to be an unfounded belief that this is the only to put energy into the class. This is pure crap. I wear ear plugs which also helps with 1, by the way. This volume CAN be changed — the fact that it rarely is may have something to do with 3.

I prefer adult relationships — no haranguing necessary — I am a very motivated adult by just being in class. These truths of mine are bolstered by having been in body pump classes that are moderate volume and led by mature any age , confident instructors — what a blessing they are!

My whole body is much more at peace and whole and thriving when the music and microphone are at moderate levels and the instructor adopts an adult to adult relationship.

I believe this approach builds bodies that are more ready to take on the one life given to them. Your body for everyday life does not move in a linear fashion but rather a functional 3 dimensional one. I am sure if you tried doing a ViPR class that is scientifically safe and functional that you would get a lot more benefit out of it.

You comments about the things that you hate are accurate and can be controlled if the instructor cares enough to listen to you … but 9 out of 10 times these people have no idea what they are doing…. I can agree with most guys here! D Les Mills defnitely help me get in shape especially my legs and chest I can see an increases chest size too. It helps me to do more than what I think and the feeling afterwards is great! Yes we are all teaching the same chorey as that is what Les Mills is about, that no matter who is teaching the class you are guaranteed a good, safe workout.

It is not up to the instructor how much weight a person puts on their bar, we are not their personal trainers. We make recommendations as to what the weight factor should be for beginners, regulars and so on. If someone chooses to use a 1kg on either side of their bar, we can suggest a weight but by no means can we tell them to change it! All we can do is recommend, give advise, inspire and deliver a top notch program..

I can not tell you how many times I have corrected people in form, suggested this or that only to have them continue doing what they have always done…I cringe when I look out into my classes and see people doing things wrong, and though I try to help and suggest…ultimately it is thier choice..

Music and mic volume are usually an instructor choice, but sometimes that is out of our hands.. If that is such an issue it can be addressed. I googled BP in the process of getting feedback from various sights for an article I am writing as I am Group fitness Manager at 2 gyms.. Glad to read the positive feedback from many people on here, sad to see the negativity towards the program as well as instructors..

I love BP I do agree that teachers have to watch out for there students. One of my teachers recommended to me not to use weights on the lunge track. She encourages us to push ourselves but preaches safety at the same time. I am 44 years old and have been doing BP off and on for a number of years spanning several states. I absolutely see a difference in my muscle mass. I try to do BP about 2x-3x a week but because of my work travel schedule many times I am doing just 1 BP session a week.

I would have to say that the biggest thing about BP is that you have to push yourself with the weights. My philosophy is that you should be stopping at least once or twice throughout all of the tracks. I find that the group setting is the best format for me to get the most out of the hour.

Try different instructors at different gyms if this is an option for you. I have been doing body pump for over 4 years now. I am a male 38 years old. When I started I was flabby and out of shape. Now I am in great shape and look way better.

I have good shoulder muscles, Leg muscles, biceps and triceps. I started with 2. Now I lift over 50KG during squats. Body pump will increase your muscles mass however it is more lean muscle like a swimmers body then like a Body builder. If you want bulk, you need to to low reps. If you want lean muscle like a swimmer or tennis player you need high reps lower weight. If you add some good, hard cardio you will drop weight off even faster.

If you eat a clean diet with BP and Cardio you will be in the 6 pack range in a shorter time. Here is what I do. Body pump monday, wed, fri. Ice hockey for 2 hours thursdays skip the beers and wings after and sunday I rest. My Diet is decent enough to show good results, great results will be in winter when I get more serious about what fuel I put in my body.

As a seasoned BP trainer and experienced Fitness Professional I know that BP might seem like a good idea and initially it can be for all the reasons mentioned above, however, in reality lifting weights like that with such high repetitions like 5 minutes one muscle group non stop has more harmful effects than beneficial ones to be sure.

Stick to proper weighted movements in a functional manner. The other side of the coin is that thousands of trainers are learning how to teach this class with little to no background in Sports Science or any human movement studies what so ever.

So members be wary of what you are letting so called fitness professionals when they are nothing of the sort put your body through its paces….. I am a woman A couple of years ago I did BP on a regular basis a couple of times a month and I thought it made me really toned. I was in my mid-forties then, I am of slender build and eat healthy. BP did not make me lose weight, I actually gained 1 or 2 kilos but my body was really nicely shaped.

I used very light weights. I think I will take it up again because I enjoyed it. I just hated that the music was so loud. I started Bodypump in March, I can definetly see improvement in my shape. A great addition to rugby and hockey and now weight training and running. Reebok one ask, bring back Step n Pump, plzzzzz. I enjoyed reading the comments about Body Pump. I became a personal trainer at the age of 52, a spinning instructor and Body Pump instructor at the age of I was very gung ho and in great shape.

I had started running at the age of 27 to lose weight and quit smoking and became nationally ranked. Then life started happening…half my colon removed at the age of 58, broken elbow at 59 and then discovered I had Hepatitis C at the age of The Hep C was from blood transfusions I received in and due to injuries sustained from being hit by a car.

Donated blood was not tested for Hep C until as it had not yet been discovered! I had complained about being tired for years but the docs put it down to me exercising too much and then blamed it on old age.

So anyway, turns out my liver was inflamed and damaged and told me to start treatment right away. What I want to say in a very rambling way is that I lost a lot of muscle and it was hard to start from the beginning again. I am often in a lot of pain and yes, my knee hurts. But with baby steps, physical therapy and will power I am back teaching spin and BP again.

People come up to me after class because they love the way I teach and say it also helps them when I show modifications and understand where they are coming from too.

I throw in a few lame bits of Brit humor too. Do what you can! You are so inspiring Lynda!!! I suffer grade 4 endometriosis involving the bowel and have waited 17months for joint surgery!!! I love body pump and rpm but struggle to get to a class!! I find it helps and I would love you to e-mail me.

Body pump is the best class ever iv been doing it years its given me the body i have today and strengthen and toned my entire body i alternate with weights in the gym and machines but its a great social enjoyable class but to get results you need to increase weight and challenge yourself i come out the class exhausted and feeling great: I agree with the point of Disadvantages.

Although I did BP regularly, I could never increase my weight THAT much, and trying to keep up with the sometimes fast music made it hard to maintain form at times. Working out on my own, I can push myself but take the time I need to get the most out of each exercise. I do body pump twice a week am 59 I also do spin classes but my thighs AV gon huge. Ido a lot of squats an lunges is that y help.

The instructors are given new choreography every other month. They are too worried about choreography and the script. This goes for all the Les Mills Body classes. I never get anything from these classes and have seen quite a few injuries from people taking them. I work in a gym that offers bodypump and I often take this class.

What I see on the floor is horrible form and people using too much or too little weight. I was in a class where a lady had limp wrists and an arched back the whole class and the neither of the 2 instructors said anything to her. Also weight lifting while keeping up with a beat is not a good idea because you are more worried about proper timing than proper form.

I have a few questions: Body Pump power pump here, and is only 30 min long but with really few breaks if any is offered Tuesday and Thurdsay. Barre is offered Mondays and Wednesdays.

What is the best classes to supplement Monday Wednesday and Friday? Hi Maddie, considering the fact that you probably should feel some muscle aches the day after a Power Pump class, an idea for a weekly schedule could be the following: Power Pump — Wednesday: Power Pump — Friday: Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, increases blood flow through veins, arteries and capillaries.

When the blood vessels are unable to expand properly to handle the increased capacity, numbness or tingling may be the result. Your email address will not be published. Disadvantages of Body Pump classes: What is your take on Body Pump? Do you attend Body Pump classes? How many times a week did you do it? I just started and love it as well. I hate working out alone so would only really do fitness classes Thanks!

And stop blaming your tools for not acheiving your goals. Bad workman and all that! This works if you keep at it and keep challenging yourself! Hi Elise, I would just like to say good on you for your article. Hi Elise, how are you? Our instructor rarely plays the same track twice Cheers John. Roxx is a trainer based in Toronto, Canada.

DRAKE, and the cavern between his most pronounced ab, and belly button, where I hope to one day sleep at night. Can you survive on this regimen: A nice, non-roid way to get swolled! She is THE go-to trainer for country music stars. Helping clients to turn any environment, whether it be an office, or stadium bleacher, into a god damn fitness utopia; Oprea emphasizes balance, core cardio, resistance training, and a practical diet. Oprea says, "10, steps a day" is a good start! In Oprea's upcoming book the 4X4 Diet , she suggests avoiding fad cleanses and starvation, and -- like everyone else -- cutting out sweets and fats, relying on carbs from protein and vegetables.

She also says to indulge once in a while, and chew gum to curb hunger. Carrie Underwood, Leann Womack, and me screaming into my pillow. Can you survive on her regimen: Anyone who says I can eat a loaf of bread once in a while is fine by me.

Pasternak is a Canadian-born, LA-based trainer, who once survived as a nutrition scientist for Canada's Department of National Defense. The Tracy Anderson Method , which involves lifting to tone, dance-cardio, band-workouts, and pilates, and for being called a " pint-sized" miracle , by her lead disciple, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Example of a Tracy Anderson day in food: Amino-acid shakes for breakfast, gluten-free quesadilla, flounder for dinner, and one organic chocolate bar for dessert. Musico is a former super middleweight boxing champion of the world and celebrity trainer.

Boxing-based cardio, 5-minute interval training, including 30 seconds on and off on the treadmill. And also having this as the opening of his website's "About Me' section: Including "the butt guy. Sold in packs of six plastic bottles, each 8-ounce bottle contains calories, 4 grams of fat, 13 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar and 3 grams of fiber.

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New Sunshine Power contains grams of high-quality dairy protein—from milk and milk ingredients—per ounce serving.

Made with cold-crafted Sunshine milk and cocoa, Sunshine Power comes in gable-top pint containers. A powerful ounce serving packs in calories, 19 grams of fat, including added omega-3 fatty acids, and 24 grams of total sugar, in addition to the 30 grams of protein. This formulation was produced in collaboration with a strength-trainer exercise physiologist to provide athletes and exercise enthusiasts with the ideal beverage to provide energy, build muscle and assist with recovery. Through the addition of lactase enzyme, the product is lactose free.

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This new fitness nutrition brand—trusource—is targeted to aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The brand has introduced a line of dairy protein-based beverages powder mixes and ready-to-drink exclusively to Kroger stores.

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At only calories, these gluten-free shakes may taste like desserts but have the benefit of 12 grams of protein from milk protein concentrate. The formulation relies on stevia and monk fruit extract for sweetness. The drinks will be available starting November 20, , at U.

Read about this product by linking HERE. Dancing Cow 1-Minute Breakfast is a blend of skim milk and cereals and comes in two varieties: Combined with inulin, a milliliter single-serve bottle provides 3. Each bottle also contains about calories, 8. The product gets a nutritional boost from the addition of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, calcium and folic acid.

The shelf-stable dairy beverages made in Germany have a nine-month unopened ambient shelflife. They contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. MilkWise is a proprietary blend of water, low-fat milk, sugar and other ingredients. The formulation is designed to optimize taste while delivering lower sugar, fewer calories and more calcium than traditional dairy milk. There are three varieties: Original, Vanilla and Reduced Sugar Vanilla. An 8-ounce serving of Original and Vanilla contains 70 calories, 2.

MilkWise is only sweetened with sugar. This includes the reduced-sugar variety, with an 8-ounce serving containing 40 calories, 1. The formulation also contains lactose-free skim milk and whey protein isolate. Energy comes from the naturally occurring sugars in the juices, the skim milk and added fruit purees, as well as green tea extract and vitamin Each single-serve container provides calories, 12 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber, 28 grams of sugar and no fat.

Initial distribution is Minnesota, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona. With a three-to-one carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, Darigold RE-fuel protein milk is a lactose-free from the addition of lactase recovery beverage scientifically proven to increase performance and recovery of muscles after exercise. Darigold RE-fuel does not have artificial sweeteners or a medicinal aftertaste.

It tastes like real Darigold Chocolate Milk, according to the company. Sold in ounce bottles, each bottle contains 20 grams of protein from low-fat milk. An 8-ounce serving contains to calories, 2. RE-fuel comes in two varieties: Chocolate Peanut Butter and Rich Chocolate. Nosh Super Brekkie is neither a smoothie nor a milk. The company describes it as a fully loaded proper wholesome breakfast on the go.

Each single-serve bottle contains about calories and comes in four different fruit flavors: Banana, Honey, Mango and Strawberry-Banana. Decadent in taste and balanced in nutrition, these unique bottled loose leaf tea infusions feature protein-packed milk and real fruits, flowers, spices and herbs, which deliver robust flavors. The three new shelf-stable Teappuccino varieties are: Argo Tea sources the best ingredients from around the world, including handpicked, loose-leaf teas, to create a variety of innovative signature beverages that taste great and are good for you, according to the company.

In , Argo Tea launched its first ready-to-drink Signature Teas, which are now sold in more than 20, U. Mango, Peach and Strawberry. They contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or artificial flavors. LALA Greek yogurt was introduced earlier this year. You can read about them HERE. This recent addition to the Carnation Breakfast Essentials brand brings yogurt shoppers back into the ambient breakfast aisle.

To read more about the potential of the pouch package for dairy, link HERE. Protein Smoothie pouches are sold in boxes of five. They come in two varieties: Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana. Each pouch contains calories, 4 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

Each pouch contains as much calcium as a 6-ounce cup of yogurt. The fiber comes from fructooligosaccharide and inulin sourced from chicory. The protein comes from the cultured milk as well as added whey protein concentrate. The product is heat treated after culturing and hence does not contain live and active cultures. The product line made its debut on Amazon and is now making its way into the supermarket sector.

First Milk, the largest British dairy farmer-owned co-op in the U. The co-op, along with its CNP business unit, worked with Tour de France champions Team Sky to create a range of protein-packed power foods targeted for breakfast. They also make sensible snacks throughout the day. First Milk acquired CNP, long-known as being nutritional specialists, in Currently there are four concepts in the Team Sky range: The high-protein whey-based smoothies are low in fat and come in at less than calories for a milliliter bottle, while delivering an impress 26 grams of protein.

The high-protein whey-based instant porridge sachets contain calories and 6. When prepared according to directions using skimmed milk, a serving contains calories and 12 grams of protein.

The ready-to-microwave whey-based porridge pots contain calories and They come in three varieties: Apricot, Original and Superfruits. The two varieties are: Mixed Cherry and Summer Fruits. CNP has worked with Team Sky since its inception in , and is an official supplier to the team. It has developed bars, gels, protein powders and supplements, which helped power the team to multiple Tour de France victories. A key element for the team is its approach to race nutrition and that has provided the credibility to develop this range of breakfast products.

We have fasted overnight, so we need to put the nutrients into the body that we need to start work or start play. These smoothies and porridges give us the protein and the slow-release carbohydrate energy that will help feed us throughout the morning.

Califia Farms Horchatas are dairy free and come in two flavors: Classic Cinnamon and Vanilla Coconut. Califia Farms Aguas Frescas come in five flavors with bright, festive artwork inspired by Mexican mural art and Dia de los Muertos designs. New flavor Mango Chili Lime is a slightly spicy take on the popular tropical combination, while Pineapple Ginger delivers a nuanced flavor upgrade to traditional pineapple juice.

The aguas frescas line up, which also includes Kiwi Cactus Lemonade, Strawberry Basil and Watermelon Ginger Lime, are delicious on their own or as mixers in summer cocktails, according to the company.