Nutrisystem Select Frozen Foods Reviews

Is The Nutrisystem Pizza Frozen?

Who Has the Best Healthy (Low Calorie) Frozen Pizza in 2017?
Our "Variety Award" goes to Lean Cuisine Lean Cuisine has the greatest variety of low-calorie frozen pizza flavors by far. Just eat a real slice of pizza. But you can store them in your pantry without having to worry about keeping them cool. Share on Pinterest Share. This pizza is all the great taste and portion controlled so it is relatively low in calories.

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You only need to freeze the meals from the select line or you need to refrigerate foods from the basic or core line if you heat them up and then want to save the leftovers. This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 16th, at 5: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Should I Try Nutrisystem? Is It Worth A Chance? What Time… August 2, I use the microwave method to heat it after putting on the sauce and cheese.

The crust is a bit soggy and thick so it's very chewy. For that reason I cut it into pieces and eat it with a fork. I don't know if the crust would get a bit more 'crusty' if oven baked. The taste isn't quite like my favorite pizza but it's fairly good and filling.

I rated it a 4 because of the soggyish crust. Well they definitely don't look anything like the pizza on the front of the box lol! But I thought they weren't too bad. I'm doing the Nutrisystem boxes and find they leave me hungry as I'm just starting and trying to give my body a chance to adjust to the small amounts of food.

I like a salty snack, so this is perfect as a meal, snack, etc I'm a pizzaholic and this isn't close to what I would normally eat but the fact that I get "pizza" at all on a diet is good enough for me! I love this pizza! I cook it in my toaster oven and i doctor it up a bit with veggies. Jalepenos a must with tomatoes,peppers. Barely over calories can be the equivalent to: However, this diet-friendly entrée reached the level of "good enough.

Some thought the rough texture or the mystery meat toppings were bad while others claimed it satisfied their pizza-hungry appetites. The toppings were pretty good. Being the pizzaholics we are, we're not surprised that Jenny Craig's pizzas are always on the verge of being out of stock. Customers are usually clamoring for these, but mostly because they're super low-calorie and fun-sized. Customers report enjoying these with a side salad since they're not often filling enough on their own. They're so perfect as a little finger food.

Here's where Nutrisystem scored some major points with their customers. Many have reported that this pizza is one of their faves in the whole program. In fact, many were surprised because it's a very simple recipe, with just crust, herbs, and cheese. Sometimes less is more! This is NOT the case. I found this to be delicious! Here's a low-calorie, meatless pie that doesn't skimp on flavor. If you're a pizza lover, you'll notice its authentic creamy sauce pairs well with the mushrooms and spinach.

Reviewers not only loved the taste, but its healthy nutritional label as well. The flavors remind me of a gourmet flavor I would get at a restaurant. At these salty levels, it would be tough for this pizza to taste bad, right? Well, most reviewers were huge fans, but a select few were a little wary of the nutritional label. Don't expect to be too hungry after this bad boy, many comments were about how filling it was all by itself!

Some of the most die-hard East Coast pizza addicts claim this one is a home run. Some even say they enjoy this entrée so much, they buy a few boxes at a time. It has to do with its authentic flavor and satisfying texture, plus it cooks very well in the microwave. It is a satisfying lunch meal but yet light enough to not make you feel bloated like traditional pizza can do. Here's our number 1 winner for low-calorie, frozen pizza.

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