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It'll put you in touch with any other organisations that may be able to help. Was not ready to commit to any of that; just wanted to let them know of situation. Again, maybe I am being overly cautious but makes me nervous even sending Northstar a check from our checking account. The court process can be used to stall things out in order to save up and settle, or in some cases, to win out and get the case dismissed. What do you think the best option is?

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Dear Mom Who Can’t Afford Organic Food

In a recent paper, Heritage Foundation welfare expert Robert Rector offered seven suggestions to improve the food stamp program: That it even exists, especially in the Department of Agriculture. This is not a function of government but a function of non-profit charities such as churches.

Corruption and excessive bureaucracy. In other words, waste, fraud, and abuse by both those who administstrate and those who use and abuse the system. Items like flour, rice powdered milk and cheese were distributed. Today we give out credit cards to purchase any snack foods a person desires.

I think everyone should have the option of making a free choice. Use drugs or eat, your choice. From what I have heard, the requirements to get food stamps are very low. All forms of subsistence are growing at an unacceptable rate. I have no problem with helping needy people, but others that abuse the system should be identified and put on work programs within the state.

Voting under the conditions of receiving is a direct conflict of interest and should not be allowed. The end of Free Enterprise as you know it now. It is too easy to qualify for food stamps and nothing is required of recipients who are on food stamps. We cannot afford it. We are now borrowing 40 percent of the money used for food stamps. If it is nothing more then picking up trash at a park or along a road.

Anything to pay back the cost of the stamps. Did you receive my comment? It burns me up to see and know the Food Stamp abuse that is going on around me. I agree completely with the above. Then they walk outside to a current model luxury vehicle. You are missing the real 1 Prohibit food stamp payments to illegal immigrant families. Illegal immigrants who have children born in the United States routinely receive food stamps.

This policy should be changed and brought in line with existing policy on the earned income tax credit EITC. The same policy should be applied in food stamps. People are not using food stamps to buy food. There are no restriction or limitations on what can be purchased, and no penalities for abuse.

I think all taxpayers should withhold taxes until the gov. Also no tax refunds to anybody that does not pay in any income tax….

National sales tax would work, with no income tax…. A relative works in a membership store and tells of numerous customers who work thier iPhones in line while buying high priced steak with food stamps and then pull out large rolls of cash to buy high end liquor. This situation is not anecdotenal or uncommon.

What they can buy with food stamps. Candy,soda I think they should take those things off food stamps and only be able to get food items. Milk,bread meat,dairy,juice ore items like that. Before the days of food stamps, eligible people reported to a certain office on a certain day of the month to pick up a box of commodities, i. This commodity box system ensured that the type of abuse so common now in the current system did not occur: It is not an uncommon event for people to use food stamps to purchase types of meat and other expensive foods not within the budgets of working people who are not qualified for food stamps.

I have seen people driving company vehicles and wearing company uniforms major package delivery corp using food stamps. These workers make ample income to cover their own food expenses. The assistance should be restricted to basic foods such as non-delicacy meats, vegetables, fruits, bread, and grains. I once saw someone buying a jug of kool aid and cracker jacks with thier food stamps. This is not food. This is incredibly offensive.

People who are near or below the recognized poverly level should be able to get food stamps with proof of eligibility. Require strict proof of need and require recipients to work in any needed area whether it be cleaning the streets, picking up trash, or any other area to insure that they are held accountntable and using their food stamps only for food and not alcohol or drugs.

Need to go back to giving FOOD to the needy not money or debit cards. You could have meals on wheels cheaper than the present waste. They can call from their free cell phones when they get hungry.

The fact that illegal aliens are eligible for SNAP is particularly egregious. There shold be a requirement for work, or at least documented searching for work, before food stamps are given.

The worst thing about it is that it exists as a Fed. People should help people. So, is this the way we continue to rack up trillion dollar deficits each year! Yes, we need to help the poor, but is anyone verifying their financial status???

OR, are we just trying to get more votes in November???? It needs to be controlled by the states at the local level where it can be more closely monitored. This would help eliminate fraud and duplication. This program is not limited to just people in real need nor do there seem to be any substantive restrictions on what may be purchased.

In addition it may lead to the entitlement mentality. It has gone way beyond its original intent — no surprise there. Recently saw a very well dressed woman with steaks and other choice foods in her order, and she then argued with the clerk because the latter would not let her use food stamps for the entire order.

Need to validate need, show effort at job hunting and limit how long 12 months a family can receive stamps. Can apply for extensions every 3 months.

Our Social Services need, should not be the function of the Federal Government. It is the responsibility of our Churches and related nonprofits collectively. Having Big Daddy Federal Government filling this role creates the environment and opportunity for Politicians to politicize Americans misfortunes. Obama is expanding his Voter Base. Teaching people how to look to Government to Survive when things go bad.

Social Services should always be very temporary. Return the monies to the American People and let them contribute to Churches and Nonprofits of their choosing. The Federal Government does a lousy job of spending our funds. This is a simple one. Next, if you can walk, you can work. Allowance benefits are determined by a number of factors. States use a basic means test to determine eligibility and the amount welfare payments will be.

The needs standard includes food, clothing, recreation, personal incidentals, fuel for heating, cooking and water heating, electricity for refrigeration and lights, household supplies, medical chest supplies and shelter.

Allowance benefits vary in what is paid out to individuals or families for any of the welfare programs. This figure will greatly vary based on the age of the family members and medical needs. Again, these figures are averages and not state specific. Cash allowance benefits for financial assistance will also be state regulated and allowances paid will also vary based on different criteria.

These allowance benefits would be separate from any additional welfare benefits received such as child care, medical or utility assistance. Even as you look at these welfare amounts, it is not surprising that the current allowance benefits seldom if ever make ends meet for the recipient. The institutionalized program was set up to be an offset measure for those in need, not a complete replacement of income and benefits.

The downside to this is that as the economy continues to take a nosedive, so does the available means for those living with minimal income. There are multiple great options beyond those of expensive payday loans. There are credit unions, banks and non-profits that provide specialty loans that were created for those on a low income or dealing with financial hardship.

There are numerous banks, credit unions and non-profits that provide low income specialty loans. These loans were specifically created to provide borrowers with a higher borrowing risk profile an affordable loan alternative to expensive micro loans. Do you need help qualifying for a loan? Learn about low income, lower rate loans which are provided by some banks, credit unions and non-profits. These are loans that have been specifically created to provide low income borrowers responsible alternatives to micro and payday loans.

Learn about these different loan types here. These are newly created loans which they provide that are cheaper alternatives to payday loans. Ask for these products at your bank or credit union — See a full list of low income loan here. That can really help later if you apply for loans or credit. It may be a great idea to speak to a free financial counselor or to a financial professional from a Community Action Agency — they would be able to run you through a list of available options in your immediate area.

The range of support can be substantial and you may even learn about financial assistance that you were unaware of and qualify for. There are numerous better options from non-profits, banks and credit unions — review these loan options here. If you are already under financial stress, adding debt can make things a lot worse. Small loans should only be considered if you are confident that your financial situation will improve immediately and be strong enough to service your general monthly commitments and the new debt.

Learn about potential loan options here. Here is a list of potential low income loans that can quickly be processes. Outside of these option, payment plans through the actual dentist […]. Remember, not all states can offer payday loans, if you live in such a location; there are alternative finance products to consider. I am recently widowed. I only work 2 days a week lessthen 10 hours for low pay. I get no financial assistance and have been unable to find help.

I have sciatica nerve pain and walking a lot puts me in severe pain. Is there some kind of help for widows? Seems we are forgotten by the Government. There are numerous low income loan options that can help with your finances until your next pay not payday […]. I am on social security disability and I am raising my nephew also who is 8 this worker at ssa office started taking money from my check and it is a lot my nephew and I live on nothing and the worker is lying on me saying I owe this money she is stealing and I have reported her but nothing is being done about the money she took out of my check I need help really bad any donations is greatly appreciate.

I receive social security disability and I need help. I need help so I can have personal care items and food. I applied for food stamps and was told I get to much money to receive food stamps. I need to get caught up on my bills so I can have money for personal items as well food. I been widow for six years try for food stamps and low income housing. My husband was diabetic and got social security My suggestion is find a different doctor or have someone at the hospital contact social security to get him on and get him SSD.

My car engine suddenly died on the freeway, with less than 71, miles on it. I really need vehicle to get back and forth to the hospital for treatments. The house I am living in needs so much work. By the time I pay bills there is not much left to do anything, my credit is bad,was wondering where I could turn to get help. Can u please tell me where I could get help I can pay back just needs to be small payments.

I am widow with 4 children.. I am financially hard up this time.. I have a very low net take home pay.. I really need money to pay for the house rentals.. Thank you and God bless….

I am a single father with a 5 year old son…Need help with my met-ed bill not in the position to pay the 2, rear that i been chopping down, also looking for help with money for a rental property at southern homes management.

I owe a month and a half of rent I have one daughter I work but came into unexpected expenses looking for assistance I owe 2, I need a small loan an ill pay it all back. I lost my job and actively seeking work and I am getting good interviews and feel I am close to being employed soon. My problem is my mortgage and car payments are two months due. I have been selling everything possible on ebay, but out of money at the moment. I feel like the world is crashing down all around me.

I just temporary help and my mortgage company is nor willing to help. What can I do? Hi my name is Connie. I have currently had my part time hours cut back. I have a four year old son and currently pregnant with my second child. I have fallen behind on rent in the last few months due to hour cutbacks at work. And very close to eviction I have tried to apply for many different loans with no luck at all due to having my identity stolen a few years back. Do you have any suggestions for me at all?

I live in Washington State please help. My name is Danielle Lew i receive ssi for my son i cant work now that i fell down the stears i need help to pay rent im a single mom of 2 kids one has a hart defect hes 14 and a 12 year old daughter and its hard please help. All i ask is to pay it forward thank you god bless i live in pocatello idaho. Hello my name is Lawanna Shenault… I live in a one bed at budget suite….

Now today am nt able to pay my rent… Me and my 3 grandchildren have to move out…they is 14 11 and 2…. I only get ssi every month… This month i just feel on hard time…please help me. Hello, I have fell on hard times. I have had depression all of my life and have been on my own since I was I keep a steady job.

Still hard to do bye yourself. All I am asking for is prayer. And also will pray for everyone. Bless you all I know god has he plan. My family and I were recently illegally evicted. The shelters are full. We are in the middle of a heat wave with a seven year old.

We are living day to day. We are down to less than five dollars. We need a hand up not a hand out. A small loan of a couple thousand dollars would mean the difference between staying together or possibly losing my child, the reason his father and I wake up.

Remember even Jesus posed as a beggar. Even a hotel for a week or a day. Sometimes people fall on hard times through no fault of their own.

Imagine not knowing what to say when your child cries they just want to go home.

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