The Best Muscle-Building Supplements for Ectomorphs


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Whey Protein Powder Reviews

Also have you guys come across Udos Choice Oil Blend for your fats and if so do you think this could replace what you have specified in this article? If you had to pick one or the other go for the NutraSea. Hey Guys, i have a few questions before i sign up. It seems as if this has been what i have been looking for. Im 20 years old now and have only been working out seriously for about months. You can see the difference in mostly my arms. I use a pullup bar, dumbells, and my own body weight for my worksouts pushups, dips, etc and i primarily refer to this workout.

Maybe take a single dose instead of a double or triple. Hehe and make sure to also do a leg workout! Nothing will make you grow more than also hitting your legs, especially with squats and deadlifts.

Your entire posterior chain will be much more powerful back, butt, legs , as well as your arms, shoulders, and grip strength. After long long time researching myself I think your program fits the gap, great work. Do you know if vegan protein soy, rice, wheat supplements are as effective as the the animals proteins — like whey — are? Thank you very much for some help, and again: There a million and one easy options for vegetarians.

Vegans are a trickier beast, and we currently only have one vegan member. Soy protein comes from monocultures and is heavily processed, so stay away from that one. Lots of problems associated with it. Fermented soy, like soy sauce, is okay. He has it enriched with BCAAs, too, which makes it fantastic for strength training and building muscle mass.

You may want to supplement with vitamin b12 and flax as well, as vegan diets are low in those nutrients. Hey, thanks for the fast and detailed information, helped a lot, especially the info about the rice and the negative issues about soy. Maybe also throw in some coconut oil just so you get at least some amount of saturated fat, which the body needs to make cholesterol, which in turn the body needs to make testosterone. And maybe some linseed oil as well to get your omega Sure there are problems with meat production environmental, ethical , but cutting it altogether seems a bit extreme.

Better to reduce consumption and eat organic if circumstances e. Most of us agree that processed foods are not too good, but isolated protein and supplements the only way to get adequate protein as a veggie are exactly that.

Now I eat a small portion of meat once or twice a week, some fish on top of that, and lots of organic eggs, and feel a lot better now that I do. Want to add a question: Or is it some monthly fee or something? Ooo but did you contrast it against the same number of calories coming from similar whole foods?

I was interested to know your measurements for this monster shake. I see you have 90g protein, g dextrose, and 15g creatine, but do you take this with water?

If so, how many ounces? I fill up my water bottle with as much water as I can, which is around oz. It can be pretty sludgy, yeah, but it does dissolve! You can always, of course, use more water. Serious Mass tastes much better though! Stick to whole food or smoothies instead. Hope that helps, and good luck! Hi Shane, great work as always. Can I use cornstarch as my source of maltodextrin? Is 3 scoops of cornstarch enough for a mid sized pound ectomorph?

Flour, while theoretically fine to eat raw, is expected to be cooked. As a result the packaging rules are less stringent, and if you eat it raw you risk consuming bacteria inadvertently. In a pinch just use whey protein and eat some fruit.

I find a couple pre-workout bananas work well. Great point, glad I asked you first, whew. Thank you so much man. I really appreciate the advice. I figure I should give you some more details, since this stuff can get really confusing. The number one ingredient in Serious Mass is maltodextrin, which is their equivalent of dextrose. Since people are scared of sugar on nutrition labels this is a plus for them. Our body will use it in exactly the same way.

No advantage or disadvantage here, just a different way of accomplishing the same thing. Next up on the ingredient list is a blend of protein. The reason why I prefer our homemade blend here is that we use a whey protein isolate. The purity is much higher.

Not quite as good. All that is relatively minor though. Wow , thank you Shane! This site is awsome. I will refer this site to all my gym buddies so they can learn also the truth about training and supplements. Hey bro shane, i got this 12lbs serious mass and 5lbs Gold standard whey as a birthday gift from my uncle, can i use whey along this serious mass? Just want to ask how to use these 2 type of supplements, how and when to take it?

Serious Mass makes a good intra-workout drink, so you could drink it during or right after training. The protein content is a little low, so you could drop the dose of serious mass a bit and add in some whey. You can also take the whey along with meals where the protein content is low. Might result in some fat gains too.

There are a lot of complex issues as to why, but as a basic rule you want lots of vitamin-rich foods that digest at a steady pace. Serious Mass is like having a slice of cake with a whey shake on the side. Hey Shane what you think about casein protein before going to sleep? Is for us ectomorphs important or it dont worth that money and is better to eat some cottage cheese instead for example?

Actually I bet casein protein is cheaper than cottage cheese. Protein powders are actually usually a pretty good price compared with whole food.

Greek yogurt is great, too, and also packed full of casein. It has tons of probiotics in it, which are great for ectomorphs trying to digest more food than their bodies are used to. Start mixing in berries and stuff, to make it taste better, and it gets even more expensive. Eggs are another good source of pre-bed protein. The sugars in milk digest extremely slowly, too, making them a great source of pre-bed carbs. You can eat anything before bed though.

Currently I have 60g of dextrose and 35g of isolated protein straight m workout. That pre-workout meal sounds pretty great, so if your diet consists mostly of vitamin-rich whole foods like that you should be pretty good.

I eat well … but when trying to quickly build muscle I still have a huge 3x workout shake. Yep, you could buy something like Universal Torrent and take a x dose! Buying the ingredients separately and mixing them yourself is the most cost-efficient way to go. Universal Torrent tastes a whole hell of a lot better though!

It seems to me that if you want 2g EPA and 1. According to the label, in a 1 tsp. This is equivalent to one tbsp. Or did I miss something? I noticed that the article says 2 tbsp, one morning one night, not 3. Thanks for your information packed articles! What are your thoughts on adding AAKG to the training drink?

I have seen numerous proponents supporting AAKG specifically for ectomorphs. Caffeine would be the ultimate supplement for performance enhancement there, making coffee or an energy drink a great choice. If you want to really geek out you could check out this review into arginine, which basically says that regular protein or BCAAs contain everything that arginine offers and more, making arginine a poor supplement when you could use protein instead.

Do you think it would be better as to have other weight gainer supplements during the day to add more calories to my diet? I think there are much better alternatives when it comes to trying to eat more calories, even if you have a small appetite. Whole grain bread, natural peanut butter and your favourite type of jam. Bonus points for peanut butter and banana sandwich instead.

I just bought Dymitize Isolate, but little anything in it. HELP, I relate to what you are saying. I feel up pretty quickly, but breakfast is my best meal of the day. You know what you are talking about, that is why I am reaching out for help in what you say.

As I have to watch for no Pre-Diabetes. I had instance two years ago. Hello, I am ectomorphic and tired of it.

I stumbled upon this blog in my quest to gain muscle. With reference to the supplements listed in this blog:. Should I mix the whey protein and dextrose powder before a workout, during a workout, after a workout or all of the above?

How should I attempt to consume creatine on a daily basis? Should I mix it with any liquids I consume? If so, what brands of these supplements do you prefer? All of the above is good. And most of the brands we list you should be able to find at the local GNC.

You Aussies seem to kick ass at this, too. Some great transformations going on down there!! Regarding the payment plan, shoot me an email at us bonytobeastly.

Saving money, energy, and my body using this post! Takes a bit longer then the banned PH gods, but it is a hell of a lot safer. Keep up the good work my dude! Glad you like it, man! My problem is that i do not gain in my arms, even though i pay full attention to them and they are still very thin. I have a few questions and would be really obliged to get a response from you on them: Can i use only creatine?

Does it also help in muscle building and getting bigger, apart from providing energy to get those extra reps? If i use creatine, how much quantity is safe and sufficient? When should it be used before or after the workout? Is the loading phase necessary? Does the ability to lift more and size of muscles reduce if i stop taking it?

Is it hard to digest like whey protein? Sushant 5 grams pre and post workout, technically the loading faze is not needed but recommended for ectomorphs. Creatine is a really good supp for natural lifters you just gotta stay consistent with it to see results. Hey Will, thanks a lot for your reply mate. I already have 6 eggs, protein biscuits, nuts and a very basic protein supplement as i mentioned before along with other protein rich food.

So that makes up for about gms of protein daily. Before workout i have 2 bananas, 2 eggs, 2 protein biscuits and almonds and immediately after workout i have 2 bananas along with the protein supplement mixed with whole milk , 2 protein biscuits, 2 eggs and a high carb meal 2 hours later. Can i just add 5 grms of creatine to this diet? Hey Sushant — cool questions. First off, congrats on the 10kg! You must be pumped! Check out the creatine section for details about what it does it does a lot beyond helping with reps , and check out the protocol at the end of the article for how to take it.

No need to mix it with anything or get all fancy with it. So, more chin ups, yates bent over rows, cable curls, tricep extensions, close grip pushups, etc. Squats, deads, bench, chins, carries, planks, etc. Hey Shane, thanks a lot for all that information man. You guys are doing an amazing work with this site, kudos to you for that.

We have a lot of gyms here but sadly not many knowledgeable trainers, so there are a lot of us here looking for professional help in trying to understand our body better and gain and this site with people like you are doing a tremendous job.

Thank you for that! You cleared almost all my doubts about creatine and i might be going for it soon after gaining a little more weight. I followed your advice about the arm training and am waiting for some good results.

Sean Go on bodybuilding. Buying products at shops is usually a rip off, trust me I worked at one for awhile Jesus would we sell supps for super high prices lol. Good luck with your supplement search brotha. Luckily creatine is often relatively low in price, so you could probably still get a few months supply for a decent price. It seems like you were only tripling the dose of whey and creatine…. Great site by the way. I just stumbled upon it after getting a gym membership and looking into supplements.

Yeah, we take quite a bit of dextrose. You can still do great with a much smaller dosage! It sounds like it could be pretty dangerous on blood sugar levels…do you have a study reference? I believe the blood needs to occupy the muscle instead of aiding in digestion, but to each their own. Check out some of the studies linked in the dextrose section regarding the effectiveness of the protocol. When thinking of blood sugar we need to think not so much about the glycemic index and more so about the glycemic load , i.

And your conclusion is correct — it will. And the healthier and more insulin sensitive you are, the better this technique will work. Will this reduce your sensitivity to insulin? As always, though, your health is in your hands, so follow the advice of your physician! Are you advocating that this concoction is a big secret to adding weight to your muscles?

Is this one of the major catalysts to quick weight gain targeted at the muscles? Is there a reputable supplement that contains dextrose, casein and whey or similar equivalents?

Tons and tons of them! One I recommend is Universal Torrent , just keep in mind that you may need to adjust your serving size! And after reading many of the other posts about posture and ratios and watching some videos etc… I still wanted to ask you a question.

I lifted all throughout high school and then some and never gained hence finding your awesome site then a gym accident and I stopped going around the age of I turned 23 little over a month ago and have decided to go back to the gym and incorporate it into my lifestyle as I believe yes it does in general lead to a better life and happiness.

I know that you arent a doctor but you seem like a pretty smart guy. I am just curious as to your input on the arm situation in terms of symmetry and alignment and how you think it may develop in comparison to my right arm.

I dont know if that means in length or density or altogether. I also dont know if the growth plate on my humerus has anything to do with the growth of the rest of the bones in that arm like the bones in my forearms, wrists, and hands.

I just figure the more info I give you the better you are able to get an idea. And sometimes I do notice differences when using an olympic bar for say some wrist curls or regular curls the bar will not be straight.

I know there are dumbbells and cables but I dont want to cut out exercise where I have to use both hands on one bar. I am just kind of stumped as to the best route to take with it. Second, everyone has their challenges, limitations and setbacks. As for your shoulder being higher … are you certain that has to do with your injury? Everyone has a higher left shoulder — and I mean everyone.

This has to do with asymmetrical organs and innards, and how that affects our breathing. I would go with your doctors advice on that one, as he presumably knows your situation and the human body far better, and work with a coach or personal trainer while you train. And yes your information does indeed help.

As far as the shoulder sitting higher that could be I just dont know if the growth plate ties into muscle or tendon growth as well, just something I will have to look into. I am looking into getting a second opinion on it for sure. And also yeah I see what you mean about muscle building helping to keep the shoulder in place because it only popped out once while i was in high school and doing padded football almost everyday with people bigger than I and we also had to lift just about every day.

And now it cant even hold up in a game of sandlot? Definitely a defining moment in wanting to take my fitness life back on the right track. I checked out the creatine, dextrose, whey, and fish oil and will probably be purchasing that and giving the super drink a try at least due to it being amazingly low in price and actually may be even better for me in general considering whats on the rest of the market.

I just finished some Intek evolution protein powder that Lou Ferrigno at total nutrition recommended when I went in asking for the equivalent of a product I used to take and saying that was the same thing but this just has more natural vitamins and it tastes good even after I said I dont care about taste just how it affects my body in terms of health and results. But I am pretty positive he just looked at my size males subconsciously judging other males based on shoulders etc… and figured I was a January resolution monther and just wanted me to buy what he needed to sell.

So I would rather buy from people who actually care about what they are telling people to put into their body. I can at least use your links to throw some kickback your guys way.

I would like to get the largest amounts possible from those sites but like I said a little strapped lol. I would love to discuss more and more like how I workout and where the hell you guys go and jump in water with icebergs in it and everything but hopefully I will be able to in the near future. Thanks for all your help and if you have anymore you feel like offering please go right ahead haha.

Have a good one. So you rate universal torrent better than optimum serious mass then? Great read dude, Checking in here from Los Angeles. Honestly, every single thing you described in the video on the product description page has been a feeling or experience that I have gone through personally. Props to you for speaking the truth. Should be a lot better and more legitimate. Gonna have a sample sent to my email from the product description page.

But the program I use Stronglifts is not necessarily tailored specifically to ectomorphs. It works, but I feel if it was more personalized, I could legitimately have a chance to reach my goal of lbs, with a nice body not a fat ass..

Otherwise, great work guys. Thanks for keeping it real on your site. Hope to hear back from you soon. First off congrats on the gains! I gave the site a look and it looks like classic strength training, which is pretty badass.

I quite like it. We place a big emphasis on nutrition, and mastering things from that side as well results, health and feeling great. We try to make it easy and enjoyable. We can help you track your results, tweak the program to fit your goals and situation, and give you feedback and suggestions as you go through.

Our members are all great guys too — I love it. Training in a slightly different style could give you some sweet results, too, as it gives you a new arena to master. I hope that helps! My blood glucose level has always been normal. But it caused my fasting glucose level to shoot up to Ever since I gave up Serious Mass, my blood glucose level has returned to normal. Or how could I safely substitute the dextrose?

Truth be told this is quite similar to Serious Mass, just a bare bones cheaper alternative with dosages designed for ectomorphs. Some questions — were you taking the serious mass peri-workout, or as a meal replacement?

Were you taking it in a fasted state, i. Can you ditch the dextrose? Those are possibly responsible for even more muscle growth than the protein!

But you can certainly replace them. Bananas, bread, fruit, potatoes, ground up oatmeal as some of our members do … or even milk. A popular bodybuilding trick among the DIY crew is to buy a litre of chocolate milk and have that as their post-workout shake. Thanks bro, for your reply! I will certainly try out the dextrose- substitutes suggested by you.

Could you please suggest a few more subs? Looking forward to gain some lean mean muscle. To answer your question, I used to take Serious Mass as a post work out shake, thrice a week. Play basketball, tennis or any other physically demanding sport and take proper nutritious meals with a balance of protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

You are at a stage of your life where you will notice a lot of changes in your body, your muscles will naturally get bigger, you will become broader and grow taller. Play as much as possible, run around a lot, keep your physical activities high and eat well especially meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, whole milk. I know Marco trains some high school sports teams in the gym to improve their performance on the field and help keep them injury-free.

Weight training, while it has a badass rep, is actually pretty safe compared to sports that are often assumed to be kid-friendly, like soccer. Out of over participants who had engaged in weightlifting, only 3 reported an injury. Only participants had engaged in rugby … but 50 of them sustained injuries. This matches my personal experience. I dislocated my thumb playing dodgeball hospital, quick recovery , tore my calf muscle running hospital, long recovery and cranked my shoulder being a goof in the gym without proper instruction university health clinic — quick recovery.

Of all of my friends in high school, none had any real weight lifting injuries, but concussions and torn muscles were popping up everywhere on the sports field. Look at all the health problems out of shape people have. Generally in the sports world weight training is seen as a way of improving performance and protect them against injury! Marco coaches a pro football player and an olympic athlete doing exactly that: Regarding supplements though you could always try milk!

Fish oil might be a good bet. I would imagine that would be a solid supplement for you … but this is just a guess! Thx dude, I always thought sups were the way to go because my friend always gets free samples at gnc and he gives them to me and I took c4 for a bit but that did nothing because I stopped. Could I eat stuff off your diet tho? And I mean if you struggle to eat enough protein you could definitely grab some whey.

Nothing too sinister about dextrose or anything either. I wish I had started younger. If you want to make it easy on your mum, and she shops once a week, just tell her to get a litre of milk for every day of the week.

Maybe some whole grain bread, peanut butter and bananas, so you can make peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I mix it with water, although many recent studies are showing that milk, while it digests slowly, is actually pretty good as a post-workout drink. Lots of DIY guys will either make a drink like ours our down a bunch of chocolate milk!

So hey if you want to mix it with milk more power to ya! If so, how long are you on and off it for? And, is there a noticeable loss in mass and strength gains? Cycling could be good, yep. We often recommend holding off for a few weeks and building muscle sans-creatine to get a better idea of what just food and training will do for bumping the scale up.

The pounds from the fluid uptake will disappear very slowly when you stop taking creatine, sure, but the gains made while on creatine often quite significant! You could do a couple months on and a couple months off.

Cycling is more of a theoretical danger-dodger as far as I know. Better safe than sorry though! We suspect that after our 5 month program most people will ditch most of the supplements. Amazing, that more than answers it! Eating like a beast is certainly the way to go! Thanks again for taking the time to respond — you guys put in a hell of a lot of effort helping others and it really has transformed my whole mindset when it comes to getting in shape.

I decided to start bulking up recently and started a new high calorie diet last week. Full of protein and carbs. Hey Sean glad you like our stuff! Your question … is a big one. There are a lot of components to a solid workout program, but they can often be broken down into: Adding to what Shane wrote, i would like to give you just a small advice this helped me gain and will hopefully help you as well , rather than training an isolated group of muscles, train the whole body or maybe upper body one day and lower body the next day with about sets per group of muscles for about a month.

This would help you in 2 ways- 1. And eat like crazy as soon as you finish your workout. Hope this helps you in some way. Do you recommend another brand similar to NOW Dextrose? Any brand of dextrose is cool — I just selected that one because the price was good. Other alternatives are maltodextrin and waximaize — great options both. Any brand of dextrose is cool.

Hey Khevin, any brand should work. What about women who are ectomorphs and would like to build a great posterior? I do not gain muscle easily in my lower body. Is that a fact? How long does your program recommend a single training session? Or does this depend on your body type etc etc?? And yep, you can become fat by eating tons of calories — whether from protein, fat or carbs — so becoming fat from protein, while unlikely, is possible.

Check out this study. There are many factors at play here though, including our training, our bodytypes and our goals. A home gym is great! The issue I run into when lifting and drinking supplements is that my body looks fine but I start putting on alot of weight in my face. Check this allergic reaction out ahaha. Hard to say without knowing more. Great site and great article. Prior to the injury I did p90x and classic power lifting techniques. P90 killed my back with the plyometrics.

It sounds as though some of the complex movements ie squats, powerlifts would put a lot of strain on my injured disc. Do you guys have other excersises you could recommend that would be more safe with my ailment? I was planning on doing leg press instead of squats, but it doesnt seem to be as much of a complex movement. Thank you so much and again great job. The video hit home. Exercises like deadlifts, done correctly and with care, can often work magic on back health.

I would recommend getting your back checked out by an expert and seeking out a solution that sees it getting stronger. I believe the order was fulfilled by NOW. I think Amazon may have stopped selling it themselves so you couldnt get it via prime.

Checked the NOW website and their still selling it. They replaced it with Maltodextrin. I just updated it to their new product: Dextrose, if you can find it, is still a totally valid option though. With the training drink what do you suggest a double dose or your suggested triple dose?

Most of us, once we start training and eating well, can pack on muscle at alarming rates. I am very interested into your mid workout drink — did i read it was calories! I am 6ft2 and pounds and my strength has been increasing however I know that my calorie intake is no where near bulk stage. I find it difficult. What makes your mid workout shake so high calories and do you need an post workout shake after it? When doing a single dose you can do it right before, during or right after working out.

Yeah … not consuming enough calories is something most of us skinny guys struggle with. This is one creative way of helping to solve that problem. I hope it helps you man, good luck! Having a solid protein intake is likely more beneficial for guys who are still growing, if anything. Getting most of your protein from whole foods though, since whole foods are higher in vitamins and minerals, is still a good idea.

Yes, thanks a lot my older brother has a jar of whey protein I might use that in a couple months after I develop more muscle at least. Thx for super posts. Even considering IGF, which is last resort for a lady. I would trust your doctor for advice on that one. Keep in mind that if your goal is a very lofty one, that it takes more time, effort and sacrifices to reach it!

Shane, It truly does help. Are you recommending malodextrin in the training drink, or dextrose, or are those terms somewhat interchangeable? Great advice, looking forward to giving this a try! Gah — we just switched the above link to maltodextrin. Forgot to switch it everywhere, I suppose. Hey Shane, nice article. I am a 5ft10 ectomorph that weighed lbs.

I started training in mid January this year and since then I have managed to gain 20lbs. Mostly through eating lots of whole foods and upping my calorie intake and incorporating compound lifts bench press, barbell squat, deadlift, chin ups and t-rows into my training plans following your advice.

Just wanted to throw a recommendation out to any other UK people that myprotein. Mixed up the double dose slightly concerned about the triple dose making me fat and it tasted good!

Either I have weird taste buds, or these products seem to go together well. Can you shoot me details of the payment plan, if there is one? Your results are awesome! Our Australians have been buying ground up oats instead of maltodextrin, for example, and our Germans are getting dextrose from DIY beer breweries for unbelievably cheap.

Is it safe to drink 50g whey protein, g maltodextrin, 10g creatine and 5g glutamin mixed with ml in one serving? Do you mean from a hydration standpoint? I would recommend drinking plenty of water. Maybe that means bringing a water bottle with you. We have water fountains at our gym, so if we make a particularly hearty concoction we also mix in some sips of water. My body is out of proportion.

My arms are so skinny and always have been and I have NO chest and my stomach is fairly flat, not much really going on, so I know that if I can do things right, I could end up getting a pretty decent body. As for now, it seems like the bottom half of me doesnt match the top. So I spoke to friends, watched endless youtube videos on workouts and diets and read endless articles. Money right now is a bit of an issue so the gym was a no no. The first 2 months went ok, a lot of different variations of push-ups and squats, changed my diet, started eating a lot more, I noticed some kind of improvement in muscle size but in weight I have no idea as I have no scales in my apartment to keep a check.

So right now I find your site and all this great advice and all these questions with great responses and I feel like I can get some genuine great advice now. So first I wanted to ask about the supplements. How many calories should I be consuming daily and how often do you think I should be eating? Any response would be greatly appreaciated as I am so clueless about what I really should be doing and how! Hey Sambo, thanks for taking the time to write us!

None of these supplements are necessary no, and regular whole food has a whole bunch of advantages too, like being unprocessed and packed full of micronutrients. These supplements may be cheaper than food, so in theory they should help you save money though. Calisthenics working out using your body weight is cool, and you can make muscle gains at first.

At a certain point the exercises become too easy, and it becomes less about strength and more about endurance. You can be constantly making things more difficult having someone push down on your back, doing explosive clap pushups, etc but it quickly becomes complicated, and often takes a lot of athleticism handstand pushups, say.

With weights you can constantly be increasing the heaviness, resulting in progressively bigger muscles as your strength increases — much simpler and more reliable. But, as you probably know, sometimes the cheaper route comes with more challenges. How much should you be eating? Enough for your weight to increase! There are some advanced ways of figuring that out, like what we use with our members, but you can often get a rough idea by taking your weight and multiplying it by Hey, ha thanks for the reply, I realised after that the last message was an essay!

By the way I forgot to say before, that video is very impressive and really sold me and if I was in a better financial situation right now I would sign up. Just wanted to ask for your opinion on using waxy maize starch as opposed to dextrin or maltodextrin in post-workout shake.

I started with creatine a couple of months back as per your suggestion and have noticed gains in my lifting capacity but not so much of muscle gain. I am now looking to gain some big ass muscle and hence have a few questions.. How effective are the gainers available in the market? Are they really effective? What is the best gainer out there in the market which is really helpful for ectomorphs like us?

How much of it should be taken per day? Is 1 scoop after breakfast and 1 after workout enough or should i be taking more? Hey Sushant, glad you got some gains man! Does that make sense? I agree with what other people are saying. Some other favourites of mine are: Still not as good as making your own though. As for how much you should consume to grow? But your overall intake should be enough for you to gain weight on the scale and improve on your strength in the gym. Surrounding training though you can take advantage of a pretty potent advantage that nutrient timing offers.

Would it be possible, especially increase my arm size. You should get started soon though!! However, if I wanted to workout 4 times a week, do you think there would be any negative high calorie effects associated with taking that many calories? My understanding of the health component of consuming a lot of calories is that it depends on where those calories are going. What a great article, I love the fact that you use research studies to back up your claims.

Your photos are also a great testament to your hard work. How gluten free friendly are you guys? I eat a ton of beans and plenty of potatoes. Lots of guys eat tons of rice and quinoa. Pizza and pasta have never been big favourites of mine even from a taste perspective. What dosages do you reccomend for me personally? Very good article though.

I was re-reading the article and was wondering, do I mix 90g of protein, g of carbs, and 15g of creatine also or triple it so it would be g of protein, grams of carbs and 45g of creatine? Would I mix the 3, drink it before, after or during my workout? When would I have to drink the fish oil? I would start with 30g whey protein and 60g maltodextrin.

If that goes well and it comes time to increase, then up it to 60g whey protein and g maltodextrin. Hey man, I started taking 2 2. I know that creatine has a unique relationship with water but if i have a lot of water, will i flush the creatine out of my system when i go to the bathroom?

You want to take in a bit more than you need for that reason. What is the best dosage for the NutraSea Fish oil? Just pour into a tspoon and consume once a day? Yep, consuming once a day is perfect. Or are you just using water in your shakes? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using milk instead of water?

Milk is a surprisingly potent workout drink, considering how ridiculously slowly we digest it! It has a lot of muscle-building benefits built into it, since there are so many rad vitamins and minerals in there, alongside a great source of protein. You may dig this article, too: I have a very limited budget so I would just like to ask if buying creatine and whey protein will be enough?

Or should I buy whey protein and fish oil isntead? I am a beginner when it comes to working out so forgive me for this question. I also read that there are harmful side effects when using fish oil, are those claims true? You can certainly ask your doctor though! I would also get kidney stones.. Or bowel movement would stop or go crazy if you get what I mean lol.. You think this program can help me. Almost all of us run into our share of mishaps, struggles and challenges with this stuff—I know I did!

Yes, I think our program could help. We take a pretty methodical approach to this and the goal is to make you even more resistant to injury, not set you up for it. You may want to get clearance to do squats and deadlifts again, too.

You may find value in this article, too: On non-lifting days I try to eat as much whole nutritious food as possible. When it comes to starches my go-to favourites are: There are tons of options out there—another big favourite for a lot of healthfully-minded dudes is quinoa.

Do you consume the same amount of supplement servings on your rest days as well, or is it only on workout days? Are there any alternate body building supplements without Creatine, because doctor suggested me not to use because. Creatine is not suitable for me. And fish oil is still a great addition to your daily nutrition. However, the protocol seems a little scary.

What do you suggest? I was thinking of going for whey protein first. But would that not add a lot of gains? I hope I converted that right. I wanna gain muscles so bad.. I went through the comments and i hope that you reply on the few ones on top. That will clear out and help me a big time. Hey Sultan, I try to answer every single question!

Do i have to take creatine dosage plus add creatine it to my drink for workout day or the drink is enough? The workout drink is more than enough creatine for the day!

Hi Shane my name is Ryan, I just so happened to stumble across one of your articles a couple hours ago and since then have thoroughly enjoyed most of what your website has to offer. Must say very impressed! A lot has changed since high school, I am 20 years old now and 5 months away from shipping out for basic training for the military cant enlist until braces are off.

Now couple years later terrible diet, virtually no excersise, and no supplements. I am 6foot 1 and pounds. Not chubby at all but def fat has hidden my 6 pack away: As I said I have a few months to jump back on board and I am dead serious about getting in the best shape of my life. I just bought YMCA membership and signed up for swimming lessons. I want to bulk up with some serious muscle mass and burn some of this 22 percent body fat and get it back down to healthy level. Or will I need to make adjustments?

Most people need to make some adjustment or another, as everyone is a little different. Yep, the workout shake will still work. Just stick with a single dose—for now at least. Hope you decide to join us man! What would you suggest? We live in Toronto too. Seems like a great place to train at! Fish oil timing is one of those cases. This program sounds awesome! And man, looking at this site just makes me so excited to join and try!

Thanks for the heads up Oliver! Hey Shane, thanks for your reply. I noticed that you have updated the links, but not all of them. The ones of whey protein and Maltodextrin are still invalid. Do you mean what do we mix the powders with?

Some of our guys use milk though and use a bit less whey and maltodextrin so that it has the same overall nutrient breakdown. I only weigh 47kg. Can you please suggest me a good one. They seem to be broken right now, as bodybuilding. Sorry for the confusion! So which one will give me better result. Still working on it! Hi Shane, thanks for the great post here. The info you guys provide has been very helpful in my quest to gain weight. I just started using the fish oil that you have recommended thanks for the links and you were right, this stuff is really quite easy to take.

However, I just read a study which links omega 3s to a higher risk of prostate cancer. I was wondering if you have read this study yet? I figured I will talk to my doctor about this one before continuing with the omega supplements.

Oh man that study has been making waves! Interestingly enough, fish oil actually reduces your chance of getting prostate cancer in several other ways: Aaaaand keep in mind that MOST studies still show that consumption of omega 3s reduces your risk of prostrate cancer! The media is always coming out with sensational stuff like this, as this new research is shock worthy and increases readership. Thanks Shane, what a great article! Broad Street has expanded the product line to seventeen countries across the globe while increasing selection to more than a half dozen products designed to mimic the flavors of some of Burger King's core menu products.

The success of the product line and licensing deals garnered the companies an award for "Brand Extension of the Year" from License! ConAgra Foods entered into a licensing agreement with Burger King in for a new line of microwavable French fry products. The new products are King Krinkz, which are seasoned crinkle-cut fries; King Kolossalz, an extra-large package of fries; and King Wedgez, seasoned potato wedges.

The products were slated to be released in September The packaging is designed to resemble BK's FryPod fry container. Burger King has introduced several new products that performed well in testing, but did not catch on with the public. The failure of the BK Baguette line of sandwiches is an example a product that did not meet corporate expectations; another earlier failure was the Bull's-eye Barbecue Burger.

The sandwich consisted of two side-by-side hamburger patties, American cheese, and bacon, with Bull's-eye Barbecue brand barbecue sauce.

Later it was sold as a traditional-style double cheeseburger. In , during its time under the ownership of Britain-based Grand Metropolitan, Burger King experimented with table service.

Customers were given complimentary popcorn to eat while waiting for their meal. To coincide with the offering, a series of meals called the Dinner baskets were introduced. The dinner came with two sides, including a choice of a side salad, cole slaw , French fries, or baked potato. Lasting approximately a year, the sit-down restaurant concept was abandoned in in favor of the original quick-service formula.

Another failed product, this time under Grand Metropolitan's successor Diageo, was the BK Back Porch Grillers line of burgers that featured a spiced and flavored patty served on a bakery-style roll. There were two varieties: The Regular served with mayonnaise, whole leaf iceberg lettuce, tomato and grilled onions, and the Bacon Cheddar, with bacon and smoked cheddar cheese.

The Griller patty was flavored so that it had a taste similar to a hamburger that had been grilled over a charcoal-fired grill. These larger, adult-oriented sandwiches were made with fried and grilled chicken or a Whopper patty and a variety of toppings and served on a Kaiser roll. Toppings included a mango lime sauce, avocado , aioli , a Cajun spiced sauce, and relish. Originally successful, the sandwiches piqued the interest of Burger King's corporate offices and were being considered for a potential global rollout.

However, interest in the product faded and they were discontinued. Introduced as a direct challenge of corporate rival McDonald's, the Big King was Burger King's response to the Big Mac and had a similar style and taste. The name was switched to Big King when it was introduced nationally in , and again to the King Supreme when reintroduced in The Big King sandwich's recipe is exactly the same as the original s recipe, including a three-piece roll.

Like many of its competitors, BK has been targeted by various animal welfare groups, such as PETA , over the treatment of the animals it uses in the manufacture of its ingredients. In a concession to these groups, BK agreed to adopt a series of policies for its suppliers for several of its raw animal products.

The company has established a preference for purchasing eggs and pork-based products from those suppliers that use cage-free production methods. As part of its guidelines, Burger King stated that it would begin conducting announced and unannounced inspections of the slaughterhouses for all of its meat suppliers and take action against facilities that fail those inspections. It would establish animal-handling verification guidelines for all the slaughterhouses of its suppliers.

The company would require its suppliers to confine no more than five hens in each battery cage , that the birds be able to stand fully upright, and require the presence of two water drinkers per cage.

It would stop purchasing from suppliers who engage in the forced molting of hens, develop auditing procedures for the handling of "broiler" chickens, and institute humane handling procedures for chickens at slaughterhouses. It would begin purchasing pork from farms that do not confine sows to stalls. The USDA agreed with the request, stating "it is granting your petition and is developing a proposed rule that addresses the issue of humane handling.

The company amended its purchasing guidelines in A third round of guidelines was issued in April when the company announced that it would begin phasing in a plan to stop purchasing poultry and pork products from suppliers that caged animals.

Heinz Company is a significant supplier of condiments to Burger King. Kraft foods has supplied many of its products to BK over the years.

Several of its condiment lines have found their way into BK menu items. Two Kraft products were involved in direct tie-ins: During the late s, Tyson Foods was devising new methods to broaden their market, including introducing smaller consumer packaging and landing military contracts. The company expanded its commercial division by offering new products to McDonald's and Burger King.

Tyson's McDonald's product eventually evolved into Chicken McNuggets while Burger King's product became the basis of its chicken sandwiches. Despite a production-significant lead time, the estimated four-month product supply lasted Burger king less than three months. Coli outbreak at one of Burger King's largest beef providers, Hudson Foods, gave Tyson Foods one of its largest business coups.

Hudson was one of the largest poultry providers in the United States and one of Tyson's largest competitors when they moved into beef processing at the behest of Burger King. Once it had secured a contract with Burger King, Hudson opened a beef processing plant in Nebraska.

When the plant was identified as the source of an E. Coli breakout in , Burger King abandoned the company as a supplier. McCain Foods became a supplier of potato products to the company in , shortly after an agreement with farmers in Maine to supply potatoes for use in the fast food market.

Edwards Baking provides Burger King with prepackaged pies and pie-style desserts while providing oversight and assistance with the chain's dessert products. BK is one of Edwards' major national contracts, where the company provides Burger King with assistance in marketing programs, point-of-purchase advertising materials, market research, and other resources. Edwards has a full-time staff assigned to Burger King's headquarters in Miami.

Burger King sold a line of Awrey products including danish , doughnuts, and birthday cakes. Since , Burger King has continued using Coca-Cola as its beverage supplier, renewing its contract in several times. After the rollout, it was discovered that Coca-Cola employees had faked product test information to bolster prospective sales numbers in an effort to entice franchisees to enroll in a summertime advertising push. Several Coke employees were terminated, and Coca-Cola changed the in-store promotional materials to emphasize the Icee name.

The contract gave Coca-Cola new access to the 3, operating or planned restaurants on the Asia-Pacific rim, in Europe, and in South and Central America. Burger King's supply contracts for non-carbonated beverages are separate from the ones for its sodas. When the company first chose to introduce a bottled water product, it chose Nestlé 's Poland Spring brand over Coke's Dasani.

When the contract expired in , BK moved to Pepsi's Aquafina , the top-selling brand at the time. BK is utilizing a popular brand name to promote its products in a move to draw customers' attention to itself and its meal programs. Despite the investment in the Douwe Egbert product, Burger King announced it would be phasing out the Cafitesse system in the United States in the summer of in favor of Starbucks' Seattle's Best brand of coffee.

The company predicted the number of free cups of coffee would number between two and four million. For many years Burger King has sold beer in several of its international locations, such as Germany, but not in its home territory.

The move, designed to target the important and-under demographic, has been called risky by industry analysts because the company is known as a fast food purveyor and not as an alcoholic beverages seller. Other industry consultants have disagreed with the assessment, believing that the move is timely because the company is growing with its aging customer base.

For many years Burger King owned and operated its own distribution system, known originally as Distron. Distron, founded shortly after establishment of Burger King, primarily served the company-owned stores and 50—60 percent of franchised stores. Franchise groups were free to purchase supplies from one of seventeen independent distribution systems, often operated by larger franchise groups such as Carrols Restaurant Group.

The move resulted in the layoff of over a hundred staff members. The creation of RSI was based on a proposal by then-CEO Barry Gibbons create an organization that would be autonomous from BK corporate operations, provide full financial disclosure to participants on pricing issues and revenues, and enjoy the participation of the entire chain to maximize the benefits of volume purchasing.

The format of RSI was based on the system employed by KFC for its distribution system and was operated in a similar manner. Currently the company utilizes independent distributors such as Maines Paper and Food Service and Sysco for supplying North American stores with food and paper products.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hamburgers chicken french fries soft drinks milkshakes salads desserts breakfast hot dogs. History of Burger King. Burger King breakfast sandwiches. Value meal and Value theory.

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And so, apparently, is the Pillsbury-owned chain's resolve to confront its chief rival, McDonald's, head on. The Fish Tenders are new, but the Chicken Tenders are reformulated versions of a product that Burger King rolled out several years ago.

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Archived from the original on March 8, Retrieved September 8, Retrieved December 10, Archived from the original on February 7, Retrieved October 1, Retrieved May 19, Archived from the original on November 6, Archived from the original on February 15, Retrieved March 28, The Hungry Jacks "Aussie Burger" has tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, bacon, beetroot, egg, ketchup and a meat patty.

Archived from the original on June 7, Archived from the original on October 26, Retrieved March 1, When ordering chicken in China, take note. The Chinese prefer dark meat chicken, not white. Retrieved November 2, Retrieved June 29, Archived from the original on April 3, Archived from the original on January 3, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved June 7, With its old conveyor broiler, the chain's research and development team was limited to rolling out products that fit the speed of the conveyor chain.

Archived from the original on February 19, Archived from the original on March 12, Retrieved September 15, Archived from the original on February 18, Wireless Business and Technologies. Archived from the original on August 29, Retrieved October 14, Retrieved June 8, For one thing, McDonald's is playing catch-up with Diageo unit Burger King and Wendy's, which have offered made-to-order sandwiches for years.

The new made-to-order, indulgent TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich Retrieved November 11, Retrieved June 5, The premiums, developed with Sassy Archived from the original on January 26, Burger King, shortly after launching its new meal, was sued by McDonald's for unfair competition. In the lawsuit McDonald's challenged BK's use of the term "Big Kids Meal", claiming that it was the same name McDonald's had used the previous summer during a three-week meal promotion in southeastern Michigan.

A federal court judge in Detroit eventually ruled that "kids meal" was a generic term and that Burger King, a division of London-based Diageo PLC, could use it. Diddy ad crown Burger King rebound". Archived from the original on June 18, Success has come from new "premium" flame-broiled products with high profit margins, quality chicken products and value menus Some of these new products include a "game-changing" extra-thick burger, bone-in-ribs, grilled fish sandwiches, and a new grilled chicken sandwich.

Retrieved October 17, But though those lines may be blurred, they're far from broken. A premium burger still doesn't turn Burger King into a sit-down restaurant with table service. It may work for now, but when Goldilocks gets back on her feet again, her version of "just right" may return to where it was. Retrieved August 21, Burger King Is on the Rebound". BK aims to reign supreme, orders menu changes". The menu overhaul is part of a chain-wide effort led by chairman and chief executive John Dasburg to reverse declining sales and traffic trends in preparation for Burger King's much-anticipated separation from London-based parent Diageo PLC.

Archived from the original on December 17, It's good to be king. But, if you can't be king, then it's good to be associated with the King. Kellogg has decided to go for the latter. In Calhoun, Jack W. Contemporary Marketing 13th ed. Retrieved October 29, The Chicken Fries are coming. Yes, I said Chicken Fries. Tomorrow, Burger King officially rolls out its latest fast-food creation.

The chain is hoping that its latest clever menu entry — chicken breast meat rolled into the shape of a french fry, then breaded and fried — will win over new fans in the brutally competitive fast-food wars. Retrieved October 28, Retrieved February 12, That's BK's term for mostly to year-old males who gobble fast food at the devil-may-care clip of nine to 16 times a month.

While they're just 18 percent of Burger King's customers, they account for about half of all visits to the stores. Archived from the original on February 4, Retrieved February 1, Retrieved September 19, Retrieved January 23, Archived from the original on July 10, Archived from the original on June 16, Retrieved October 3, Two popular kid's meals, Kentucky Fried Chicken's "Laptop" meal and Burger King's "Big Kids" meal, are well over double the recommended calorie count, at and calories respectively, the CSPI investigation found.

Retrieved September 21, Retrieved September 12, Retrieved October 4, Archived from the original on June 1, Archived from the original on July 23, Retrieved October 26, Retrieved August 16, Archived from the original on August 17, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved January 7, Retrieved February 14, Archived from the original on January 6, The company sells more servings per day than either McDonald's or Wendy's.

Retrieved September 1, Archived from the original PDF on December 4, Burger King reports that in blind tastings consumers prefer its recently introduced Big King to the Big Mac by a wide margin. Stores in New England resurrected the veal Parmigiana sandwich Archived from the original on April 16, Retrieved December 6, Mini burgers and wraps caught on late in Archived from the original on July 7, No menu item is hotter right now than the slider and the cadre of mini sandwiches it has inspired.

Menu trends guru Nancy Kruse told an audience at the National Restaurant Association Show that restaurateurs across all dining segments are finding great success with sliders, from Burger King's Burger Shots More recently, mini-burgers have become a popular menu addition at fast-food chains.

Retrieved June 12, It's called the "6 Pack" but anyone with the appetite to eat this monster burger is likely to have a stomach of a more rounded variety. Retrieved May 6, Also included in the array are the Bull's Eye Barbecue Burger, which was available for a limited time beginning last fall. The sandwich—a hero roll topped with two beef patties and barbecue sauce—is called a Barbecue Sub in some markets. Retrieved November 23, To the table all of the chain soon will be employing servers to carry food to seated customers.

Its also expanding the dinner menu Kiwis with a taste for posh hamburgers are tucking into a new gourmet range from Burger King, and now the chain's international bosses are looking to take a bite. The new "King Supreme" — which will replace Burger King's poor-selling Big King—is similar to the Big Mac except that the burger will be flame-broiled and topped with a different sauce and no middle bun will be used, according to BK spokesman Rob Doughty.

Retrieved November 5,

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